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The Spellsong War The Sequel To The Soprano Sorceress, From The Bestselling Author Of The Recluce SagaWith The Soprano Sorceress LE Modesitt Started The Spellsong Cycle, An Innovative And Compelling New Fantasy Series That Won Modesitt Tons Of New Readers The Spellsong War Will Enthrall Its Readers And Continue To Build Modesitt S Increasingly Loyal FollowingAnna Marshal Is Regent Of The Kingdom Of Defalk Only A Few Months After A Sorcerer Pulled Her From Her Boring Life As A Music Instructor In Ames, Iowa To The World Of Erde With Her Ability And Her Integrity She Saved Defalk From Invasion And Became It S Regent, Now She Must Defend It Against The Greedy Rulers Of Neighboring Kingdoms Who See A Weakened State And A Possible Opportunity The Spellsong War Is The Second Book Of The Spellong Cycle

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    Note This is my review from 03.I really enjoyed the first book in the series, and was excited to read the next one What I got was a very blah book It s hard to pinpoint the exact problem.Almost all character world building is left to the first novel The first novel had Anna s introduction to Erde and many of her reactions to her new circu

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    Anna is my second favorite heroine of all time She is level headed and resourceful, and doesn t let anyone tell her to keep quiet I also like that her character is older, and is super intelligent.

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    Have you ever had a friend or nemesis, I won t judge who thinks that any problem can be solved with enough violence I did, once It was kind of weird He was a nice enough guy, and I liked bantering and hanging out with him, but his willingness to resort to punching in lieu of actually having a serious debate was unsettling, and ultimately led to our friendshi

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    Anna, Regent of Defalk, is intent on making the country a peaceful, just one for Lord Jimbob, the heir, to rule To her dismay, it seems the only way toward peace is through war Her southern neighbor is stirring up rebellion among some of Defalk s chauvanistic lords Is there a way to make them respect a good ruler Only by proving that she is strong and ruthless not go

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    I like these books I like the magic system slightly reminiscent of the poetry system in Stafsheff s wizard in rhyme books, but much involved There are a few flaws here but not too many Good reads Picked these up after reading many of his Recluse books.Anna is now regent of Defalkshe defended it once, but now neighbors believe the kingdom to be weakened I guess a woman s work i

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    The singer stranger in a strange continues to work on pulling the 33 lords together and fighting against an entrenched patriarchal mindset Not many fantasy books spend their time on the logistics of building a kingdom like education, accounting systems, bridges dams, but you get it here Anna, the stranger, is now regent in Defalk, and is surrounded by enemies as she tries to keep everyth

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    It was a good book but I swear if I had to hear her mucus cough ups and globs of this one time I might have put the book down This author loves to be descriptive but at times I find it rather too much.

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    What happens when a female musician gets pulled from our world into one where music is magic Read this book to find out possibilities Intriguing how it explores not only the magic of the world but gender rolls in a fantasy setting.2nd book in the series of 5.

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    i am loving these books

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    Even predictable than book1, but easy reading and enjoyable stuff I love the science of Recluse.

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