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The day after my father s funeral I caught my husband in bed with the neighbour I knew from the first line that this book was exactly what I was looking for.I ve read a couple of books by Sheila O flannagan in the past and they are just so damm readable I cant say I loved the main character, I couldnt particularly relate to her but at the same time I couldnt quite let her go either, it s like I had to get to end and hope she turned into someone I could potentially like And having now reached the end, I m not sure i like her, but im proud of her This is a perfect book for sunny poolside days or if like me you find yourself in the middle of War and Peace and just want to read something engaging and fluffy. Review to come. 3 OK decent reads Our heroine, in a painful moment of her life, is cheated by her husband.The story goes through all the stages of mourning, in addition to mourning the loss of her father, she loses her marriage and life as she knew it.The reader gradually learns about her life, the aspirations and desires that are no longer the same as before the cheating She begins to take a different view of herself and her life.It s different and we get hooked to find out the directions she will choose for her and her children s lives.I am a vengeful bitch and would not be so complacent with the cheater husband I would not have thought twice about kicking his ass out of the house But she takes her time and decides what s best for her in the end The day after my father s funeral I caught my husband in bed with the neighbour I don t think Dave is unhappy with himself In fact, when I saw him with Julie, he looked far too self satisfied for my liking No he saw an opportunity and took it And he s broken my heart Sweetheart, I m sorry, he said I didn t mean this to happen Which I asked You didn t mean to shag someone else in our home, or you didn t mean me to find you at it in our bed You re blaming me I stared at him You slept with Julie Halpin and you re blaming me No You needed to be with your mum But I needed someone too These last few weeks have been tough Forgive and forget Or walk away The pendulum keeps swinging between the two One of these days it ll have to stop I still don t know where Come home, said Dave I miss you and I miss the kids I wouldn t have gone near Julie if I hadn t been missing you But why should I simply forgive him He s broken my heart, after all Like Dave, you mean I ask The good husband who slept with the neighbour Or like Dad, who used your money to pay off a woman he might have got pregnant I m not going to encourage you to cheat on Dave, Debs says But what happens on the road stays on the road Anyway, Roxy can find something else to do, says Dave She was happy enough before I nearly say Before what but I don t With men, a lot of it is making sure they don t feel neglected, says Kerry He s deflecting all the wrong he did by sleeping with that woman onto you and the car, she says Thehe can make you feel guilty about driving, the less guilt he has to carry about cheating on you With a sudden jolt, I realise that I don t care about fixing it I look at him without speaking I ve loved him for most of my life I don t love him any .The next day, Dave moves out He moves next door.Dave is coming to the party I ve no problem with that, but I ve told him that I don t want Julie in the house.I wonder how it was he was able to move in with her so quickly. A husband s infidelity breaks a woman, but then slowly and surely, it re joins her into a stronger version of herself, a woman she is meant to be.Roxy came back home on Rodeo Night and found her neighbor riding her husband Dave An irony A marriage, which was solid with 2 kids, broke apart She shifted out to her mum s place, took over her father s chauffeur business, for the sake of children and twenty years of marriage, returned home to try to forgive a bad decision, I tell ya her husband and make a go of her marriage But could a cracked mirror ever be as good as new I have read many books by author Sheila O Flanagan and have quite enjoyed them The premise of this had me eager to read it at one go Women empowerment, women discovering themselves, finding their inner strength and independence has always been one of my favorite reads in this genre And the book certainly did not disappoint.Roxy had been etched very carefully by the author There was an air of genuine goodness about her I loved the way the vibe of her inner discontent came through Her character grew from strength to strength Her decisions were supported by her kids and mum Only the archaic husband Dave was a moss covered boulder on her path, slimy and slippery, trying to control his wife I wanted Roxy to stand up strong and tall, and she did My girl made me proud.Too many unnecessary details and slow paced sections did niggle me and ask me to skim read But I did not I read the whole book from beginning to end.A line from the book which touched meYou have to work at happiness, it doesn t simply land in your lap This was so true Simple but poignant words taught me so much Overall, a fun read Should A Woman Be Ready To Forgive And Forget To Save Her Marriage Roxy S Not So Sure The Riveting New Novel From NoBestselling Author Sheila O Flanagan Perfect For Readers Of Marian Keyes And Kerry Fisher Roxy S Marriage Has Always Been Rock SolidAfter Twenty Years, And With Two Carefree Kids, She And Dave Are Still The Perfect CoupleUntil The Day She Comes Home Unexpectedly, And Finds Dave In Bed With Their Attractive, Single NeighbourSuddenly Roxy Isn T Sure About Anything Her Past, The Business She S Taken Over From Her Dad, Or What Her Family S Future Might Be She S Spent So Long Caring About Everyone Else That She S Forgotten What She Actually Wants But Something Has Changed And Roxy Has A Decision To MakeWhether It S With Dave, Or Without Him, It S Time For Roxy To Start Living For Herself Sheila O Flanagan s, Her Husband s Mistake, has one of the most eye catching opening paragraphs I ve seen for a while It very cleverly drew me right into the story from the start.This book was a look at what can happen and the choices that need to be made when your husband commits an act of infidelity that you are unfortunate enough to witness first hand, purely by chance.It was written in the first person and the reader was given a fascinating insight into what was going on in the mind of the protagonist, throughout the story.I loved the character of Roxy and to my mind, she was thoughtful, caring and very astute Sheila O Flanagan s writing style helped to make this novel a joy to read and I liked how she managed to make the relatively mundane minutiae of life sound interesting The pacing of the story was absolutely perfect and although there were no huge surprises, I wasn t expecting any with this type of novel.I thought I had read some of this author s work before but none of her previous titles sounded familiar to me, so I will definitely be reading some of them in the future.All in all, this was a beautifully told story that I highly recommend.I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel, at my own request, from Headline via NetGalley This review is my own unbiased opinion. I can always depend on Sheila O Flanagan to deliver a book that will both entertain me and make me think I love that while her book s are light reads, they are not fluff I find they present issues to debate over in my mind, as I m always wondering just what I would do if I were in the characters shoes.First Line The morning after my father s funeral, I came home and found my husband in bed with the next door neighbour My ThoughtsWell that first line pretty much sums up the setting for the book Roxy catches her husband out, and realises that something has to change in her life While she was once rebellious and competitive, now she is just putting herself second place to everyone in her family And she realises that isn t good enough Not as an example to her children, and not for herself.I loved watching her grow, and re find herself I think every woman loses a bit of themselves as they take on grown up responsibilites and it made the theme a very relatable one.There is a side story about Roxy s father who recently died Roxy finds out something about her father that she never knew, and it feels like another blow to her Roxy s mother features heavily too, and I enjoyed watching her step into a new chapter of her life With sadness, and fear, but also with a belief that life is for living I loved her courage and willingness to put herself out there.This is a true family driven tale, and family is at the heart of the book All the different stages of life, and learning how to cope with set backs, make tough decisions and rise to new challenges Told with humour and emotion, I was engrossed and totally admit to ignoring everyone around me until I finished this book.Overall it s a lovely read, with engaging realistic characters, coping with true life problems A typical Sheila O Flanagan book, and I mean that in the best possible way As seeing Sheila s name on the cover is like a guaranteed quality stamp to me. All Roxy needed the day after her father s funeral was to find her husband in bed with their next door neighbour when she got home She d been the one to hold everything together throughout the months of her dad s illness, her mother and brother barely able to cope Roxy had sorted out the hospital visits so her dad wasn t alone for too long, dealt with the nurses and kept her dad s chauffeur business running But this was a step too far She couldn t cope with her husband of twenty years cheating on her It was a real wake up call for Roxy She hadn t realised just how often she put everyone s needs before her own Things had to change She and the children stayed at her mother s where she s been for the last few days, to all intents and purposes keeping her company and offering support She couldn t go home Inheriting her dad s business is a life line for Roxy She finds working and interacting with the clients enjoyable and is excited at the thought of having her own business, making her own money.This is a story about two women, due to differing circumstances, having to reevaluate, dig deep and move forward with their lives Roxy and Dave were childhood sweethearts and twenty years and two children later their seemingly solid foundation was cracked Some cracks can be mended, some can t Roxy has a decision to make forgive and forget or forge her own path.The writing is engaging, the characters realistic I enjoyed Roxy s character and how we were privy to her thoughts and reasonings, although it was a little long drawn out in places She s realistic and once she realises what s important in life and her own worth she finds the Roxy that got lost along the way, together with her self esteem and confidence The story focusses on relationships mother and daughter, husband and wife, parents and children Despite bouts of uncertainty Roxy worked through her situation at her own pace without being swayed by the opinion of others She and her mother had a lovely relationship and supported each other completely The mystery thread that runs through involving Roxy s father gives the story another layer.Excellent narration from Aoife McMahon as always. What a brilliant book I already knew that I like Sheila O Flanagan s book and writing style but with this book Her Husband s Mistake , I can say that Sheila O Flanagan now counts among my top favorite authors Her Husband s Mistake is a powerful book about adulteries, forgiveness, trust but also about feminism and machism in our today s society, this book is also about working mum and working women in general This book is for all women out there It raises a tons of questions that we women can ask ourselves at some point in our lives And this book is so well written There is not a boring moment I am so in love with this book A new favorite of mine 5 stars out of 5 I m a huge fan of this author so I was hugely excited to be invited onto the blog tour for her latest book, Her Husband s Mistake The thing I always love about Sheila s books is how absorbing they are but also how easy to read For this reason they are normally my go to holiday read as they are perfect for relaxing with.I liked the main character Roxy, although it did initially take me a while to warm to her She seemed a very realistic character and I liked the way her indecision was described in the book and how the reader had access to all her reasoning about what she should do She s was definitely a fighter and didn t immediate go running back to her husband which showed a strength that I thought very admirable I enjoyed watching her develop throughout the book and come into her own Her husband on the other hand had me seething regularly He was an arrogant, sexist pig that I wished I could go into the book and give him a piece of my mind The way he acts, despite being plainly in the wrong, made my blood boil and I hated how he twisted everything and tried to make Sheila doubt herself He made me keep reading as I wanted to see what would happen in the end and hopefully see him get his just deserts As with most of Sheila s books there is a serious theme running through the story and this time it is about the changing roles and attitudes towards women This is starkly shown through the opportunity Roxy has to find out who she can be outside the family and her husband s, mistaken belief that she should do what he says I found it very interesting to watch the story play out because of this and found myself very grateful that such attitudes are slowly changing.This was an absorbing read that I found I could sink into at the end of a long day There was plenty of stuff happening to keep my interest and I enjoyed watching everything unfold The author manages to fit in some fantastic descriptions of Dublin which has always been one of my favourite cities It has definitely made medetermined to visit again.Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Headline for my copy of this book. Her Husbands Mistake

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As you can see, a Dubliner all my life My parents owned a grocery shop in the Iveagh Markets, in the Liberties area of the city and I guess city blood runs through my veins.As a child I enjoyed reading and telling stories and everyone thought that I end up in a job which had something to do with books and literature But though I applied for a job in the library all of the job offers I got were i

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