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The Diamond Sutra: The Perfection of Wisdom An Essential Text In Buddhism, The Diamond Sutra Also Called Vajra Cutter Sutra Is A Short Mahayana Sutra Of The Perfection Of Wisdom Genre, Which Teaches The Practice Of The Avoidance Of Abiding In Extremes Of Mental Attachment A Copy Of The Diamond Sutra, Found Among The Dunhuang Manuscripts In The Early Th Century, Is The Oldest Known Printed Book, With A Date Of

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    Red Pine s Translation Of The Diamond SutraThe Diamond Sutra is a spiritual treasure and a key text of Mahayana Buddhism Estimates for its date of composition range from the second century B.C to the third century A.D The original texts are in Chinese and Sanskrit There are

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    This translation is suspiciously comprehensible Normally when I read accurate sanskrit translations they are quite difficult to parse We probably have Kum raj va to thank for that the guy who translated the sanskrit into Chinese fluidly, and since no complete sanskrit version survive

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    A sutra is a summary of something which can be relatively easily memorized, kind of like a poem This is a discussion of a sutra of a gathering of Buddhists who are talking about philosophical issues For example, If there were as many rivers as there are grains of sand in the great river of Gan

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    The most profound piece of writing I have ever read

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    This book starts with a translation of the Diamond Cutter Perfection of Wisdom Sutra The rest includes some commentary of the author s own, with liberal quotations from other commentaries and from other Buddhist and Daoist writings that have something to do with the point The sutra is the Buddha s talk wit

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    fucking confusing and very scholarly and yet a very definitive exploration of this central buddhist text which is essentially a two thousand year old treaty on the theory of relativity and its application to the notion of saintliness and charity, contains both Sanskrit, Japanese and Chinese translations.

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    Can t review this one but recommend to everyone.

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    The Diamond Sutra is the sutra on non attachment or the perfection of wisdom That, of course, is putting it simply, as only Buddhists can do I studied this book on and off for 6 months and I will continue to come back to it as being definitive on the subject The gift this book gave me, was all the times it lead me to look something else up or

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    I feel hesitant to rate a Holy Scripture as two stars, but I feel like I would be doing an injustice to such scriptures as The Bodhicaryavatara which was a solid five stars in terms of insightful and profound works , by rating this any higher than a two It has some good teachings, but if you re looking for a scripture to blow you away, this isn t it.

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