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Chase Darkness with Me I came into this book with no expectations I ve listened to My Favorite Murder since the beginning and was familar with Jensen as a result of the podcast which he was a guest on during the GSK drama and the book he helped complete after Michelle McNamara s death I ll be Gone in the Dark In this book, Jensen takes the reader through his childhood, when his father would show him newspaper articles about criminals being caught This was the beginning of his love of true crime, which lead to his job as a crime journalist However, after seeing crime after crime go unsolved, he decided to start solving them on his own using social media and the few contacts he had He then details a slew of unsolved crimes missing persons cases he has helped solve If you re looking for a true crime book about big, flashy cases, this isn t it The crimes he helps with are run of the mill crimes murder at a taco bell, man murdered outside a bar, etc However, there is one exception, and that is his assistance with the Golden State Killer EAR ONS The book ends with a call to arms for citizen detectives and a how to guide this dovetails nicely with his new podcast The Murder Squad I would recommend to those interested in the inner workings of a murder investigation and true crime fanatics. RTC as per the publisher s request but let s let the foreword by Karen Kilgariff of My Favorite Murder speak for me in the meantime It s a movie plot come to life After years of difficult, thankless work, a reporter obsessed with justice gets the rare satisfaction of seeing justice finally served Who doesn t want to read that immediately 4.5 starsSometimes a tragedy can spur one onto doing something, of taking a stand, of getting involved With the death of his friend, Michele McNamara, the author of I ll Be Gone In the Dark, a book I read and so enjoyed, Billy Jensen becomes involved in the concept and tracking of killers who got away With the advent of DNA tracking, many, who were previously living among us, though that was denied the ones they killed, were fated to be found While Ms McNamara died before the Golden State killer was identified, her relentless and exhaustive research on him was the catalyst to spur Mr Jensen on to taking up the gauntlet pursuing other killers Jensen was also one of those who assisted in completing Michelle s book after her untimely death Through the use of the internet, social media platforms and research, Jensen has helped to solve a number of cases, bringing to justice those who had escaped the consequences of their crime He presents us with how he was spurred on by his love of true crime stories started early on by the stories his father shared with him and later as a journalist, tuned off by the intrusion into the lives of the bereaved He turned to the concept of crowd sourcing to catch, to ferret out, and find the perpetrator, bringing to some families a closure of their circle of grief.The book is fascinating, even providing a how to guide to become your very own investigative detective and help the police to ferret out a possible murderer I definitely recommend this book to those who enjoy true crime stories and the audible version I listened to narrated by the author was done so very well Perhaps now with the internet, social media platforms and of course the use of DNA, many will be brought to justice and the families of those who lost their loved ones will be able to know that while their loved ones have lost their lives, those who killed them might no longer walk among us free to live their life, a life they denied others to have According to some statistics, one third of the murders in the United States go unresolved For many, especially the families of those who were murdered there is no ending, no resolution, no justice until the killer or killers is found, tried and brought to justice For Jan and I, listening to this book was an eye opening experience as Billy Jensen took us on his journey to bring some resolution to the families, and perhaps in a small way allow justice to be served on those who chose to kill For both our reviews and a look at the author you can go here Billy Jensen, who finished Michelle McNamara s I ll Be Gone in the Dark following her untimely death, talks about his love for true crime and how he became involved in investigating unsolved murders.Jensen provides a really fascinating insight into how he carries out his own investigative journalist and lays down the tools and rules to help you get involved yourself I m not 100% convinced that it s a good idea to encourage people to get involved in trying to solve crimes on their own There s a difference between helping out where you can and then leading your own investigation It s perhaps just a good idea to get involved where it s appropriate.Jensen s passion for catching the bad guys who think they got away with it really shines through Most of the crimes covered were ones I already knew about, which was unfortunate, but I liked hearing about of the backstory into how they were solved.3.5 stars Definitely recommend to all true crime fans, especially if you re already a fan of Billy Jensen. 4.5 starsIf you like true crime, especially in the form of investigative journalism, this audiobook is for you I was initially drawn to this story because of Billy s association with Michelle McNamarra in the amazing I ll Be Gone in the Dark book from 2018 Billy worked closely with Michelle on her Golden State Killer case and after her death he was instrumental in helping to finish and get her book published In his new audiobook, Billy tells of how he developed a love of true crime and justice from an early age he describes some pretty crazy bedtime stories of crimes and criminals that his dad used to share with him Rather than scaring him, Billy pinpoints those early stories as instilling a fascination and hunger within himself to explore crime and those who commit itBelieve me when I say this is one of the most engaging, insightful audiobooks I ve ever listened to Billy goes in depth in how he uses crowdsourcing think Facebook and Twitter to catch criminals and it s absolutely fascinating The murder of Marcus Gaines that Billy worked on was not only sad and frustrating to hear but incredible in terms of how it turned out This crowdsourcing feels to me very timely and tremendously important in terms of the possibilites it offers for solving murders and finding missing people In fact, Billy s discussion of the digital posse seemed so accurate for the future of crime and criminal justice Told with empathy, compassion and energy, Billy s dedication and passion for truth and justice came through loud and clear I highly recommend this audiobook Body In Cat Litter Say What Billy Jensen has seen it all 4 stars By now, you all know I live for true crime and so when Billy Jensen friends with Karen and Georgia from MFM and he helped finish Michelle McNamara s book came out with his own book, I was all over it Jensen is an incredible storyteller and his road to becoming an investigative journalist is pretty cool Chase Darkness with Me is an autobiographical view into Jensen s start He shares personal stories from his upbringing, his college years, and how he became an advocate for cold case victims Some of the cases he s been a part of are surreal Like the one about a body being covered in a mountain of cat litter I m not joking It s nuts And this tell all isn t holding back It s only available on audio right now And I would definitely recommend this to any My Favorite Murder listener NOTE if you have listened to Jensen s and Paul Holes podcast The Murder Squad, some of this book will sound repetitive At first, I was like wahhhh because I m a brat But then I had to applaud Jensen because these are the cases that truly cultivated his drive and the fact that he s getting answers for so many families is FREAKING RAD My thanks to Audible for allowing me free access to this audio book in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and are not influenced by the publisher This audio book is currently an Audible Exclusive True crime can be a touchy subject What are the ethics of consuming someone else s tragedy as entertainment Jensen s work and the way he works to essentially crowd source murder investigations means that this book necessarily tangles with some of the thornier ethical questions surrounding true crime The overall impression is of a man with deep respect for the wishes of families searching for answers about their loved ones there is no hint of voyeurism or sensationalism Chase Darkness with Me explores Jensen s early work as a journalist, working at the beck and call of news organizations and being told what to cover After experiencing the shame and discomfort of being pressed to pester a grieving family for an interview, he decided to do things his own way, which would not involve sitting idly on the sidelines Jensen began digging into unsolved crimes, using social media ads to blast targeted areas with surveillance footage, sketches of suspects, or whatever else he had to work with The method is simple but effective Jensen walks the listener through the twists and turns of the cases he was able to help solve with the aid of the public and social media Michelle McNamara, author of I ll be Gone in the Dark and friend of Billy Jensen, also plays a role in this book Jensen was one of the writers who helped to complete I ll be Gone in the Dark from Michelle s notes after her sudden death in 2016 Chase Darkness with Me touches on Jensen s friendship with Michelle and his efforts to ensure that her tireless research into the then unsolved case of the Golden State Killer was not wasted Michelle McNamara unfortunately passed away before police ever made an arrest in the case, but Jensen was able to see his friend s work come to fruition in 2018 with the arrest of James DeAngelo The official stance of police is that Michelle s book did not have an impact on the case, but Jensen and many of Michelle s fans have their doubts The book is as much a call to action as it is storytelling, with an addendum outlining the do s and don ts for readers who may want to do investigative work of their own Jensen s rules place the wishes of the victims families at the forefront and also emphasize the importance of backing off when police have a suspect in their sights the last thing anyone investigating a crime wants to do is give the culprit a heads up that they re being watched closely and cause them to run While extra judicial investigative work is necessarily controversial, Jensen clearly adheres to a strict set of guidelines which maximize his chance of being an asset rather than a liability Chase Darkness with Me is true crime at its best, told with utmost care and compassion for the victims of each case It s not true crime writing in the typical sense, as the author has inserted himself into these stories in a much direct manner than most writers, but I think the writing is stronger for it Each case is intensely personal to Jensen and this absolutely shines through in the final product.You can read all of my reviews on my blog, Jenna Bookish Facebook Instagram Tumblr 4.0 StarsThis is exactly the kind of true crime book that I love reading Within each chapter, the author outlines a variety of interesting cases and shares how he uses social media tools to attempt to find justice for the victims Some of the cases in this book have answers, while others still remain unsolved It was fascinating to learn how he uses simple methods like posting information to Twitter and Facebook in order to try to solve major crimes This book also partially reads like a memoir as we learn how the author came into his passion for true crime I found Jensen to be a very likeable person with strong moral values, which made his personal story compelling to read Jensen is also one of the authors who helped to finish Michelle McNamara s popular true crime book, I ll Be Gone in the Dark, so a lot of this book deals with his relationship with her and the Golden State Killer investigation I would personally recommend reading I ll be Gone in the Dark first in order to get the most out of this book.Finally, the book ends with a call to action where the author outlines the steps to become an amtuer true crime investigator and ally with law enforcement agencies Honestly, I found that section to be incredibly motivating and I am now considering ways that I utilize my own passion for true crime in a tangible way within my local community.This was such an addicting read with just the right amount of information to keep me engaged, without bogging me down with too many details I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves true crime non fiction books like I ll Be Gone in the Dark and True Crime Addict.Disclaimer I received a digital copy of this book via Netgalley. I reviewed a digital version of this book The author was a friend and colleague of Michelle McNamera s until she passed away while working on her true crime book, I ll Be Gone In The Dark He is one of several who helped her husband to finish the book and get it published This is his story, telling how he went from just reporting on stories to getting so frustrated that he jumped in and started solving them He and Michelle had plans to work together at it as soon as she sent off her book manuscript to the publishers, which sadly never happened as she passed away It tells how Jensen began in murder solving How he fumbled and got advice, and learned and kept on Like most anything, the you do it and learn about it, the better you get at it Then, at long last, he solved his first case and that made a huge difference in his confidence After his regular job, he d been working on Michelle s book at night.Jensen eventually developed his own system for getting tips online by targeting certain areas and then focusing on them with information and requests He solved his 2nd case which came with police recognition and hugs from the victim s mother and sister, which really really meant the most After that, he was really on his way.This would be of interest to true crime fans as you can follow along and see how a writer becomes a crime solver It has multiple cases that are interesting all through the book, some solved and some being worked on yet Fascinating stuff as law enforcement and others tweak their skills to come up with new ways to solve crime in this new age Advance electronic review copy was provided by NetGalley, author Billy Jensen, and the publisher.My BookZone blog Have You Ever Wanted To Solve A Murder Gather The Clues The Police Overlooked Put Together The Pieces Identify The Suspect Journalist Billy Jensen Spent Fifteen Years Investigating Unsolved Murders, Fighting For The Families Of Victims Every Story He Wrote Had One Thing In Common They Didn T Have An Ending The Killer Was Still Out ThereBut After The Sudden Death Of A Friend, Crime Writer And Author Of I Ll Be Gone In The Dark, Michelle McNamara, Billy Became Fed Up Following A Dark Night, He Came Up With A Plan A Plan To Investigate Past The Point When The Cops Had Given Up A Plan To Solve The Murders HimselfYou Ll Ride Shotgun As Billy Identifies The Halloween Mask Murderer, Finds A Missing Girl In The California Redwoods, And Investigates The Only Other Murder In New York City On You Ll Hear Intimate Details Of The Hunts For Two Of The Most Terrifying Serial Killers In History His Friend Michelle McNamara S Pursuit Of The Golden State Killer And His Own Quest To Find The Murderer Of The Allenstown Four And Billy Gives You The Tools And The Rules To Help Solve Murders YourselfGripping, Complex, Unforgettable, Chase Darkness With Me Is An Examination Of The Evil Forces That Walk Among Us, Illustrating A Novel Way To Catch Those Killers, And A True Crime Narrative Unlike Any You Ve Read Before

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An American true crime investigative journalist and producer, focusing on unsolved crimes, citizen detectives, and crowdsolving, I ve written crime stories for Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Magazine, Boston Magazine, and the New York Times Referred to as an expert on amateur digital detectives by both MSNBC and Al Jazeera America, I presented the panel Solving Murders With Social Media at the SXSW

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