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I D Never Forgotten Him A Man I D Yet To MeetGriffin Quinn Was My Childhood Pen Pal, The British Boy Who Couldn T Have Been Different From Me Over The Years, Through Hundreds Of Letters, We Became Best Friends, Sharing Our Deepest, Darkest Secrets And Forming A Connection I Never Thought Could BreakUntil One Day It DidThen, Out Of The Blue, A New Letter Arrived A Scathing One One With Eight Years Of Pent Up Anger I Had No Choice But To Finally Come Clean As To Why I Stopped WritingGriffin Forgave Me, And Somehow We Were Able To Rekindle Our Childhood Connection Only Now We Were Adults, And That Connection Had Grown To A Spark Our Letters Quickly Went From Fun To Flirty To Downright Dirty, Revealing Our Wildest Fantasies So It Only Made Sense That We Would Take Our Relationship To The Next Level And See Each Other In PersonOnly Griff Didn T Want To Meet He Asked That I Trust Him And Said It Was For The Best But I Wanted Griff, In The Flesh So I Took A Big Chance And Went Looking For Him People Have Done Crazier Things For LoveBut What I Found Could Change Everything Dirty Letters

About the Author: Vi Keeland

Vi Keeland is a 1 New York Times, 1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author With millions of books sold, her titles have appeared in over one hundred Bestseller lists and are currently translated in twenty six languages She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.Stop by and meet Vi in he Stop

10 thoughts on “Dirty Letters

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    Edit that cover model can write me pen pal letters any day

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    I am so excited to jump into this one

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    5 STARS My favorite duo wrote another brilliant,emotional and heartwarming romance I devour it in one sitting, I loved it so much Dirty Letters was a captivating story, and it has an original story Luca and Griffin are my new favorite couple I ach for them and I wanted to see them together I loved the letters, I find it brilliant I loved how the story begins and I liked how Luca and Griffin s relationship developed Luca

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    This duo has done it again I felt every minute of Luca and Griffin s suffering Anxiety is no joke And Griffin just wanted a real relationship, somebody who saw HIM and not his persona This is what drives him to reach out to his long lost pen pal With some help from a bird crazy doctor, Luca and Griff attempt to navigate an unconventional relationship It is a long, bumpy journey to get from pen pals to soul mate And I loved

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    Review to comeWoo hoo It releases the day after my birthday RELEASE DATE November 5, 2019Pre order order

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    ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward did it again I cried so much, it hit me like a hammer.Luca suffers from PTSD, anxiety and Agoraphobia And reading about her struggles, her fears, her panic attacks felt so relatable to me, I had to stop few times to actually breathe.Griffin is the most precious and pure male interest I ve read in a long time and they

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    Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward books are either a hit or a miss for me.I hope this one will be good And if it is not, I have the hot cover to swoon over and that would be enough

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    There s so much goodness here, I don t even know where to start Complex, interesting, multi layered characters A sweet, sexy friends to lovers with a hint of second chance storyline And the writing of this dynamic duo that never fails to pull me right in and keep me reading compulsively and obsessively.I loved the original idea behind this storyline Texting as a way of communicating is one of my favorite things in books, so I knew that

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    All the stars ViPen perfection Dear Vi Penelope,I just finished Dirty Letters a few days ago, and I can t stop thinking about this book I have tears in my eyes, a smile on my face, and I must look like a lunatic writing this note to you Dirty Letters is packed with sweet, sexy fun, and lovable characters And the perfect amount of the feels This friends to lovers rock romance is EVERYTHING When my two unicorn authors co write a book togeth

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    I want I want

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