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Crooked Little Vein Burned Out Private Detective And Self Styled Shit Magnet Michael McGill Needed A Wake Up Call To Jump Start His Dead Career What He Got Was A Virtual Cattle Prod To The Crotch, In The Form Of An Impossible Assignment Delivered Directly From The President S Heroin Addict Chief Of Staff It Seems The Constitution Of The United States Has Some Skeletons In Its Closet The Founding Fathers Doubted That The Document Would Be Able To Stave Off Human Nature Indefinitely, So They Devised A Backup Constitution To Deploy At The First Sign Of Crisis In The Government S Eyes, That Time Is Now, As America Is Overgrown With Perverts Who Spend Time Surfing The Web For Fetish Porn Than They Do Reading A Newspaper They Want To Use This Secret Constitution To Drive The Country Back To A Time When Civility, God, And Mom S Homemade Apple Pie Were All That MatteredThe Only Problem Is, No One Can Seem To Find ItSo Who Better To Track It Down Than A Private Dick Who S So Down And Out That He S Coming Up The Other Side, A Shamus Whose Only Skill Is Stumbling Into Every Depraved Situation Imaginable With No Lead To Speak Of, And No Knowledge Of The Underground World In Which The Constitution Has Traveled, McGill Embarks On A Cross Country Odyssey Of America S Darkest, Dankest Underbelly Along The Way, His White Bread Sensibilities Are Treated To A Smorgasbord Of Depravity That Runs The Gamut Of Human Imagination The Filth Mounts It Is Clear That This Isn T The Kind Of Life, Liberty, Or Happiness That Thomas Jefferson Thought Americans Would Enjoy In The Twenty First CenturyBut What McGill Learns As He Closes In On The Real Constitution Is That Freedom Takes Many Forms, The Most Important Of Which May Be The Fight Against The Good Old Days Like Vonnegut, Orwell, And Huxley Before Him, Warren Ellis Deftly Exposes The Hypocrisy Of The Moral Majority By Giving Us A Glimpse At The Monstrous Outcome That Their Overzealous Policies Would Achieve

About the Author: Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis is the award winning writer of graphic novels like TRANSMETROPOLITAN, FELL, MINISTRY OF SPACE and PLANETARY, and the author of the NYT bestselling GUN MACHINE and the underground classic novel CROOKED LITTLE VEIN The movie RED is based on his graphic novel of the same name, its sequel having been released in summer 2013 His graphic novel GLOBAL FREQUENCY is in development at Jerry

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    Faint hearts and the offendable might just want to sit this one out the book, mind you, not this review Acclaimed comics writer Warren Ellis cranks up the ick factor to about 11 and delivers a hysterical noir, mystery travelogue through the oddest, most depraved nooks and crannies of the American psyche It is dark, twisted and no holds barredand it is also very, VERY funny To give you a sample of the agenda items Ell

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    and shit and shitting and porn and godzilla and bukkake and godzilla bukkake and saline injected testicles and shit and rats and dirt and grubby porn theatres and shit and tantric ostrich sex and date rape drugs and tantric ostrich sex via date rape drugs and shit and shitting and and and and and forgive me, it s all a little tiring.this is a bizarro private detective novel concerning a missing alternate version of the U.S c

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    Well, this is just all kinds of messed up..Mike McGill is a private detective with bizarre luck that has him constantly getting mixed up in things he d rather not know about like guys who have sex with ostriches The creepy and corrupt White House chief of staff wants to use Mike s tendency to be a shit magnet to help him track down a book that contains the Secret Constitution of the United States that the administration will use to

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    Wow, was this book disappointing What should have been Ellis s introduction to the print world became a collection of hey guys look at this crazy shit I found on the internet and posted on my blog already, strung together by the thinnest of narratives There are occasional sentences that smack of the author s way with words, but it s hardly worth the trudge through the rest of the book.

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    Updated review after a re read in November 2018 This book is not for the faint hearted or the easily shocked I am pretty unflappable, and yet this book had me going WTF did I just read When I turned the last page of Crooked Little Vein , I was laughing and grossed out simultaneously There were now images in my mind I would never be able to un see and I was having very mixed feelings about that Ellis is transgressive and irreverent, and that is an

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    Is this book for you If you re not familiar with the words Godzilla Bukkake , probably not.Not for the faint of heartMen who have sex with drugged ostriches are far from the strangest situation that we can find in this book lolDark humour abounds The novel uses all the artifacts of classical pulp era and Ellis ability to attract the weirdest elements of contemporary society and weave it all together into a coherent whole is nothing short of magnificent.Fro

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    Warren Ellis reads the Internet, and if I didn t read the Internet I could learn a lot about the perverse side of society by reading this book Unfortunately, I do read the Internet, so it s not really news And then there s the point at which a bunch of people tell the protagonist he needs to shut up and participate in their particular kink or they won t give him the information they need This is not depicted as a negative thing, oddly Isn t there a word for that

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    Mike McGill is a self professed shit magnet and as an independent private investigator, he s brought some bizzare work by some even stranger clientele However, nothing holds a candle to the job he s been hired for by the president s heroin addicted chief of staff Tasked with tracking down a secret second constitution, Mike is about to push his sanity to its absolute breaking point to a place he may never return from If watching a copy of Godzilla spliced with audio fro

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    Down and out detective Michael McGill gets hired by a shady government type to find the Constituition The real Constitution McGill s case takes him deeper and deeper into a bizarre subculture of sex and drugs Can he find the Constitution AND maintain his sanity I bought this in an airport a few years ago and devoured it on a three hour flight I was a big fan of Ellis s after reading the Transmetropolitan comic for a couple years and wanted to see what he could do with a novel.Ell

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    Rating 3.5 of fiveThe Book Report How bad can a day get Mike McGill can tell you, and he d be right But he doesn t know exactly how bad a day can be until the White House Chief of Staff bear in mind the book came out in 2007, adjust your mental compass, and go from there walks into his office with a deal he can t refuse.Hey, after waking up naked in your office chair with a rat pissing in your coffee mug, why would anyone refuse any deal So Mike gets a half million dollars in expense mon

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