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Eden's Children Evelyn Didn’t See Much Of A Future For Herself At , She Is Unable To Interact Easily With People, Especially Men All Her Life She Has Been Tormented By Their Constant Advances When On A Trip To New Orleans, She Meets The Man She Dreams About Every Night Only Now He's Real And She Craved Him Unable To Cope With The New Sensations He's Causing Her, She Runs From Him Only To End Up In A Nightmare Her Mother Has Been Abducted And Presumed Dead The Father She Never Knew, Had Been AbductedYears Earlier Now She Could Be The Next Target She Has To Leave Her Life Behind As She Is Sent To Live With The Twin Brother She Never Knew She Had His Name Is Aiden, He Is The Man Who Holds Her And Kisses Her Shoulder While She Sleeps The Only Man She Had Ever Wanted Now Evelyn Must Keep Her Feelings A Secret And Keep Him At A Distance Only He Feels The Same, He Struggles To Control His Possessive Nature Over Her She Was His And He Was Never Letting Her Go Evelyn Must Fight Her Desires, While They Have To Fight For Their Lives They Were Coming They Wanted Them Dead

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    TWINS REUNITEDDespite the grammar errors which according to the author, it sh

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    This book has so many grammatical errors, it's unreal. I couldn't get past the first five pages because the writing was so bad. I'm sorry but this book needs to be severely edited--possibly even rewritten. Aside from the constant errors, the characters weren't believable and I failed to connect.

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    This review applies to both Eden’s Children and Eden’s Guardians (Kindle 1st Editions)

    Why did I give these books 4 stars instead of 3? Because despite their flaws I was completely captivated by them. I read the first two books of this trilogy in two days straight and look forward to the third.


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    Definitely a Must

    Very well written with lots of action. Definitely worth adding to anyone's collection. I have already purchased the next books in he trilogy. Thanks very much Sandy :)

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    DNF 77%

    Ren skär sopa. Vet inte varför jag inte gav up den tidigare.

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    Surprised in a good way.

    I actually really enjoyed this book, didn't know what to expect with the cover, was expecting some sort of Adam and Eve type theme but was surprised. Obviously the incest might be a bit off putting for some but I was easily carried away with the characters and the action.
    Read Book 2 straight away found it even bett

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    I don’t usually read fantasy so this was interesting but needed a lot of editing. The writing was very awkward and everything happened way too fast, no build up.
    Just a note for the author this book is set in America we don’t say arse or bloody or mate or fancied or whilst or bugger off or trousers or wanker or rubbish or knickers
    this book felt like

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