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The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time For those playing at home, the Tinfoil Hat Bingo results are John von Neumann, Nazi Gold, Sirians, Nicola Telsa, the face on Mars, and orgone energy To conclude, this receiver is actually a multi dimensional space time resonator p.123 The comparison I m drawn to is the body of work associated with the Shaver Mystery The writing is the same spill of information, mostly of technical jargon, with failed attempts at organization But here it is mostly chapters of dense technical information occasionally mined with a surprising way out there sentence to catch the reader off guard Initially, I had asked different psychics to do readings on Duncan They determined he was brain dead p.58 The writer never makes a coherent thesis statement to encapsulate the entirety of his material, proceeding from generalities down to specifics and incidents Instead it reads partly like a historical account and partly like memoirs, as the investigator discovers that he was himself involved in the Montauk projects in an alternate time track, with these memories suppressed by some use of the Montauk Chair s mind controlling capabilities It is still a mystery how this technology was developed It has been suggested that the research was aided by the Sirians, an alien race who came from the star system known as Sirius p.65 The technology under discussion the Montauk chair and its derivatives are surprisingly versatile, and its function evolves over the course of the book At the beginning it is relatively mundane mind control apparatus using large radio transmitters, but by the end it has become time and space tunneling, alternate time tracks, and matter creation It is the floor wax and dessert topping of instrumentality It was in late 1981 or 82 when the first actual use of this technology was employed to gain entrance into the underground areas in the big pyramid on the planet Mars p.95 For those reading for entertainment or camp value you ll be picking nuggets out of a surfeit of electronics For every statement about sending derelict children to the year 6037 AD to examine a horse statue, you ll have a chapter on the operation and internals of a radiosonde.For those reading for serious purpose You have your work cut out for you Schematics are provided and concrete technology mentioned, but verifying statements will require a bottomless well of time and expertise. Definitely interesting I picked it up as I heard it was one of the inspirations for Stranger Things series on Netflix A little heavy on technical jargon and maybe a bit jumbled but I will be getting the follow up book. This book is a personal account of the Montauk Project and a little bit of the Philadelphia experiment It is written in a take it or leave it attitude with little official evidence There are some diagrams and photos, but not too much The account itself I found very interesting and intriguing It was a bit hard to follow and understand everything I definitely did not understand all the physics explanations but still found it fascinating Even those with a very open mind will probably find some parts extremely hard to believe, like for me what happened with the souls and how they got transferred to different bodies in order to save them and prevent time paradoxes, but who knows what really happened I found the beginning of the book especially fascinating when it talked about the beginning of the Montauk Project being used for mind control, the weather energies and anomalies,the animals flooding into town, and teenagers aggregating, the crime waves I wish the book went into detail about those things maybe with some evidence and details about what happened Overall I think this is an interesting and good introduction to the subject It s a very fast read I definitely think something strange happened with the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project. This book is cataloged as non fiction, hilariously enough I got hooked because the disclaimer on the copyright page was too much to believe I was amused by and fascinated with exploring how deep the crazy truly went for the first 70 pages or so and then I trudged through the rest of it just so it wouldn t be left unfinished Would I recommend it to others Not without also gifting a bottle of high quality scotch to make reading it tolerable This guy, as well as his psychic friend Duncan, both suffer from untreated paranoid schizophrenia accompanied by serious narcissistic disorders Thus, they both overcome government brainwashing to learn that they were the key employees of a secret off the books government project to fundamentally alter the nature of time, spurred to into being by the World War 2 experiments with the USS Eldridge and the Philadelphia Project.The I write, the concerned I am for myself that I actually read this entire book On the other hand, I think it would make an excellent source text for some absurdist performance art. Weird but interestingGot off to a decent start but kinda Flaked towards the end and then fell apart completely Not a bad read but still flakey. I just cannot stop thinking what if this is true , kind of scary but as fiction book is such an amazing book Interesting readI read this book after gaining some background knowledge from a documentary on Montauk This story provided much in depth information with a scientific viewpoint Though I am not sure how much, if any, of this book is true, it surely opened my mind to the type of technology heavily guarded from public knowledge. must be read Montauk Project WikipediaMontauk Project Topic YouTube The Montauk Project Is A Conspiracy Theory That Alleges There Were A Series Of Secret United States Government Projects Conducted At Camp Hero Or Montauk Air Montauk Project A Thorough Explanation The Montauk Project Was Said To Be A Series Of Secret United States Government Projects Conducted At Camp Hero Or Montauk Air Force Station On Montauk, Long Island For The Purpose Of Developing Psychological Warfare Techniques And Exotic Research Including The Montauk Project Experiments In Time Wikipedia Things You Should Know About The Montauk As Far As Government Cover Ups Go, The Montauk Project May Be One Of The Most Well Guarded Secret Government Projects That Ever Existed The Montauk Experiment Is Basically The Areaof New England, And Stories About The Project S Time Travel Experiments, Use OfThe Montauk Project Experiments In TimeNot Retrouvez The Montauk Project Experiments In Time Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Montauk Project Walking Through Time According To Sources, Never Officially Confirmed, The Montauk Project Consisted Of A Series Of Experiments Conducted At Camp Hero, An Abandoned US Air Force Research Facility Located In Montauk, New York The Montauk Project Those Conspiracy Guys The Montauk Project O N This Blab We Cover The Progeny Of Our Philadelphia Experiment Episode And Another Rud Military Foray Into The Kind Of Cutting Edge Research That Has All The Hallmarks Of Science Fiction Story Telling Stranger Things The Montauk Project This True Exposing The Montauk Project Rumors That The US Government Had Been Conducting Experiments In Psychological Warfare In Montauk At Either Camp Hero Or The Montauk The Montauk Project Philadelphia Experiment The Montauk Project And The Philadelphia Experiment In , While Living In Las Vegas, I Attended A Lecture Given About The Philadelphia Experiment At A Local Library A good readLove this series of books as they are all well written and contain much technical detail which i adore.I wonder how our time lines have been altered due to mans medaling

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