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Under Currents For Both Zane And Darby, Their Small Town Roots Hold A Terrible Secret Now, Decades Later, They Ve Come Together To Build A New Life But Will The Past Set Them Free Or Pull Them Under Zane Bigelow Grew Up In A Beautiful, Perfectly Kept House In North Carolina S Blue Ridge Mountains Strangers And Even Zane S Own Aunt Across The Lake See His Parents As A Successful Surgeon And His Stylish Wife, Making Appearances At Their Children S Ballet Recitals And Baseball Games Only Zane And His Sister Know The Truth, Until One Brutal Night Finally Reveals Cracks In The Facade, And Zane Escapes For College Without A Thought Of Looking BackYears Later, Zane Returns To His Hometown Determined To Reconnect With The Place And People That Mean So Much To Him, Despite The Painful Memories As He Resumes Life In The Colorful Town, He Meets A Gifted Landscape Artist Named Darby, Who Is On The Run From Ghosts Of Her Own Together They Will Have To Teach Each Other What It Means To Face The Past, And Stand Up For The Ones They Love

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    4.5 starsYES YES YES This book checked all of my boxes.I read it over three days, and I WISHED I could have curled up on a Saturday and read it all in one piece This book deserves your uninterrupted attention that s how good it was.First of all, at 17% I already teared up.The book was a motional powerhouse, well written, and as always very well p

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    Wherein Ms Roberts delves a bit deeper into mystery suspense and casts diabolical characters with few redeeming qualities Balanced by the easy to see, beautifully landscaped backdrop and admirable characters that the reader wants to be friends with, Under Currents is the quintessential drop everything and bury your head in a book read.

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    From the outside view, the Bigelows of Lakeview, North Carolina look like the ideal family Graham Bigelow is the chief of surgery at the local hospital wife Eliza is the perfect stay at home, affluent mother involved in many charities son Zane is a baseball phenom, destined for a sports scholarship and possibly the big leagues and young Britt could

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    Nora Roberts has a gift for writing stories that portray all the intricate dynamics of family the good, the bad, and the ugly Her stories often demonstrate the power of family to either destroy or save lives and frequently deliver a theme of nature vs nurture that I find fascinating I love knowing when I open one of Roberts books that the human spir

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    Nora Roberts is a word magician I love the way she can make the reader step out of reality and into her stories, embark in the suspense and tension and love of her imagined characters.That said, I enjoyed this story very much, but I can t say it was amazing save for part 1, that one was a real jaw dropper I could have read that part as a stand alone

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    1.5 stars.I don t really have much positive to say about this It started strong but as we left part one it soon became a snoozefest and to be blunt, if wanted to read a book on landscape design and gardening, I d go help myself to my Dad s copies of Grow Your Own.Predictable and with dialogue which was at times clunky, the characters were actua

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    4.5 stars.

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    This is the first book I ve read of Mrs Roberts Of course I ve read over 20 of the In Death books which she writes under the pen name J.D Robb and I m perplexed by it because this book doesn t remind me at all of the style, or pace, or plot complexity of her In Death books I know that they are in totally different genders but still this book felt less L

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    I have always enjoyed Nora Roberts writing She has written some of my favorite Romantic Suspense stories Her books are normally riveting and always seem to keep me on the edge of my seat For me Under Currents didn t give me either of these things BUT I did enjoy it I found it exciting at time and one of the things I loved was the banter between th

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    This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.I had a great time with this book I read quite a few books written by Nora Roberts years ago but had not picked up any in recent years I am now questioning my decision making skills because I have clearly been missing out This was a book that started with a bang and was nearly impossible to pu

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