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The Taking of Annie Thorne The New Spinetingling, Sinister Thriller From The Sunday Times Bestselling Author Of The Chalk Man

One Night, Annie Went Missing Disappeared From Her Own Bed There Were Searches, Appeals Everyone Thought The Worst And Then, Miraculously, After Fortyeight Hours, She Came Back But She Couldn't, Or Wouldn't, Say What Had Happened To Her Something Happened To My Sister I Can't Explain What I Just Know That When She Came Back, She Wasn't The Same She Wasn't My Annie I Didn't Want To Admit, Even To Myself, That Sometimes I Was Scared To Death Of My Own Little Sister

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    The past isn’t real. It is simply a story we tell ourselves. And sometimes, we lie.

    The result of my first foray into C.J. Tudor’s world, a story teetering on the precipice of being something truly great. One little nudge—or in this case, more in regards to the why—would have sent this novel toppling

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    "I don't believe in ghosts. My nan was fond of telling me, "It's not the dead you need to be scared of, love. It's the living." She was almost right. But I do believe you can still feel the echoes of bad things."

    No one is as disappointed as I am that I’m having to write “that” review. I was sure this would be the easiest 5 stars given in 2018 (or 2019 based on publication), but unfortunately there were too many issues I couldn’t gla

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    ***Ms. Tudor has a new book coming out in February "The Other People" watch for it***

    Well this one has taken me a bit of time to collect my thoughts. It is a quite a bit different from The Chalk Man, it has a much darker feel and mystical elements. I will also tell you that I will never look at a black beetle again without getting the shivers!

    Once again there is a young man returning to the town he grew up in. Joe Thorne has a d

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    "You can still feel the echoes of bad things. They imprint on the fabric of our reality, like a footprint in concrete. Whatever made the impression is long gone, but you can never erase the mark it left."

    Joe Thorne finds himself pulled back to his childhood hometown. A place filled with tragedy, regret and mystery. He walked away from Arnhill years ago, vowing never to look back. With his life in shambles, Joe finds himself back at the pl

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    "But that's all life ever is. A promise. Not a guarantee. We like to believe we have our place all set out in the future, but we only have a reservation. Life can be canceled at any moment, with no warning, no refund, no matter how far along you are in the journey. Even if you've barely had time to take in the scenery."

    Who said you can never go home again? Well, Joe Thorne does! Home sweet home….errr...I mean, dreary, sad, dark, depressing,

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    This is CJ Tudor's follow up novel to her brilliant debut The Chalk Man, and it is a fantastic macabre horror mystery featuring Joe Thorne, a has-been teacher whose gambling addiction has transpired to burden him with debts that he cannot afford to pay off to the scary and menacing Fatman. Joe returns home to the old mining village of Arnhill in Nottinghamshire. Arnhill has a history of misfortune, with a failing Academy, a school where Joe has been taken

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    Julia had a history of depression. She just had a divorce from Ben's father. She had stopped her medication and requested a leave of absence and took Ben out of school. Then she bludgeoned her son to death before she blew her own head off. She wrote three words in blood on the wall of Ben's bedroom, NOT MY SON. Are these the actions of a mad woman or an unbalanced mind or is this something a lot more sinister?

    Joe never wanted to return to his ho

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    Creepy with a hint of horror....
    Joe Thorne returns to his hometown of Arnhill. A place he swore he would never return. And now, no one is exactly over-joyed to see him back in town. Joe is here looking for answers.
    His sister disappeared at the age of 8, and when she returned days later she was never the same…there were others that also came back different.

    This is the second book I’ve read by C.J. Tudor. While I wasn’t a huge f

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    One of my favorite things about The Chalk Man was the writing. And it’s equally good here, in The Hiding Place. It’s not often I find myself highlighting phrases in a mystery. But that’s exactly what I’ve done with both of Tudor’s books.

    Joe Thorne returns to his dismal home town of Arnhill and gets himself hired as a teacher. Joe’s not one to make friends. He’s hiding from folks outside of town, while taking on his old school

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    The unattainable.......

    Those things beyond reach in life, never designated as ours.

    Joe Thorne knows this wrong-end-of-the-stick phenomenon since the early days of his youth. The pieces of life's puzzle just don't seem to fit together. But something is drawing him back to his hometown. Arnhill in Nottinghamshire is just about the last place he'd like to hang his hat. Too many bad vibes and too many heavy memories that wind their way into

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