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Kom hier dat ik u kus In This International Bestseller, A Woman Comes Of Age In A Poignant Novel About Forgiveness, Pain, And Self Discovery Mona S Demanding Mother Ruled Their Home Until A Car Crash Took Her Life And Changed Their Family Forever Left To Tend To A Distant Father And A Needy Younger Brother, Mona Finds Her New Role Almost Too Much To Bear And When A New Stepmother, Troubled And Depressed, Adds Yet Another Crack To The Family Portrait, Mona S Forced To Shoulder An Even Greater Share Of The Emotional BurdenSomewhere Between Her Responsibility To Her Family And To Her Own Life, Mona Finds A Route Of Escape In A Theater Career She Craves But For Every Challenge Ahead Romantic, Professional, Sexual, And Familial Mona Wonders How Much Of Her Future Has Already Been Defined By The Challenges Of Her PastAn Emotional, Funny, And Universal Novel About The People, Experiences, And Choices That Make Us Who We Are, Mona In Three Acts Is A Revelatory Journey Of A Woman S Self Discovery, Forgiveness, And Courage To Finally Speak Her Truth Very boring read was hard to get trough The idea was nice but not very well worked out 5 superlative, heartbreakingly funny and sad stars Thank you to Netgalley, Crossing and the author for this book I am offering this review in exchange Wow and whew This book was originally published in 2014 in Belgium and its English translation is due out in November 2019 This book is about Mona Middle class Mona Creative and loving Mona Mona who struggles with her self worth, her identity and her ability to be independent We see Mona at three points in her life As a young child who is loved but neglected and sometimes cruelly abused Mona as a young woman who yearns for love but sacrifices too much Mona in her thirties who finally comes into her own and makes courageous decisions to live for herself and importantly to love herself Ms Op de Beeck is a writer of immense talent I cannot think of a book that I have read in recent years that was so genuinely able to get into the mind, body and spirit of a young child The anxieties, the misunderstandings and the need to please The insecurities of young womanhood and the blossoming of personhood as she encounters losses of both a minor and major kind My partner would watch me laugh out loud one moment and then sob unabashedly in another A book of tremendous authenticity, love and the ties that bind us to those we cherish and those we fear and those we may dislike immensely Mona will be on my mind for a very long time and in my heart forever Thank you Ms Op de Beeck for a work of immense joy, a work of tremendous sadness and a work that assists one in their own life journey. I was excited to read this book I ve enjoy other books from the Netherlands Belgium is bordered by the Netherlands.So, as soon as I learned about this book Thank You, Jaideeher review and passion for this book is heartfelt and wonderful ,..I downloaded a copy myself Mona In Three Acts was surprisingly much longer than other novels I ve read from this region of the world I felt it was too long The translation was finebut there were pages upon pages of very ordinary descriptions of daily life..so much so.that after awhile ordinary something I usually love, as ordinary is real was TOO ORDINARY.I appreciated Mona s Innocence vulnerability and her grief from having lost her biological mother as a young girl but I began to tire of Mona s child voice..and the dialogue I teetered back and forth between compassion for Mona and being bored myself I appreciated a lot about this story, how these characters felt how Mona handled abuse and neglect etc ,.but I also felt grumpy at times As a 67 year old reading this book I got itchy with pages of explanations of things I already knew I know what a cardiologist is I ve seen the movie The Sound of Music enough times that to read an entire chapter about the movie Mona explaining it to her six year old brotherjust felt annoying Then there were parts where I paused.feeling annoyed puzzled by the choice of visualsHere s an example I d like to share my food with the children in Africa, especially when it s Belgian endive, or when Marie has cooked pork chops that are so dry and chewy you could beat a small animal to death with them Beat a dead animal Why did Mona pick such a phrase I ll tell you whyOur little 9 year old protagonist Mona over heard her daddy say it when Marie stepmother , wasn t around Mona thought it was secretly funny I didn t Following Mona s life from a child to an adult.400 plus pagesbecame too daunting for me My patients were being tested The author definitely can tap into our emotions but with the combination of the writing itself being simplistic a few emotional outbursts and the book s length I felt a lot was being asked from adult readers..If this book was 200 pages shorter.I may have enjoyed this I do applaud the author s insights into complex human relationships.exploring universal themes. Rating 3 5 starsARC provided by publisher Mona in Three Acts is the first novel by well known Flemish author Griet Op de Beeck to be translated into English, and the first one I read both in translation, as well as in its original Dutch Many thanks to the publisher Crossing for providing me with an early copy of the former As with most of Griet Op de Beecks books, Mona in Three Acts is a literary contemporary novel, that centres around coming of age in a slightly dysfunctional family unit As the title would imply, we follow Mona in a story that is split into 3 parts with a substantial time jump in between each of them In part 1, we get to know her as a 9 year old, shortly after the death of her mother, coping with the fact that her father is getting remarried We see her navigate her way around all these new emotions and see her relationship with her stepmother and stepsiblings play out In part 2, her story continues when Mona is around 25 when she moves in with her boyfriend and faces the first struggles in her starting career In part 3, Mona returns home to take care of her father on his sickbed and many puzzle pieces of the last years begin to fall into place I have to commend the novel for its consistency and build up of characters We see how the way that Mona was brought up influences the way she forms relationships later in life, which makes up the central theme of the novel Not just Mona, but the other reappearing characters follow this line All of them have distinct personalities and all of them are just the right amount of flawed to be realistic, but not too unlikable That being said, the nature of this novels theme almost directly prevents character growth in the main character Op de Beec does an exceptional job at writing from a childs perspective, which is why I probably enjoyed part 1 the most Unfortunately, Mona retains that na ve childish outlook throughout the rest of the novel, which got on my nerves quite fast My second problem, which is also inherently linked to the theme this novel goes for, is that everything is so oversimplified Yes, people are creatures of habit, that have a tendency to stick to the same patterns Yet the way the author psychoanalyses her character down to a single thing in her past just rubs me the wrong way As a literary device, it treads the thin line between character background and psychology for dummies As an outlook on life, it completely removes all agency from the person and labels them as a victim of their past, rather than an individual capable of taking responsibility for their own life As a final note I d like to say that I actually enjoyed the English translation than I did the original Op de Beeck has a tendency to try a little too hard when writing dialogue, which results in overly directed, too profound sentences that feel out of place in the mouths of the characters that deliver them I think the translator did an excellent job of bending them into a moderate form, without losing the core of the message This novel is out in Dutch under the original titleKom hier dat ik u kus by Prometheus, and will be released in November 2019 via Crossing in its English translation.

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