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Faking Forever (First Wives, #4) From New York Times Bestselling Author Catherine Bybee Comes A New First Wives Novel About Wanting A Family And Finding Love Shannon Wentworth S Biological Clock Is Ticking, And She Isn T Going To Let Her Single Status Keep Her From Having A Baby When Her Wedding Photography Business Takes Her To Mexico, She Has Every Intention Of Finding A Willing Baby Daddy To Help Her Out Until The Bride Goes AWOL, Leaving Shannon To Coddle The Arrogant Fianc Who Has Accused Her Of Sabotaging His WeddingVictor Brooks Never Could Have Imagined That He D Be On A Honeymoon For One Only Here He Is, Taking A Hard Look At His Life After The Younger Women He Thought He Loved Walked Out The Woman Who Volunteers To Help Him Reflect Is The Last Person He Expects To Be Attracted To Between The Tequila, The Sun, And One Earth Shattering Kiss, Victor Finds Shannon A Distraction Too Sexy To IgnoreThey Strike A Deal Wait Three Months, Cool Off, And See If Their Tropical Beach Attraction Is Worth Taking Up When They Go Back Home Unfortunately, That S Just Enough Time For The Past To Come Calling All Their Best Laid Plans Are At Risk So Is The Last Thing Shannon Expected To Matter The Most Her Heart This is a good old fashion romance, an enemies to lovers and second chance troupe with just the right amounts of angsty and drama And with an fabulous girlfriend group to round out the story, this romance is delightful, delicious and dreamy.Shannon is a divorc e in her group of girlfriends Her marriage ending has a twist that intrigued me and definitely makes me want to go back and read the other books in the series She s a photographer and has been hired to shoot a destination wedding in Cancun But when chaos erupts due to a runaway bride, Shannon is left to deal with the arrogant groom Thankfully Shannon s girlfriend comes to keep an eye on her while in Tulum because of Shannon s crazy find a baby daddy scheme And when they befriend a couple staying at the resort, this party of 5 makes for a fun and very interesting vacation The blurb sets the story up pretty well Shannon and Victor have a volatile start but there is definitely fireworks between them I love their push and pull relationship, their fiery banter and how the sexual chemistry is off the charts When couples are slightly older, they don t have to play the games and it s so refreshing to read Their courtship is quite sweet and romantic and filled with just a little drama And then there is her band of girlfriends and their husbands I adore their relationship and how fierce and loyal they are to each other Overall a very enjoyable and romantic read This is my first read from this author and I will definitely be picking upin the future advanced copy provided by Netgalley and Montlake Romance, in exchange for an honest review Wow Not what I was expecting and I loved it Shannon has been the most reserved character in this whole series She was still in love with her first husband and was always the voice of reason in this group of women She never really stood out because the rest of the First Wives had such huge personality.We got to see a side to Shannon we have never experienced before I love the way her and Victor met, reacted to each other and then ultimately fell in love It s an enemies to lovers trope that I admit I usually struggle with, but not in Shannon and Victor s book I actually, really loved how they got started and how he brought out her sass The sparks flew from the start This whole series has been fantastic I m really sad to see it end I m hoping Sasha gets a story but I don t think she is a first wife so maybe a start to a new series One can hope. 4.5 StarsShannon s been the most subdued character in this series, kind of in the background, not outspoken at all We ve got hints that she s sad over the breakup of her marriage It was a business arrangement, but Shannon fell in love with her husband, and hoped he felt the same Instead, he served her divorce papers the day after the agreed upon date was up Now that Shannon s turning thirty five her biological clock is ticking, and she s determined to have a baby even though she doesn t have a man Her latest photo shoot job, a destination wedding, fits in nicely with her plans as she intends to stay after the job finishes, and find a man to father her baby, someone she ll never see again She never thought the annoying groom to be would put a wrench into the works On the plane ride over to the wedding site, Shannon meets Victor and is immediately irritated by his rude behavior and lets him know, something that s out of character for her She has no idea he s the groom of the wedding she s supposed to shoot, but they knock heads even after she learns who he is A fun push and pull The bride takes off leaving Victor at the altar, and Shannon and Victor end up spending a lottime together, not that they re happy about it, at first.I was a little worried about Victor, because he was supposed to be marrying another woman, and the romance develops with Shannon happens while he was to have been on his honeymoon However, it s quickly apparent that Victor and his intended bride were never really in love Shannon and Victor do try and put off dating for a time to make sure they re not a rebound sort of romance, but that only works for a little while because they can t stay away from each other This is a classic hate to love romance a slow burn situation as Victor and Shannon get to know each other They spent a lot of time platonically while the heat turns up between them, falling a little harder each day It was lovely There are some insecurities on both sides, a little bit of drama from exes, but nothing exasperating or over the top, just the type of real life bumps you run into while falling in love The cherry on top was the HEA epilogue that not only featured Shannon and Victor in the future, but also the other previous couples in the series A copy was kindly provided by Montlake Romance via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Have never read anything by this author, and I got this beauty in the mail so here we go This is a lovely surprise My first from this author.I like how the H h started their relationship and being adult about it.No insta in here No stupid tantrums or cheesy story about how you end up with a jilted groom, then questioning yourself if you are a second best either.I feel sorry little bit for the runaway bride, but it was obvious she and the hero wanted to marry in the first place for the wrong reasons.This is a series about 4 women but I didn t find a problem reading this one as a stand alone and found this book by accident on KU . Check out all of my reviews at FOREVER First Wives Book 4 by Catherine Bybee is a contemporary romance and the fourth book in this series I have been anxiously waiting for Shannon s story It was not what I was expecting or hoping for and yet it was the perfect story for Shannon s HEA and I loved it.Shannon Wentworth is in Mexico as the photographer for a destination wedding She has decided that while she is in Mexico, she will also find willing man to give her what she desires a baby Her biological clock is ticking and she is not going to let being single stop her.Victor Brooks is a workaholic in Mexico to marry his much younger finance She walks out and he is suddenly alone on a honeymoon for one Victor blames Shannon of sabotaging his wedding.Even though Victor blames Shannon, the sparks are flying between the two Shannon thought she knew Victor s type, but between the beautiful Mexican setting, tequila and sun she discovers a very different side to the man They go from enemies to wantingWorried that it is just the surroundings, they both decide to return home and wait three months to see if they can be just as attracted to each other at home.But the past comes calling and all of their plans are at risk Shannon surprised me in this book She was always the quiet and steady First Wife I was expecting a different romance for Shannon and yet Ms Bybee took me to a completely new place and made it perfect The emotional changes in both Shannon and Victor make this work It was also great to catch up with the other First Wives Their bond is what made these stories special for me Ms Bybee always gives me an emotionally realistic romance read that is hard to put down and this one had some unique twists I am sorry to see the First Wives all paired up now, but hopefully Sasha will get a story even though she is not technically a First Wife.Thank you so much to Montlake Romance and Net Galley for allowing me to read this eARC It has been a wonderfully entertaining romantic series. Faking Forever was the first book I read in The First Wives Series and it could totally be read as a standalone but I loved each and every character so much that I regret not starting from the beginning Now, I am going to go back to the beginning because I absolutely LOVED this story I devoured these pages, I was sucked in as soon as I read the first page and I never looked back Shannon and Victor s story was so great from the very beginning that you couldn t help but feel the need to get to the end ASAP.I loved how graceful yet sassy Shannon was and her need to start a family without a man in the picture She was bold and confident in this story and I admired the hell out of her every step of the way.Victor was grumpy and a workaholic who didn t have a clue what he really wanted, that is until Shannon literallyfellinto his lap I loved watching his walls crumbling down with the need for her and the need for love.Faking Forever was so charming and even funny at times, I felt myself chucklingthan once while reading this If you love character driven stories and heartwarming but funny romance s then I have found the one for you Now excuse me while I go devour the other three books in The First Wives Series because I definitely needof these ladies and these incredible romance novelsThank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing a copy to review Disappointed.I had less problem with her wanting a baby from a stranger, than with her NOT once thinking about STDs Coz, if I learned it right in school, you should have unprotected sex to conceive a childAnyway, totally unlikable male protagonist Bad The way he treated her and all the others asshole But well, aren t they all eye roll No idea, if it was safe I assume he had sex with his ex the night before wedding and after he met the heroine It wouldn t change my rating, so moving on.The whole their exes want them back plot at the end was ridiculous Her ex didn t contact her for years, but then suddenly reappeared to cause drama Bummer they trashed his ex, she was actually a cool girl She left this douchebag and I wanted to high five her But in order to pimp the heroine, they needed to show his evil ex in a bad light, so yeah well cheap Victor had made love to many women in his life He d be lying if he said he hadn t enjoyed nearly every one If the above line should have aroused me as a reader, I need to check my hormonal level at first I can t get enough of this series The woman friendship done right, their wit and bantering, the good men they get paired with, the chemistry and resulting steam and the dash of mistery thrown in the mix that keeps me on my toes I NEED THIS BOOK NOW I NEED MORE

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