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Need Pain Shoots Through My Head Fireworks Explosions All Inside My Brain The White World Goes Dark And I Know What S About To HappenZara White Suspects There S A Freaky Guy Semi Stalking Her She S Also Obsessed With Phobias And It S True, She Hasn T Exactly Been Herself Since Her Stepfather Died But Exiling Her To Shivery Maine To Live With Her Grandmother That Seems A Bit Extreme The Move Is Supposed To Help Her Stay Sanebut Zara S Pretty Sure Her Mom Just Can T Deal With Her Right NowShe Couldn T Be Wrong Turns Out The Semi Stalker Is Not A Figment Of Zara S Overactive Imagination In Fact, He S Still Following Her, Leaving Behind An Eerie Trail Of Gold Dust There S Something Not Right Not Human In This Sleepy Maine Town, And All Signs Point To ZaraIn This Creepy, Compelling Breakout Novel, Carrie Jones Delivers Romance, Suspense, And A Creature You Never Thought You D Have To Fear

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    UPDATE 6 9 19 Original Review Below Me Coming back and re reading this review that I wrote while reading an online version of this book at a point in time when I was 17, home from school sick, delirious with fever, and not sleeping like I was supposed to be haha lolzMe Getting to the bottom and noticing there s 100 likes.

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    I randomly picked up this book at the library I had seen it at Borders at least a dozen times, and I needed a book, so I decided to check it out.Okay, let start off with the basic plot.Zara, a once popular and happy girl living in Charleston, watches her father die of a heart attack on their kitchen floor Feeling depressed and

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    I d give this book 2.5 stars if I could The beginning starts off a little strange We re not given much description and we pretty much live inside Zara s head There s a lot of dialogue and inner monologue, and while it s quick to read, it s just not as engaging as it could have been Plus, Zara s obsessions with phobias is a little o

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    Zara White is sent to live with her grandmother in Maine after her father dies and she falls into a deep depression Living with her grandmother and being thrown into the middle of a mystery disappearing teenage boys, and a stalker not to mention the attentions of several cute boys seems to perk her up a bit Throw in some elements of the

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    I m a fantasy junkie, so of course I absolutely devoured Need, in one setting I could not put it down When I first read the synopsis for the book, I was instantly intrigued It sounded like something right down my alley and it ended up being much than I anticipated I had a few things pegged before they happened Slight Spoiler Alert I mean ho

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    One would need a tremendous amount of willing suspension of disbelief to believe the events in this book I mean, I GET that it s fiction, and paranormal fiction at that, but oh man, the heroine is so TSTL it s unbelievable Things are just too easily believed in the book to be credible Her friends tell her pixies exist, and Zara is like No They ca

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    Since the recent death of her beloved stepfather, Zara has been accumulating phobias like some people collect stamps She s pretty much afraid of everything Zara s mother, worried for her, sends Zara to live with her grandmother, believing that Zara will be safer in that cold and isolated state of Maine Zara is upset, she hats the cold and misses her h

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    Dis book.Alright, so working in a bookstore sometimes you come across some pretty ridiculous looking books Beach Vampire anyone But as a child of the early 90 s my threshold for cheese can be pretty high I love The Lost Boys and all the Living Dead movies and sometimes if the moon is high in the sky, and the stars align, I can find a teen horror paranormal

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    I have a few good things to say about Need If you are an aspiring psychologist or psychiatrist thinking of specializing in phobias, well this is the book for you Need is a great vocabulary builder Instead of numbered chapters, each chapter is named after a phobia with its definition below So you get to learn great and useful words like Phobophobia a fear of pho

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