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Academia Obscura Glen Wright states that his primary goal in the writing of this book was increasing procrastinationand here he certainly has succeeded. I've barely achieved anything in the 24 hours I have had the book!

Having followed @academiaobscura on Twitter for a long timeI couldn't help but get involved in the crowdfunding that brought this book to life (there, I paid money to get this book out there!) and it does not disappoint in any way.

This is an irreverent look at the inherent humour, craziness and borderline insanity that runs rampant through the academic world. I have laughed out loud at many of the tales contained within and I think the people around me who have had to hear me quote passages from the book are trying to decide whether to read it themselves or just tape my mouth up!

An excellent read for anyone (with a sense of humour) involved in academia! I laughed and laughed and laughed. ACADEMIA OBSCURA is less a book, more a collection of mildly diverting and amusing blog posts writtne over a number of years on the subject of the sillier side of academia. Thus the focus is very much on ridiculouslytitled papers and theses with odd subject matters. The tone is conversational and downtoearth, but the presentation is rather poor and the short chapters on each topic make this feel very repetitive and more than a little dull. I've put a link to the IT Crowd's "internet is in this black box" into my Bachelor's thesis. The video was totally unrelated to my topic.

I've quoted the most famous (and fictional) Czech's play in my Master's thesis. The quote was totally unrelated to the topic.

This was the right book for me. The only question is whether I'll be able to get a penguin to my next paper and how long till I get a cat so it could be my coauthor.

I might have forgotten to mention this before: I've just started a PhD. There's one thing I don't understand, now: how come there are people attempting to get / who got a PhD that didn't read this book. A funny and interesting book about the "hidden silly side of higher education" (Wright 2017). Topics range from "Academic Publishing" (e.g., ATLAS Collaboration& Collaboration 2015 has 5,154 authors, 9 pages discussing the findings, and 24 pages listing the authors and their affiliations), and "Impact & Outreach" (e.g., Kardashian Index, Hall 2014, my Kindex is 6.679 = "Kardashian"...), to "Conferences" (e.g., conference bingo, an excellent activity that keeps you engaged and awake at conferences), and "Academic Animals"** (e.g., Hetherington and Willard 1975).
Decision: highly recommended. My buddy Jerome and I (separately) read Liar’s Poker in the summer of ’90 so we both ended up at Salomon Brothers a year later. The place was packed with people like us who did not mind wasting their youth trading bonds, because (i) the money was good and (ii) childish behavior was, if anything, encouraged.

We knew we were living in some kind of golden age of misbehaving, so we started compiling a “fun file” of internal memos, emails, company results, axe sheets and publications that we hoped to publish one day. I left in ’97, Jerome in ’99 and the fun file was passed on to our wiser friend Stefan, who retired well before his 50th birthday and intends to publish!

“Academia Obscura” is not quite as good as the original Viz Profanisaurus that is to be found in our fun file, but is an extremely thorough compendium of hilarious factoids relating to the much more serious world of academia.

It’s laughoutloud funny.

Personal favorites were the author’s views on selfcitation (p. 153) and his presentation of important findings regarding socks (p. 177). Before reading this book I’d mistakenly adopted the view it was gentlemen who are meant to always keep their socks on.

On the other hand, the author tweets the very best bits all the time, and I follow him, so this was a bit like when I went to see “Clerks” and my friend Nick had already told me about the kid that bought the cigarettes, the girl who was allowed to “do everything” by the dead man and “I’m your friend, I got you chicks with…”

So basically, if you already follow Academia Obscura on Twitter, you’ve already read the funniest bits. Then again, if you follow it you probably want to keep all those treasures in one place and a good, oldfashioned book is as safe a way as I know to keep it all in one place. It’s why I've kept my Profanisaurus, at any rate… This book is a dip into the rather strange world of academic life, and is probably best appreciated by someone working in that environment. The author is an academic trying to finish his PhD and has taken a few of the weird things he has come across and made it into a blog and book. It covers the strangeness that is academic publishing, paper production (including the number of cats named as authors!), conferences and academic life in general. Interesting but a bit niche to say the least. Academia Obscura Posted By Academia ObscuraDr Hannah C Gunderman Is A Research Associate In Human Geography At The University Of Tennessee, Knoxville This Piece Was Originally Performed At Academia Obscura Home Facebook Academia Obscura , Likestalking About This The Hidden Silly Side Of Higher EducationAcademia Obscura The Hidden Silly Side OfNotRetrouvez Academia Obscura The Hidden Silly Side Of Higher Education Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Twitter Nous Voudrions Effectuer Une Description Ici Mais Le Site Que Vous Consultez Ne Nous En Laisse Pas La PossibilitAcademia Obscura Wright, Glen Livres NotRetrouvez Academia Obscura Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Academia Obscura Book Out Now Academia Academia Obscura Is An Irreverent Glimpse Inside The Ivory Tower, Exposing The Eccentric And Slightly Unhinged World Of University Life Take A Trip Through The Spectrum Of Academic Oddities And Unearth The Easter Eggs Buried In Peer Reviewed Papers, The Weird And Wonderful World Of Scholarly Social Media, And Rats In Underpants Academic Humour Archives Academia Obscura Posted By Academia ObscuraAlison Edwards Is An Independent Researcher, Translator, Editor, Writer, And Lover Of Tennis, Infrastructure, And Collared Shirts Done All The Way Up This Post Originally Appeared On Her Blog The Rogue Linguist Oops Academia Obscura Posted By Academia ObscuraFinding Typos In A Paper Post Publication Is Dismaying, If Inevitable This Isn T Usually Fatal And Will Generally Go Unnoticed Even After Sinking Hours Of Labour Into It There Are Bound To Be Some Miner Errors References To Screwed Data And A Screwed Distribution Have Not Stopped Apaper In The International Journal Of Obesity From Garnering I had no idea academia could be quite so weird and surprising, and sometimes laugh out loud funny. This book is super entertaining, even for a nonacademic like me, and I think it's a mustread for anyone in academia with a sense of humor. A funny book about academia, with all sorts of fun fact, stupid or weird stories. Just what you need to relax, when the day in this system is just too much.

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