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Into the Cave Twelve Boys And One Coach Ten Kilometres Of Tunnels One Huge Rescue Effort When A Team Of Soccer Players From The Wild Boar Academy Football Club A Scrappy Club Of Undocumented Migrants And Outcasts Became Stranded Behind Rising Water In A Labyrinthine Thai Cave System, They Set In Train A Drama That Would Captivate The WorldNine Days Later, Still Trapped In The Dark Without Food, And With Only Water Leaking Through The Walls To Drink, Their Survival Seemed Unlikely Yet Against The Odds A Team Of Determined Divers Traversed Floodwaters And Narrow Cave Ways To Locate The Boys Alive And Hopeful And So Began One Of The Most Daring Rescues The World Has SeenABC Foreign Correspondent Liam Cochrane Was On The Ground As The Dramatic Events Unfolded Using His Local Knowledge And Firsthand Connections, He Puts Us At The Centre Of The Story, As We Witness The Boys Agonising Wait, The Divers Battle Against Muddy Currents, The Race To Pump Out Flooded Caves, And The Work Of The Often Quirky International Experts Who Flew In To HelpHe Also Reveals Un Reported Or Little Known Information About The Families The Background Politics The Near Misses And Tragedies The Burn Out The Triumph And What The Future Holds For A Bunch Of Children And Their Coach Whose Fun Excursion After Soccer Practice Turned Suddenly Deadly

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    The Thai Cave Rescue story of a team of 12 soccer boys and their coach The soccer team enjoy adventures during their time off field Shortly before the start of the monsoon season they venture into a cave, going so far in as to be wading between the chambers When it is time to head back they discover the way back is blocked and flooding The water is ra

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    I just love this story and always teary when all 12 Wild Boars and the Coach get out of the cave, hooyah.

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    I burst out crying multiple times throughout this book Very descriptive and emotionally charged.

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    In general, I don t really follow the news It can make me sad and despairing and angry, so I m generally happy to live in a little bubble of ignorance But, I followed this story a little when it broke last year and really, how could I not It was one of the biggest stories of the year So it s no real surprise that there s now a couple of books on the market capitalising on this.But

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    Inspiring Real Life Rescue Wow such an inspiring real life story of the international phenomena operational rescue full of risks, cultural unity, language barrier, folklore, compromise, and controversy Love this book I got choked up a few times reading this Such a page turner non fiction The world came together to rescues 12 boys and 1 coach, as we know them as 13 Wild Boars football soccer

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    A well researched book of the amazing rescue mission that grabbed the attention of all the world This book recognises all the players involved in the mission and tells the story in chronological order An unbelievable story amazing than fiction.

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    Excellent read I don t read a lot of non fiction but I read this in one day Well researched and compelling.

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    Heartwarming book..Shows that cultures and Nations can come together for a common goal.

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    Well written back story if the Thai cave rescue.

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