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The Escape Room Vincent, Jules, Sylvie, And Sam Are Ruthlessly Ambitious High Flyers Working In The Lucrative World Of Wall Street Finance Where Deception And Intimidation Thrive Getting Rich Is All That Matters, And They Ll Do Anything To Reach The TopWhen They Are Ordered To Participate In A Corporate Team Building Exercise That Requires Them To Escape From A Locked Elevator, Dark Secrets Of Their Team Begin To Be Laid BareThe Biggest Mystery To Solve In This Lethal Game What Happened To Sara Hall Once A Young Shining Star Now Gone But Not ForgottenThis Is No Longer A Game They Re Fighting For Their Lives Well this was a pleasant surprise I started reading around midnight with the intention of getting in a couple of chapters before I went to sleep and the next thing I knew my morning alarm was going off This is one of those kind of stories that you read purely for the entertainment value This book won t win any literary awards and it certainly won t change your life, but if you re looking for an absorbing read with a unique plot featuring despicable people that get their just deserts, then this is the book for you Thank you Jordan with St Martin s Press for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. My team was involved in structuring the acquisition Sylvie, who was the team s tax expert, figured out that if the production of the parts was taken offshore then we could take advantage of a tax incentive in the destination country that would save our client 110 million over five years That alone would effectively pay for the acquisition. My reaction to The Escape Room was not expected I d seen some mixed reviews from friends, with some calling it a little cheesy, or saying that all characters were unlikable both true , but everyone seemed to agree on one thing that it was compelling And, honestly, that s all I really wanted Some nice undemanding thrills.But this book bored me almost senseless I can t believe it took me nearly two weeks to finish it.The book is being sold as an escape room style challenge that turns nasty Four colleagues Vincent, Jules, Sylvie and Sam are trapped in an elevator or lift , as I would say in a bizarre corporate team building exercise and are presented with clues to help them escape Except this part of the book only takes up a small percentage of the page time While it s true that every other chapter we return to the elevator to hear these four highly obnoxious people whine about their circumstances, bitch about each other s work at the company, and complain about their six figure bonuses, the majority of the book goes back in time and is narrated by another of their colleagues called Sara Hall The majority of the book is actually about investment bankers at a top level firm We hear again and again about the luxuries that come with working there, and the sacrifices that must be made Snooze worthy detailing of closing deals and who gets the biggest share of the bonus The opening pages of the book reveal that it all ends in a bloodbath, and yet it is hard to see why we should care Rather than wondering who died, and why, I spent most of the book feeling like I wouldn t mind killing them myself.The characters in the elevator remain dull and underdeveloped they are nothing than selfish, overpaid investment bankers, and this made it really hard for me to care about what would happen to any of them Plus, the way the book is set out means there is no twist or reveal it is obvious pretty much immediately what is going on and who is responsible Also Can people really go 34 hours without needing to pee Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Wow, what an amazing book I ve read many psychological thrillers, but this one is at a different level entirely In a world where greed rules and everything else is just an annoyance we see 4 members of an elite investment banking team embarking on an escape room challenge that they have been told is compulsory by their employers Yet after a while they find that this is no ordinary escape room Locked in a tiny elevator the clues and questions pit them against each other, and it soon becomes a mini war zone Why are they here in the first place Who is really behind it and what do they know The Escape Room is a cracking thriller Megan Goldin has spun a novel that brings to light the dog eat dog world of corporate finance, where greed and corruption is rife, where if you don t have the necessary killer instinct you will be chewed up and spat out I raced through this book in a day, ignoring everything I was supposed to be doing An absolute first rate read. 5 stars for the entertainment factor ZERO stars for believability In the end, fun beat out reality The Escape Room is a psychological thriller about four co workers locked in an elevator in order to complete a team building exercise They think they just need to complete the challenge and they will be free to go, but things don t go as planned What seemed like a harmless game becomes MUCH as the participants struggle to make it out alive This is a novel to read if you are looking for some mindless fun Keep in mind that the characters are awful and have no redeeming qualities This book also could have benefited from some editing it is extremely redundant and the narrative structure is a little odd While this would normally be a turn off for me, the plot and the potential outcome kept me motivated to keep on reading On the other hand, in spite of these issues, The Escape Room is compulsively readable Once I figured out the who and the what behind the escape room, I turned off the critical side of my brain, suspended my disbelief, and enjoyed the crazy ride I won a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway

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