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Mercy Road I read Ms Creel s The Magic of Ordinary Days about hardship and love during WWII in 2011 and gave it a solid four stars When I was approved by Net Galley for an arc of Mercy Road, I was excited Unfortunately it took me well over two months to finish I would have tagged it dnf but I felt obligated to read the narrative Though the plot showed promise, the characters were two dimensional It was one of those stories where the author told but did not show There was too much going on Thoughts and details were spelled out but I never cared for any of the characters view spoiler It began with a tragedy on a horse farm Arlene Favier needed money to save her family s dream She became an ambulance driver during WWI and I was introduced to a feminist tone She worked with an all womens medical team sponsored by the Red Cross While serving in France, she was blatantly stalked by a creepy military officer Instead of cutting him off immediately she knew something was seriously wrong with the guy she continued to converse and meet with him numerous times She never went to her superiors to tell them what was going on Eventually she became aware of a plot to illegally sell Army goods Knowing it to be dangerous, she gets involved In the meantime, her closest acquaintance suffers from depression and has a secret It was completely obvious to me but it took the bulk of the story for Arlene to figure it out Lastly, there was the romance with Jimmy Tucker that felt out of place Never once did I understand why the author introduced him There was no chemistry Zip, nada, zilch Their relationship stuck out like a sore thumb And the epilogue Possibly dreaming Huh hide spoiler Ann Howard Creel s books are inspired by history and her female characters face life changing challenges.Her newest novel Mercy Road was inspired by a photograph of a female ambulance driver in France during WWI Female doctors and nurses were banned from serving in the U S Army so they formed the American Women s Hospital and raised funds to send a volunteer team to France.Creel s novel begins with a tragedy that leaves Arlene Favier aware of how life can change in an instant A fire takes her home and father and the family s source of income Desperate to find a job to support her mother and brother, and with dreams of rebuilding her father s stud farm, Arlene stumbles into an opportunity that will use her few employable skills as a chauffeuses driving an ambulance for doctors volunteering in France.With most French doctors serving at the front, there was a lack of medical services for civilians and refugees With her command of French and experience with machines, Arlene is the perfect volunteer With the lure of a cash bonus at the end of the war which would allow her to rebuild the family home, Arlene joins the American Women s Hospital service, formed to aid citizens and refugees.To go to France in May 1918 required great courage and fortitude The war had destroyed the land and the infrastructure By September 1918, there were 1.85 million refugees Food shortages and the lack of housing and clean water contributed to illness including typhus, tuberculosis, dysentery, and influenza The Hospital Service also assisted men wounded at the front The women were exposed to the horrors of battlefield wounds, the dead, and the dying Now I not only knew death I knew the shade and scent of human blood and the charred appearance and stench of burnt human bodies I knew the look of what lay beneath our skin from Mercy Road by Ann Howard Creel Arlene was excited to arrive in Paris, her father s birthplace With restrictions against seeing soldiers, she rebuffs the attention of the handsome but oversure Captain Brohammer He takes it as a challenge, pursuing her throughout the war even though Arlene makes clear she is not interested But when she meets up with a childhood friend once employed by her father, her hesitancy to become romanticly involved is challenged.The plot involves intrigue, accusations with devastating implications, and personal growth that challenges old ideas and the embracing of possibilities.I received a free ebook from the author in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. I m so pleased to share my upcoming release, MERCY ROAD, with readers and fans on Goodreads When I stumbled upon a story of truly unsung female heroes during World War I, I knew I d found the inspiration for my next historical novel Banned for service in the US Army, a group of female physicians and surgeons formed the American Women s Hospital and independently sent an all female team of doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, and aides to war torn France in 1918 Soon after I d discovered this almost unknown piece of history, a character began to form and take on shape and dimension in my mind Arlene Favier, a young French speaking horsewoman from Paris, Kentucky, joins the first team of the American Women s Hospital as an ambulance driver, passes through Paris, France, and ends up serving soldiers and civilians alike on the front lines Amid the chaos of war, she never expects to find romantic attention from two very different soldiers, and not only does she find herself in physical danger every day, her heart and belief in the human spirit become endangered, too Because even during the days of life and death, things are not always as they appear to be, and not all soldiers are heroes.MERCY ROAD, to be released November 19th, is now available for pre order, and I ve been thrilled with the number of people already ordering, thanks to readers like you who love historical fiction I am pleased I read this book, based on the true story of a group of female ambulance drivers during WW1 These stories about unsung heroes of the war are really important for education and inspiration purposes and I hope to read books like this in the future Mercy Road featured one of the most gripping opening chapters of a book that I have read in a long time I thoroughly enjoyed Arlene s journey into independence and into the war with all the horrors she faces there The only thing that disappointed me with this book was the central romance between Arlene and Jimmy The beginning of their love felt rushed and unbelievable and it was a shame that the romance element dominated most of the second half of the book Jimmy was underdeveloped as a character and seemed quite dull and one dimensional so their relationship didn t engage me at all I would have liked to have seen detail about Arlene s work and to have known about Cass too who was a fascinating character Thank you to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. Thank you NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing and the author Ms Ann Howard Creel for the opportunity to read this Advanced Readers Copy of Mercy Road An unexpected historical fiction story that takes us to the front lines of the war to end all wars.WWI story told with a strong tour de force of female characters Arlene , a young Victorian girl, finds herself the main breadwinner after the death of her father in a tragic fire that took everything Unable to find work locally, no one will hire herVictorian times were hard times for women, especially single onesArlene answers an ad for French Speaking women and the stage is set for a life of unexpected events.Arlene gets the job, trains as an ambulance driver, and then heads to Paris France to work alongside female doctors rescuing wounded soldiers from the front.Fraught with the horrors of war, loves lost, and secrets that cast shadows far into the future, this is an extraordinary story based on true events 5 stars What I love about Ann Howard Creel s books are the way they stay with you, long after you ve finished them, and I am sure that this is going to happen again for me with her upcoming release, Mercy Road.I have just finished Mercy Road, thanks to NetGalley and to Lake Union Publishing for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Somehow, Ann Howard Creel s characters get under my skin and Arlene is a woman for whom I felt empathy from the very first page, when a terrible tragedy causes her to lose everything she has ever known I felt that I was there with her as she made tough decisions against the backdrop of the First World War, ultimately taking up the opportunity to go to France to serve as an Ambulance driver, just as a group of US women did during that terrible time.It was at times, a delight to follow Arlene s journey when she had the chance to live a little and when the chance for love broke through At other times, Arlene s story and the stories from the battlefields in France is moving, heartbreaking Ann Howard Creel s description of the chaos and personal tragedy for the French people and for the soldiers of World War One has clearly been impeccably researched.Other things I loved about this book were Ann s almost dreamy descriptions of France I thought these were extremely well done The way she was able to find beauty in such brutal times added so much to this memorable book Ultimately, the characters take their own journeys, and they learn along the way I recommend that anyone who is interested in history and who enjoys a good story will be moved by this remarkable book. I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do Inspired by the true story of the World War I American Women s Hospital, Mercy Road is a novel about love, courage, and a female ambulance driver who risks everything.In 1917, after Arlene Favier s home burns to the ground, taking her father with it, she must find a way to support her mother and younger brother If she doesn t succeed, they will all be impoverished Job opportunities are scarce, but then a daring possibility arises the American Women s Hospital needs ambulance drivers to join a trailblazing, all female team of doctors and nurses bound for war torn France.On the front lines, Arlene and her fellow ambulance drivers work day and night to aid injured soldiers and civilians In between dangerous ambulance runs, Arlene reunites with a childhood friend, Jimmy Tucker, now a soldier, who opens her heart like no one before But she has also caught the attention of Felix Brohammer, a charismatic army captain who harbours a dark, treacherous secret.To expose Brohammer means risking her family s future and the promise of love Arlene must make a choice stay in the safety of silence or take the greatest chance of her life.I Loved This Book War stories are popular right now as people are finally getting it into their minds that war is hell and reading about it may, hopefully, stop it from happening again on such a global scale This one is based on real events which will make it seem even real and horrifying to the reader about what these women went through These women were tough as nails and what they went through was well written about and presented The romance angle was enjoyed as well as it wasn t the norm of these days the billionaire boss and the naive girl and hardcore sex books are over, people let s keep it cleaner it was nice to not blush and feel uncomfortable reading a book with romance in it My facebook review on Janet s Book Corner has photos on it of the real women if you are interested in seeing the real thing As a member of the RCAFA Royal Canadian Airforce Association 427 Wing where my uncle trained in 1943 I wholly approve of this book and will recommend it to everyone there as well as where I work As always, I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I love emojis outside of their incessant use by Millennials on Instagram and Twitter so let s give it NOTE I STILL cannot link this review to LinkedIn there is something wrong with the linking programming and it will not happen. It s a special moment when you start reading a book and know that it s going to be like no others and could possible be one of your favorite reads in a long time I felt that way once I started reading Ann Howard Creel s latest novel, and I was not disappointed as the book went on In fact, it got better I loved the personal, touching love story, but I also learned about a fascinating time in history that I d never heard of before The ending was a complete surprise and was most satisfy I highly recommend this novel This is Creel s best so far.Thanks to the author, NetGalley, and Lake Union for the advanced reading copy My review is my unbiased opinion. Inspired By The True Story Of The World War I American Women S Hospital, Mercy Road Is A Novel About Love, Courage, And A Female Ambulance Driver Who Risks Everything In , After Arlene Favier S Home Burns To The Ground, Taking Her Father With It, She Must Find A Way To Support Her Mother And Younger Brother If She Doesn T Succeed, They Will All Be Impoverished Job Opportunities Are Scarce, But Then A Daring Possibility Arises The American Women S Hospital Needs Ambulance Drivers To Join A Trailblazing, All Female Team Of Doctors And Nurses Bound For War Torn FranceOn The Front Lines, Arlene And Her Fellow Ambulance Drivers Work Day And Night To Aid Injured Soldiers And Civilians In Between Dangerous Ambulance Runs, Arlene Reunites With A Childhood Friend, Jimmy Tucker, Now A Soldier, Who Opens Her Heart Like No One Before But She Has Also Caught The Attention Of Felix Brohammer, A Charismatic Army Captain Who Harbors A Dark, Treacherous SecretTo Expose Brohammer Means Risking Her Family S Future And The Promise Of Love Arlene Must Make A Choice Stay In The Safety Of Silence Or Take The Greatest Chance Of Her Life ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Rating on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being excellent Quality of writing 4Pace 3Plot development 4Characters 4Enjoyability 4Ease of Reading 5Overall rating 4 out of 5

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