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Sorceress Of Faith I read most of this series out of order but I think this is my favorite of them all Marian and her hamster Tuck always make me smile There something a bit compelling though in the story of the Sorcerers I thought then the Circlets and Marshalls.I admit that I wasn t sure if she really would choose to stay considering of all the ones I ve read she had the most compelling reason to return to earth And there was that moment with her brother that I totally teared up.But I was rather frustrated with the Darkness in the end I just felt like it was flat But not enough to stop reading or even rereading. In This Follow Up To Guardian Of Honor, The Sorcerers Of The Threatened World Of Llandrana Must Summon An Outsider For Help Yet Instead Of A Powerful Warrior, Grad Student Marian Harasta Arrives Through The Portal, Unaware Of Why She Was Chosen Or How She Has Magical Abilities The 2nd in what I guess to be a series of 6 or 7 Where the guardian of honor was a great introduction to the world of Lladrana, this book was an even poignant illustration of the conflict that each of the summoned must feel when asked to stay in Lladrana or retreat back to Exotique Terre Earth Another thoroughly enjoyable book from Robin D Owens. I love the hamster..The series is great. After the first book this was a real letdown I was waiting for another self confident female main character who can give as well as take Instead I got a whiny little good girl, who likes to martyr herself, because what else would a bookworm would do I actually only got to about 1 3 of the book, I just couldn t go on The dialogues were mechanic and forced, it all felt like that the character has to get somewhere, and in order to get her there, the author will just force the experiences on her Even though she is portrayed as a strong female with her own opinions, when she actually has to decide about anything, she has this wishy washy attitude I just wanted to hit her in the beginning, but after a hundred pages I was really hoping she would die And soon So I wouldn t have to suffer with her any.I can t say anything about the love interest, he wasn t really part of the first third of the book.As strong as the first book in this series was, this one is just as weak if not weaker , and even though each book is about a different person, the story connects them all, so I don t see the point in reading the others when I haven t read this one, but there is no way I can force myself to read any of this self sacrificing, bs martyrdom. There are some really creative, strong sci fi ideas in this book, and Owens writes sexual chemistry well But the rest of the book was a disappointment It seems that the book could have done with another revision, to tighten up plot lines and reveal story to the reader in a succinct way, rather than the obvious toss offs that characters happen to know. Robin D Owens continues the wonderful story of The Summoning in Sorceress of Faith Alexa has found her place in Llandrana, and now it s Marian s turn to be pulled into this world of magic and monsters Marian faces many challenges as she masters her magic and works to discover her task to complete in this world This book pulls you in and makes you believe the magic is real Some adult content. I enjoyed the book very much Can t wait to get the other ones. I liked the world she went to, but I had a hard time staying with this book I don t know why I found it slow Maybe I just wasn t in the mood for a fantasy right now. This second book in the Summoning series is probably my least favorite of the set Which isn t to say it is not an enjoyable book on its own merits Marion is an interesting protagonist, and you d think with her New Age leanings, I would feel the most drawn to her out of all the leads of this series She s bookish and infinitely curious and very, very powerful.Sadly for me, she s also quite practical, and I can t find myself relating much to her or her relationship with the love interest in this novel.The story progresses well in this second book, and we get new information that we need about the final battle coming at the end of the series The existing characters are fleshed out even , so that you find yourself wondering how many of them will be love interests in the coming books There s enough time in this series to flesh out the world and the relationships between even characters who stay secondary to the main plot the entire time I really appreciate that the time spent on all of that draws me into this world , and makes me emotionally invested in the outcomes.If you were a fan of the first book of this series, definitely read this one, and hang in there if it isn t quite your cup of tea The writing is still on point, and I can promise that the pacing picks up in the next books and gets even faster in book four and five , and there s still plenty that this series has left to show you.This and other reviews by me can be found at www.annaimber.com

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sorceress Of Faith book, this is one of the most wanted Robin D. Owens author readers around the world.

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