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10 thoughts on “Down the Back of the Chair

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    Odd little verse story about an overwhelmed father who finds a succession of increasingly bizarre items "down the back of the chair" as he searches for his car keys. Although quite fanciful, the story is surprisingly realistic in aspects -- the grubbiness of the under-parented toddlers, for instance, and the anxiety of the older gi

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    Not sure why I wasn't more "into" this story. It's a neat little idea, but I guess I just found the things in back of the chair too much a collection of extraordinary misc. (really, elephants having a tea party!?) but perhaps that is the charm of the tale for young readers. (Also, I thought the dad looked a bit, um, scary; channeling a

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    "I've found my dreams," our father beams, "down the back of the chair."
    Yes, ok, after a lot of not nice stuff.
    I will never ever again even think about getting stuffed furniture. :shudder:

  4. says:

    Charming story about a family who find the solution to all their troubles (and a lot of other things, too!) "Down the Back of the Chair." Strange and quirky, but a great poem that flows easily and is fun to read. Our girls have borrowed this a few times from the library.

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    I read this book quite a lot through the years, I always loved Mahy's quirky style and found the rhyming fun to read .It was cleverly written, with all the funny and crazy stuff found at the back of the chair. The unique and colorful pictures also added a lot to the book, making it very enjoyable.

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    What's not to love about this crazy, funny story about all the weird and wonderful things that turn up stuffed down the back of Dad's favorite armchair! From a diamond ring to a spider, from a cake to a snake, from a lion to a dragon, the objects get ever more ridiculous. Until, finally, out comes Uncle Bill's will and moneybox to rescue the family from de

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    A down on their luck family finds all manner of things down the back of their family chair in this engaging picture book with a great use of verse and some quirky illustrations which remind me of Roald Dahl. It’s a simple premise but a clever one and hopefully would get children chatting about what they imagine. This is a great read for primary or elementary

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    This is one of my favourite books to read out loud. It's got a strong rhythm, lots of repetition and rhyming, and great use of alliteration, so it sounds fun. And the illustrations make it look fun too! What sorts of wonders can you discover if you look down the back of the chair?

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    A poignant reflection on material want, the persistence of hope, and the crap you lose in your upholstery. With a gloriously catchy and flawlessly implemented meter.

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    I can get on board with anything that rhymes, even if it's silly!

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