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Buzz Kill Well damn This is a good book Two teen hackers set out to create an artificial intelligence to prevent suicide Lots and lots of feels in this story Kind of a 13 reasons why and Mr Robot remix with some Wargames in there Definitely a must read for science fiction and 2001 fans. Raised by her father Roger in Fairbanks, Alaska, Pandora Lynch was mostly homeschooled and knew her way around computers better than most Sent to high school, Pandora s overly expressive face quickly made her the target of ridicule and bullying When Pandora s act of retaliation against her tormenters went wrong, her father had the perfect punishment, spend time with Grandmother Gladys who resides in a nursing home that cares for dementia patients George Jedson who has spent most of his young life in foster homes, finds solace in computers, specifically coding and hacking using whatever tools and systems he can subvert What is strange about that is the systems he hacks run better than before his attack George s stunt to take control of a high end electric vehicle while the CEO of Quire, a giant silicon valley tech corporation not only goes awry, it lands him a cushy job with the company George is to design a program capable of recognizing the signs of and preventing suicides in young adults, especially when they do it while live streaming George and Pandora connect through Roger s work as a psychiatrist for Quire s best and brightest Being separated by thousands of miles has little meaning as the two teens begin a collaborative effort via texting to design an artificial intelligence with the capability of becoming conscious What follows is a broad discussion of what consciousness is as Buzz, the name given to their budding AI, continues to learn and develops a terrifyingly foolproof way of preventing suicides Despite the frequent infodumps, this dark read is quite enjoyable as it touches on issues of dementia, bullying, artificial intelligence and what constitutes being conscious All the tech talk and rambles slow the pace down but excellent character development and thought provoking storyline makes up for it The conclusion raises some very interesting points about the dangers of complete interconnectedness and the inability to put the genie back into the bottle once it is released. This was a difficult one to rate, and I finally went with my gut the three star rating partly reflects the fact that it was such a downer, which is not to my taste The title turned out to be accurate in a couple of ways that took me unpleasantly by surprise, though it s not like I wasn t warned at all I just kept hoping it would turn out better than it was threatening to I ve read a few books now in the genre you might call contemporary science fiction, as spawned by William Gibson of All Tomorrow s Parties, and they tend to have three flaws First, they re world weary and cynical This book is definitely those things, though it is at least witty about it Second, they tend to feature alienated losers wandering through a series of events without much in the way of goals, and therefore without much plot For a long time until about 45% and with the losers part in brackets, I thought this book checked that box off as well, but the pair of protagonists do finally get a goal, or a pair of aligned goals It is very much choked with exposition and high flown prose, though, with long infodumps either via a character or directly from the narrator about artificial intelligence and various other topics The explanations are plot relevant, but there are an awful lot of them I gained the impression that the author narrator was a bit in love with the sound of his own voice The third flaw that many contemporary SF books share is the flaw that according to Sturgeon 90% of everything shares they re crap, in the sense that the author has a poor grasp on the basic tools of writing like punctuation, sentence structure, and vocabulary, not to mention plot, characterisation and setting This book has, I think, had extensive copy editing to remove most though, in the review copy I got from Netgalley, not quite all signs of those problems, and reads as better written than average That would normally have kept it at four stars, but sustained cynicism and a tragic ending were not what I was hoping for, and when you spend almost the first half of the book waffling around with backstory and the characters feeling and thinking and experiencing a lot but doing very little, I will ding you for it. In the vein of WarGames and 2001 A Space Odyssey, David Sosnowski s latest novel Buzz Kill takes a good look at Artificial Intelligence and asks what could possibly go wrong Though separated by several thousand miles, the main characters George and Pandora are linked by circumstance and team up to create an AI capable of recognizing and preventing suicide Together, the two explore concepts from plant consciousness to the ethics of hacking for the greater good to what it means for a person or machine to truly have consciousness Meanwhile, George is struggling with his increasing knowledge of the darker parts of his parent company and the rest of humanity In her corner of the world, Pandora comes to terms with her own mortality as she watches her grandmother slowly fade to dementia Buzz Kill is an extremely slow burn, with a long and thorough buildup to a potent finish, reminiscent of Stephen King s Needful Things The concept of artificial consciousness is extremely fleshed out, using George and Pandora s text messages to each other as a sounding board for a variety of pretty interesting ideas Though the science behind the plot seems a bit wonky, this is easily overlooked in light of the story The story itself is well planned and perfectly executed The circumstances that line up to allow the final bang to happen are phenomenal Many things are hinted at throughout the novel, but these hints aren t recognizable until it s too late The most memorable thing about Buzz Kill is the clever linguistic stylings of Sosnowski The dialog and thoughts of the characters flow very smoothly Pandora and her father have a quippy, clever relationship that is well portrayed in their interactions This quirky writing makes reading easy and enjoyable There is a bit of a tendency to ramble, however Also, some of the phrases and text speak used by the younger characters do not seem natural at all, and can take the reader out of the story Despite these flaws, the writing and dialog is particularly enjoyable throughout the novel Buzz Kill is a very interesting and thought provoking novel It explores very cool concepts and poses some good questions This book really makes you think A must read for fans of sci fi or anyone interested in artificial intelligence. Thank you to 47North and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.The description and the premise of this book were intriguing, so I was eager to read it even though YA and science fiction is not really my cup of tea While I enjoyed the story of the two young hackers, and how their lives intersected in their common goal to create an AI being, the extremely long and for this non techie complicated to incomprehensible expositions explanations about AI were way than I ever wanted to know about the topic Yes, these explanations were relevant to the plot, or less, but unfortunately other things like carrying the narrative about the two young hackers forward were too, and they didn t get anywhere near the love the other stuff did The tragic ending was not what I hoped for or expected, and left me feeling very down and cynical Perhaps that was the intention all along AI is great in theory, but not so great in real life, and that came through loud and clear here. Pandora lives in Fairbanks, Alaska with her dad, Roger Pandora has a highly expressive face, similar to Jim Carrey Because of her face, people tend to make fun of and pick on Pandora Not to mention she was homeschooled for many years, and her house has no real doors, except for the entry ones In spite of all this, Pandora is gifted She can write code and hack with the best of them George Jedson is a teenager on the run Part of the foster system, he has figured out how to live on his own George is also a gifted coder He s figured out how to hack the computer system on a very elite electric vehicle This particular EV belongs to a tech giant CEO with a flair for the dramatic So when George takes over this vehicle, it definitely draws attention.Roger, Pandora s dad, is a psychiatrist for the company that said CEO runs He works remotely from Fairbanks When Pandora does something unthinkable to some classmates, his punishment for her is to start visiting her grandmother, Gladys Gladys has dementia and lives in a nursing home It s supposed to be a punishment, but turns out to be everything Pandora never knew she needed This was the first novel by Sosnowski that I ve read He is a witty writer, with a knack for drawing you into the story I loved how he brought all these characters together, and highlighted the vulnerability of two idealistic teenagers on a quest to change the world Buzz Kill brims with humor in spite of its fairly dark concept It is both science fiction and a love story, and what happens when your ideals overtake your rationale I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good tech sci fi read The dialogue keeps it snapping along and the end will utterly terrify you.4 starsThis review will be posted at BookwormishMe.com on 14 January 2020. I have so many feelings about this book , than I bargained for So first thing, sci fic is not a genre I usually read and most times I fail to follow a lot of concepts But in this book, it helped that the author set up a really solid base for the story and even though I could not follow some of the conversations in the end, I understood enough for the story sake This book is everything many people are scared of concerning AI and though there is no good answer, it does highlight the selfishness and hypocrisy of human Good read Not too breezy but engaging and entertaining This book is about hackers, but unlike lots of books about hackers, it s not about dystopias and cyberpunks It s about two brilliant, funny characters who construct an AI, and naturally, hijinks ensue The story takes a deep dive into the characters while also commenting on social constructs and tech culture It s very fun, well worth a read. This book is a prequel to Happy Doomsday which I haven t read It s definitely not necessary to read the previous book first, but I suggest that you pay attention to the prologue of this book This book is about 2 teenaged hackers, who never meet face to face, but join to create the AI named Buzz George Jedson is hired by Quire, a social media company, to develop an AI that can prevent suicides by its users Pandora Lynch is the daughter of George s therapist, and what she really cares about is an AI to which all of her memories can be transferred She is inspired by her grandmother s slow decline into dementia It turns out that Quire has a lot going on than chat groups, and George and Pandora are not really equipped to handle the child they created Although the subject matter is serious, the book is not without humor George and Pandora are both interesting and intelligent characters Quire is a company with lots of benefits, but it doesn t really care if its developers die young Pandora s visits to her grandmother s assisted living facility felt too real I liked the way the book introduced both the technical and ethical issues in the creation of Buzz how they exposed him to information and situations Buzz was a quick learner, although they never managed to teach Buzz that sleeping is not a voluntary loss of consciousness that needs to be prevented The creative process was fun until it wasn t any No gore or romance, but lots to think about What s not to like I would read by this author I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. 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