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Factotum One Of Charles Bukowski S Best, This Beer Soaked, Deliciously Degenerate Novel Follows The Wanderings Of Aspiring Writer Henry Chinaski Across World War II Era America Deferred From Military Service, Chinaski Travels From City To City, Moving Listlessly From One Odd Job To Another, Always Needing Money But Never Badly Enough To Keep A Job His Day To Day Existence Spirals Into An Endless Litany Of Pathetic Whores, Sordid Rooms, Dreary Embraces, And Drunken Brawls, As He Makes His Bitter, Brilliant Way From One Drink To The NextCharles Bukowski S Posthumous Legend Continues To Grow Factotum Is A Masterfully Vivid Evocation Of Slow Paced, Low Life Urbanity And Alcoholism, And An Excellent Introduction To The Fictional World Of Charles Bukowski

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    There were times while reading this short novel that I had to stop and wonder if my aspiration to one day be the female Bukowski is either setting my sights too high or placing the bar too low And then I up and went to a bar, since I was reading this on the anniver

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    people like talking shit about charles bukowski on goodreads, it seems funny.i liked this book a lot henry chinaski is an asshole but he knows he s an asshole and simply accepts being an asshole everything seems detached and transient, nothing really matters to him, life is

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    I love this poem about the drunken Charles Bukowski, written by Raymond Carver, depicting fictional Buk speaking to a bunch of creative writing students, in You Don t Know What Love Is factotum describes someone who does a range of low level meaning low paid work This short novel I li

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    fac to tum fak t d m noun An employee who does all kinds of work Welcome Henry Chinaski, Bukowski s ever sarcastic, cynical, alcoholic and perpetually unemployed alter ego It s the 1940s, Chinaski had been rejected by the World War II drafts on account of his mental health, and he s sear

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    I have a sort of pre emptive dislike verging on loathing of Bukowski, which I think is rooted in my post adolescent rejection of and disillusionment with the Beat writers whom I absolutely adored in high school I ve never read Bukowski before, but I ve seen Barfly and Factotum on the screen

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    When the undercurrent of life starts to pull you away even struggling against it can take you further awaythis book is the perfect example of this.

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    What kind of job you looking for Stockboy, shipping clerk, janitor The denizens of Bukowski s fictional world encompass the marginalized chaff of mid 20thcentury America Barely a step ahead of abject vagrancy, Bukowski s protagonist and alter ego Henry Chinaski is the everyman of our species comfortable asking the bare mini

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    Ehsan shokraie .

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    Factotum an employee who does all kinds of work.Henry Chinaski an alter ego of Charles Bukowski was a special kind of factotum he was an employee who didn t want to do any kind of work I m a writer temporarily down on my inspirations Oh, a writer, eh Yes Are you sure No, I m not What do you write Short stories mostly And I m halfway through a no

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