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The Otaku Encyclopedia: An Insiders Guide to the Subculture of Cool Japan Otaku Nerd Geek Or Fanboy Originates From A Polite Second Person Pronoun Meaning Your Home In Japanese Since The S It S Been Used To Refer To People Who Are Really Into Japanese Pop Culture, Such As Anime, Manga, And Videogames A Whole Generation, Previously Marginalized With Labels Such As Geek And Nerd, Are Now Calling Themselves Otaku With PrideThe Otaku Encyclopedia Offers Fascinating Insight Into The Subculture Of Cool Japan With Over Entries, Including Common Expressions, People, Places, And Moments Of Otaku History, This Is The Essential A To Z Of Facts Every Japanese Pop Culture Fan Needs To Know Author Patrick W Galbraith Has Spent Several Years Researching Deep Into The Otaku Heartland And His Intimate Knowledge Of The Subject Gives The Reader An Insider S Guide To Words Such As Moe, Doujinshi, Cosplay And Maid Cafes In Depth Interviews With Such Key Players As Takashi Murakami, Otaku Expert Okada Toshio, And J Pop Idol Shoko Nakagawa Are Interspersed With The Entries, Offering An Even Penetrating Look Into The Often Misunderstood World Of Otaku Dozens Of Lively, Colorful Images From Portraits Of The Interview Subjects To Manga Illustrations, Film Stills And Photos Of Places Mentioned In The Text Pop Up Throughout The Book, Making The Otaku Encyclopedia As Entertaining To Read As It Is Informative The I read about Japanese pop culture, the less I understand it Idoru, maid cafes, Lolitas, boy love, yikes It s so female oriented and female objectifying Japanese culture can be very subtle so I m sure I m missing something here Still, a handy resource to peruse if you re curious about Japan s pop culture, and even if you re already an aficionado you might discover something new. I bought this for my otaku daughter s 11th birthday, but thought I d better preview it for unduly squicky material which it turns out to have in abundance It s not in bad taste, but it definitely covers EVERY aspect of Japanese fandom, and some of those are almost certainly beyond her comfort level I ll keep it and let her look things up in it if she wants to, but I m not going to wrap a ribbon around it and give it to her saying Here, learn about Japanese sex dolls and guys who have crushes on prepubescent cartoon characters, Honey There s a difference between not forbidding something and actively pushing it at your kid, so However, it wasn t money wasted, because this stuff really is fascinating and I m enjoying reading it myself From influential anime films to maid cafes, fan created manga to pop idols, girls with blingy cell phones and white eye makeup to collectible robot figurines, it s a wide and wonderful world out there Well written, only occasionally slipping into overt geekiness, this is a great guide to Japanese pop subcultures We re tentatively planning a trip to Japan in the spring, and this is giving me tons of ideas for things not to miss, and a little window of understanding into what we might find there. Excellent book My first of this year and I hope, of many to come I have considered myself an otaku wannabe for a while, but after reading this book, I realized that it was a huge joke Otakus are seriously into it. It is not a mere hobby I am of a manga wota Johnny wota.This encyclopedia is very complete, it covers from manga to anime video games to idoru There are great pictures about idorus, places, dolls and figures, but also some of them are very sexual It also includes interviews with some connoisseurs of different fields maid, anime, cosplay, etc , some crimes that occurred with an otaku as the perpetrator.It is like this opened my eyes I have always found Japan a fascinating culture, but several times I was thinking this is so crazy the dolls the different kind of maids certain fetishes WOW.I loved this book PG 18 The Otaku Encyclopedia is exactly as advertised, an encyclopedia devoted to all things otaku While the word otaku has not become mainstream vernacular, for people who are well versed in things originating in Japan or in global subculture, the word is familiar and, interestingly, becoming quite cool It is interesting because the term, in Japanese, conveys quite the opposite of cool even if the obsessive pursuits of seriously devoted fans of a complex and, often, slightly deranged medium become popular, it is the slightly disapproving public perception of the pursuit that separates the otaku from a mere fan For every fan of games, anime, manga, idols, dolls, and related hobbies, only the devoted otaku transcend from a passive consumer to active participant.Patrick Galbraith s book is, no doubt, an encyclopedia It provides an alphabetical dictionary to all things otaku But unlike most other encyclopedia s, it is one that is actually quite readable in its entirety, from A to Z Not only for its short interviews with a handful of some of the people noted for their contributions to otaku history and culture, but the definitions themselves provide a great deal of information for those who are trying to understand contemporary Japan and, particularly, the Cool Japan movements that are being promoted by the Japanese government and many others.Even though the subject matter may seem juvenile, risque, and somewhat frivolous to some, it is very informative and useful for any student of contemporary Japan Even if you are not interested in otaku pursuits, some understanding of these phenomenon is critical to knowing modern Japan and planning the way forward

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