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Kiklop This is supposed to be one of the most important Croatian modernist novels, and I can see why It is so multi layered and interwined that it is really a polyphonous cacophony of voices Characters are very qoutable and psychology behind them is explored to the deapths All characters are somewhat grotesque and degenerated, in one way or the other At some point, you begin to question the sanity of the main character, but you are not really sure is he insane or are everyone around him insane, so he just looks insane Therefore, you start questioning everything he says Forther, dialogues feel so real, and yet they are so grotesque Everyone who thinks this is just an anti war novel needs to think again This book is essentially anti people, anti society in general Society is presented as a degenerated carnival madhouse, and that reading experience is sometimes hillarious and sometimes frightening. I simply could not get into this book. Roman Ija Se Radnja Zbiva U Zagreba Koj Sredini Uo I Drugog Svjetskog Rata I Na Njegovu Po Etku, A U Sredi Tu Autorova Interesa Su Krugovi Intelektualaca, Poluintelektualaca I Umjetnika, Izbezumljenost I Izgubljenost Itave Jedne Generacije Glavni Lik, Melkior, Novinski Je Kriti Ar Koji Pro Ivljava Mu Ne Dane O Ekuju I Poziv U Vojsku I Trape I Se Pritom Te Kim Postom, Ne Bi Li Tako, Postigav I Iscrpljenost I Asteniju, Izbjegao Regrutaciju Kre E Se Sredi Tem Zagreba, Posje Uju I Svoju Redakciju, Odre Ene Kavane I Ljubavnicu Enku, Te Borave I U Podstanarskoj Sobici Sa Svojim Uglavnom Novinarskim Dru Tvom, On Provodi No I U Pijanim I Cini Kim Raspravama Zaljubljen Je U Izvjesnu Vivijanu, Koja Ima Mnoge Ljubavnike, Ali Njega Zaobilazi Duh Mu Je Zaokupljen Pitanjima O Krivnji, Budu Nosti I Ljudo Derstvu Ubrzo Nakon To Je Ipak Regrutiran, Dospijeva U Bolnicu, A Potom U Ludnicu, Ali Uskoro Biva Pu Ten I Iz Vojske, I Iz Ludnice Nakon Izlaska Ophrva Ga Jo Ve A Praznina I Strah, A Njegova Du Evna I Duhovna Dezintegriranost Kulminira Kad Rat Ve Bjesni, A Njegov Prijatelj Maestro Po Ini Samoubojstvo i had a lot to say about this book when i finished it 3 weeks ago but then i didn t log onto this site and forgot what i was going to type because i m fat stupid and short of breath sort of reminded my of celine i guess, but also other stuff anyway if you re interested in european modernism then czech this out haha, he s really a croat tho. When I was in 1st grade of high school, the older ones were saying to me that this book is so tough to read, and I always thought Oh my, what s waiting for me Then came my turn to read this book Honestly,I totally enjoyed since the first page I used to read so many books about the life during the WW2 in some big cities like Paris, London, etc but finally I found the first book which place and rime of action were situated in my hometown I was able to feel all that melancholy and ZOO polis term and idea on very very familiar places An author brought all that prewar atmosphere and states of mind of very interesting characters so realistic that I found myself in one awkward moment of weird nostalgia Which I never felt again in some other book with similar theme I definitely recommend this book to anyone It s not easy to read like reading the book during Sun bathing on the beach , takes a lots of time to thinking, but if I have to summarize this in 1 word masterpiece V lku nen vid t Okolo Kyklopa som chodil roky Kedysi d vno som ho za al ta , no odlo il som ho, lebo vod ne tajte ak nem te as a n ladu na hranie sa so slovami Ten vod je v ak predzves ou toho, o pr de Opulentn hostina jazyka s ostrou pr chu ou rakije na jeho pi ke. Protivojnov rom n vejk skr en z Alexanderplatzom ryvky z nov n, obsedantne absurdn st tie na rohoch kaviarn a pre apovanie z nohy na nohu na spoplatnenej v he invalida.Magick , v emocn ATMA.Nech je to ktoko vek N P n, i sama Pani Vojna, i ivot s m a osamel , ktor cynicky komentuje nesmel ot zky hlavn ho hrdinu.Melkior hladuje,hlod ,nesp , nikam nepatr a t la sa Z hrebom, h ad sp sob ako sa vyhn vojenskej slu be, ke aj tak Vojna d cha spoza rohov k ukat ch uli iek Nezanedb iadny k t, nikoho, kto svetom kr a.Pitoreskn labyrint z post v z ktor ch ani jedna nie je pozit vna, v etky s u mi so v etk m t m, o by lovekom znamen.V etko je udsk a ka d veta z knihy je malou rozko ou z tania Najlep preklad ktor sa mi dostal do r k V born kniha, ktor pod a m a obsahuje v etko to, o v born kniha m v sebe ma No ne akajte ahk tanie Reflected in the pale glass window, among the shoes on display, was Melkior s thin, unprepossessing silhouette, a poorly built city dweller The slanting image reflected in the shop window triggered a crafty sneer inside Melkior, and the word mobilization suddenly found itself in autumn mud churned by a squelching olive drab monotony of dejected strangers on some endless trek there was the bluster of angry sergeants, the tired voice of sodden boots, and the mysterious word aide de camp Here was born a fear of the new events around him the driver bound for Apatin to drive a tankacross our mountainous countryOh for a mountain and a forest in which to go quiet and still like an insect curled deep inside the bark of an indestructible tree I m not hereand to live, to liveHow to conceal ones existence, steal from the world one s traitorous body, take it off to some endless isolation, conceal it in a cocoon of fear, insinuate oneself into a temporary death This is the test of our fair narrator can Melkior starve himself to avoid being called to military duty in World War II Filled with literary allusions galore from Dante to Joyce, Shakespeare to Dosteyvesky Cyclops is a vertiginous journey into the mind of a tortured man whose mind is unraveling from lack of food and sleep Published in 1965 and set in the forties of the Former Yugoslavia, Cyclops is Marinkovic s version of literary realism so acute and ego maniacal there is no escaping for the reader The reader can only revel in his death defying acts of prose, no small thanks to Vlada Stojiljkovic s amazing translation This is a classic taught in Croatian schools and with good reason Marinkovic addresses the threat of human loss and sacrifice in the name of nationalism but also our own detachment from the cost of war when we are not directly involved.Melkior wanders the streets of Zagreb, lost in his own surreal musings dipped in paranoia His own interactions with his gaggle of boho friends and his starving dream states flow into one another until it becomes difficult to know what reality is As he makes himself the star of the Odyssey and his friends replace Homer s other characters in his hallucinations, the danger of Polyphemus The Cyclops looms and threatens to devour them all The parallels between society s own contradictions about war and Melkior s friends drinking themselves into a stupor literally and figuratively on their own intellectual antics shows itself throughout the fast paced narrative Above all, Melkior, a part time theater critic, and his motley group of friends are poetic cynics who see no hope in anything but their own wittiness and pleasure seeking pastimes as they sit around downing booze at their local bar, the Give n Take. Although this is not an easy book, it s wildly entertaining, full of original characterizations and hilarious, biting prose Long live the idiot That is the safest kind of mimicry life can offer a being of its creation From his vantage point the idiot watches history run its course without the danger of getting caught up in the action, just as we cry as we watch a film playing in the cinema We mourn fictitious travails, while it s only an idiot who laughs at genuine deaths He jeers at life from his safe vantage point, taking his revenge for being rejected, smug at being spared Life has chosen Intelligence for its games, it does not use idiots to make history It has chosen geniuses for grand words on the cross, at the guillotine, at the gallows, facing the barrels of guns, in front of nations cheering the Brutuses and Caesars alike An idiot ceded the cup of poison to Socrates An idiot ceded to Danton the glory of being decapitated by history And then made it up to him by producing a marble bust of his head and raising it on a square as an example for future generations Whereas the idiot wears his head with a strange grimace of disgust, as if he had long understood everything, sneered derisively, and stopped time in the rigid folds of his mindless face Love live the idiot There are so many literary allusions that you may wonder if you can possibly have read all the works he throws into his narrative stew Yet, there is a conscious effort to avoid the reader getting close enough to experience Melkior s fear, instead choosing the have the reader bear witness to his descent into paranoia and isolation It s an epic that hangs its hat on pessimism, social commentary, and the personal, societal and philosophical wreckage of war I couldn t help but think of Celine s work while I read this in particular, Journey to the End of the Night and Normance both filled with the same disdain and realism of war Cyclops doesn t give us the bravery and courage of the stereotyped patriot, but the very human fear of a man lost in his own life and fearful of a fate he knows he can t avoid. Ne znam kada sam se zadnji put toliko namu ila da pro itam neku knjiguumjetni ka vrijednost Kiklopa je nepobitna, ali nije mi bio lagan za pro itati Marinkovi ostvaruje svoje talente u ovom romanu, oboga uje rije i zna enjem, stvara svijet obojen ironijom, cinizmom, promi ljanjem koje je beskompromisno, naglo, upornoTragikomedija prerasta esto i u ne to sasvim mra no, poraz ljudskog duha i roda Glavni lik poku ava na i neki smisao i ne uspijeva ili uspijeva tragi no Djelo je ovo koje je li eno svakog idealizma, ali i nade Istra uje mra ne dijelove ljudskog dru tva, govori o raznoraznim slabostima Humor je prisutan i to ve inom crn Drago mi je da sam pro itala Kiklopa sada, a ne u srednjoj koli jer sumnjam kako bi tada i ta shvatila Mo da bi i sada voljela da se mogu ne poistovjetiti sa pesimizmom prisutnim u djelu, ali mogu, jako dobro zapravo, vjerojatno mi ga zato i nije bilo lako itati Mo da ga pro itam jo koji put kada budem sadisti ki raspolo ena alu na stranu, Kiklop zaista obiluje zna enjima, konotacijama, aluzijama na na in koji se rijetki na e.Mislim kako u ipak vi e voljeti Marinkovi a u kra im proznim oblicima Njegove pripovijetke su mi genijalne Iako su u njima prisutni mnogi sli ni elementi kao i u Kiklopu, bolje su mi sjele To je moje osobno mi ljenje Mislim kako se ne radi tu samo o broju stranica Kiklop mi se ini.jednostavno te kim Mo da nekome ne e biti te ko itati tih 400 tinjak stranica, ali meni je bilo Samo zbog toga jedna zvijezdica manje, ina e mislim da se radi o odli nom djelu. Te ke droge. Radnja ovog romana smje tena je pred sam dolazak II Svjetskog rata na ove prostore, a u sredi tu je egzistencijalna drama Melkiora Tresi a, zagreba kog knji evnika i knji evnog kriti ara Kako bi izbjegao vojsku on se osu uje na izgladnjivanje i lutanje po zagreba kim ulicama i kavanama Tu uglavnom razmi lja o svojoj sudbini, svjedo i dolasku rata i vodi intelektualne diskusije sa Maestrom, Ugom i Don Fernandom Ipak, dobiva poziv za vojsku, a ubrzo nakon toga dospijeva u ludnicu.Fabula romana mogla bi se prepri ati u svega nekoliko re enica Ono to ovaj roman ini jednim od najboljih djela novije hrvatske knji evnosti jeste intertekstualnost, odnosno referiranje na neka djela svjetske knji evnosti, propitivanje identiteta u tim predratnim godinama i paranoje sa kojima se bori glavni lik Melkior Roman je sazdan od fragmenata pa je tako prvo ili uvodno poglavlje ustvari pripovijetka koja je uvr tena u njegovu novelisti ku zbirku Ruke Posebno me se dojmila teorija o tzv.preventivnoj dehumanizaciji koju iznosi Don Fernando i opis Zagreba tih godina ili Zoopolisa kako ga Marinkovi naziva i opisuje Pretvaranje ljudi u ivotinje, a dolazak rata kao mitsko bi e Kiklop koje pro dire sve pred sobom.

About the Author: Ranko Marinković

Ranko Marinkovi 22 February 1913 28 January 2001 was a Croatian novelist and dramatist.Born in Komi a on the island of Vis then a part of Austria Hungary , Marinkovi s childhood was marked by World War I He later earned a degree in philosophy from the University of Zagreb In the 1930s, he began to make his name in Zagreb literary circles with his plays and stories.His career was interrupt

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