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Ancient promises Young And Vulnerable, Janu Gave Up Arjun, Her First Love, To Enter Into An Arranged Marriage Years Later, She Is Miserable, Having Been Gradually Shut Out By The Coldness Of Her Husband S Family And His Indifference To Her And Her Daughter S NeedsFinally She Flees To England To Escape The Loveless Union But At What Price To Herself And Those She Loves The Moving Story Of One Woman S Painful Journey Of Self Discovery, Ancient Promises Is About A Marriage, A Divorce, And Motherhood It Is About Why We Love And Lose, Sometimes Seeming To Have Little Control Over Our DestiniesAbout The AuthorJaishree Misra Is The Best Selling Author Of Ancient Promises, Accidents Like Love And Marriage And Afterwards She Lives In The United Kingdom

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    A book for the lion hearted.Is it worth having a heart ache with a book as a reason If yes, go for this one.The ups, downs and downs and ups is for sure to accelerate your heart beat and knock you down of your stable life style.There is nothing wrong, if the book makes you completely insane and keep you prayer bound chanting save the souls.Talk to you

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    Read the first page and you know this writer is a Keralite.A realistic story Easy narrative.As the cover says,the story is about a young girl s painful journey to self discovery and freedom.The novel describes the ways of Malayalees very accurately and I had the feeling of reading a Malayalam novel translated to English.The author lavishly uses Malayal

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    A page turner, this first book by Jaishree Mishra kept me hooked for a week of my commute time.The blurb on the book says A heartrending story of love and family loyalty Well, a not too unfamiliar theme A teenage romance, a loveless marriage, and a fortuitous reunion with the old love Sure, there are countless novels and movies on this theme Where the b

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    One of the best Indian writer I have came across This is a fine piece of autobiographic literature that you can t stop reading until the end Sometimes it will feel like a book translated from Malayalam because it really shows the essence of Kerala lifestyle A must read, I say.

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    If the book shelves of Indian libraries were organised by theme, it s fair to say that the section for books about unhappy arranged marriages would need many kilometers of shelving It s not a rare or unusual topic and I put off reading my copy of Ancient Promises for a long time thinking of the same old same old To some degree I wasn t entirely wrong in

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    A heart wrenching storylinean autobiography of the author herselfa story that one would wish that it never happened to anyone ever.Beautifully written.Two thumbs up to Jaishree Misra

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    Jaishree Misra a semi autobiographical work, Ancient Promises narrates the teajectories in the life of the protagonist Janaki allies Janu.It raises some very important questions regarding the view of society towards womanhood and disability, as in a country like India both are viewed as other Disabled women are doubly marginalized as they are female and bec

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    I picked this book up solely because it had been lying in my shelf for about 8 years and I needed to take a break from the usual genre I read which is Mythology I loved how the author details Delhi and Kerala in particular, the dialects, the local shops or markets, the characters and the mind of a newly married 18 year old The storyline is something we have

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    Jaishree Misra s debut book with a fresh narrative voice in comparison with the other novelists of her time An unforgettable story, told in first person narrative, Ancient Promises combines in its narrative strategy, romance, myth and social criticism Jane Austen succeeded in bringing irony in her novels, through interesting and poignant observations, which w

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    A neatly penned down narrative, about the so called traditions, family loyalty, and the sufferings of a newly married girl, that too at an younger age I felt nostalgic when I read about my homeland, Kerala Though it s her debut work,a semi autobiographical story, she could carry the reader with her heroine through out this book I m not going to describe the st

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