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Pipe Dreams Pipe Dreams Is A Rip Roaring, Action Packed Tale About The Ambitions Borne Of Greed, Hatred, And Delusion Set In China, Southeast Asia And Taiwan In The Early S, The Story Is Told From A Chinese Perspective With One Notable Exception Nicklaus Blake, An Ambitious, Courageous, Reckless, Young Rancher From Colorado Who S Sent To Manage A Joint Venture In Tianjin, China In The Early S, China Was The Wild East, The Air Electric With Wheeling And Dealing, The Pace Of Development Unrivaled In Human History Upon His Arrival In Tianjin, Blake Is Thrust Into A World Of Polar Opposites That Challenge Him On Every Level Completely Inexperienced In Dealing With The Chinese Mentality, He Struggles From Day One To Assert His Authority Early On In The Story, His Life Is Forever Changed When He Meets Two Chinese Women Su Ming, His Extraordinarily Competent, Loyal Assistant Who Always Has His Best Interests At Heart And Li Ping, A High End Courtesan, A Fallen Woman, Absolutely Stunning, Exotic And Highly Versed In The Art Of Seduction, Who Uses Him To Escape From A Diabolical Gangster A Universal Tale, Pipe Dreams Takes The Reader On An Epic Journey From The Bustling Cities Of Northern China, To The Rainforests Of Southeast Asia, To Deep Inside The Shadowy World Of The Golden Triangle With Its Vicious Opium Trade The Region S History Is Reflected Through The Trials And Tribulations Of Its Colorful Cast Of Characters That Include Scheming Courtesans, Pathological Gangsters, Murderous Henchmen, A Cunning Business Tycoon, A Go Master, An Eccentric Herbal Doctor, A Mystical Alchemist, An Occult Priest Of The Black Arts, A Laotian Meditation Master, Burmese Drug Lords, Corrupt Government Officials, The Loyal Friend, The Devoted Assistant, The Inspired Artist, The Rebellious Playwright, The Dedicated Professor, The Taoist, Confucian, And Buddhist, And Mixtures Of All Three, As Is Common In China Composed Of Six Interwoven Plot Lines, Compelling Dialogue, And Suspenseful Drama, The Characters Conspire And Clash In The Pursuit Of Their Conflicting Ambitions Good And Evil Contend, Madness And Obsession Conspire, Recklessness And Heroism Risk All Caught In The Middle Of Hell Bent Rivalries, Blake Is Unaware That He S Courting Disaster At Every Turn In His Delusional Quest To Make His Mark In China, A Career Goal That Dramatically Morphs Midstream Into A Quixotic Life And Death Struggle To Rescue His True Love Full Of Twists And Turns, Pipe Dreams Entertains Readers With An Erotic, Action Packed, Heart Rending Tale Of Historical Fiction A Mystical, Psychological Journey At Times, The Narrative Keeps Readers Wondering How It All Turns Out Until The Final Word Ultimately, The Novel Questions Different Manifestations Of Love Love Of Power, Love Of Money, Love Of Drugs, Love Of Sex, Love Of Hate, And Love Itself Philosophical Realism Is At Work Here As These Questions Are Asked And Answered By The Characters Themselves The Reader Will Emerge From Pipe Dreams With A Sense Of China S Modern History And A Nuanced Appreciation For Its Extraordinarily Intelligent, Gifted, Formidable People The Subtext Deals With Contemporary Themes Such As Racism, Sexism, Authoritarianism, The Ritual Abuse Of Women, The Yawning Chasm Of East West Misunderstanding And The Possibilities For Reconciliation And Peaceful Co Existence Spiced Throughout With Darkness, Horror And Humor, The Cumulative Effect Is Very UpliftingThe Author Lived And Worked In The Far East For Years Pipe Dreams Is His Debut Novel

About the Author: Jeffrey Fischmann

I was born and raised in Los Angeles I moved to Asia in 1975 Besides a two year retreat in Sri Lanka, I lived and worked in Taiwan and Mainland China for 40 years Among the world s oldest books, the I Ching Book of Changes , brought me there Its symbols are on the oracle bones, the most ancient remnants of Chinese civilization, artifacts that pre date the Bible by several millennia This

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