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The ABC Murders Popular Ebook, The ABC Murders By Agatha Christie This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The ABC Murders, Essay By Agatha Christie Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Arthur Hastings came to Great Britain He visited Poirot and was just in time to see an anonymous letter the great detective received Somebody was boasting that he she could commit such a perfect crime that even Poirot himself cannot solve it Even the date and place of crime was given The person signed the letter as A.B.C On the designated day Alice Asher of Andover was killed There was a train schedule published by A.B.C company by he dead body.The next letter Poirot received was even humiliating The date came and Betty Bernard of Bexhill was killed She also had the train schedule on her body And so the hunt for a mad serial killer began Police mobilized its forces, Poirot exercised his grey cells really hard all to prevent a crime in Churston.Up to this moment most of Poirot cases dealt with limited number of suspects on a train stuck in the middle of nowhere, on an archeological expedition in the middle of nowhere, in a remote mansion in the middle of nowhere, etc Here the suspects constituted the whole Great Britain Thanks to the restless work by both police and Poirot himself the circle of suspects became narrower and narrower It was fascinating following the clues and seeing Poirot s wild guesses became confirmed This book feels and reads like a modern serial killer thriller The only big difference is that it is intelligent thriller It does not assume its readers to be retards and thus does not rely on cheap thrills Poirot is great as usual Hastings is hopelessly dumb as usual The policemen while not geniuses are at least competent and professional It would not be a great surprise if I say the rating is 4 stars Oh, and if you think in any Agatha Christie story the suspect is the most obvious person around, you really need to read. Aggie, you wily old bird You got me again The A.B.C Murders, Agatha ChristieThe A.B.C Murders is a work of detective fiction by British writer Agatha Christie, featuring her characters Hercule Poirot, Arthur Hastings and Chief Inspector Japp, as they contend with a series of killings by a mysterious murderer known only as A.B.C The book was first published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club on 6 January 1936 The form of the novel is unusual, combining first person narrative and third person narrative This approach was famously pioneered by Charles Dickens in Bleak House, and was tried by Agatha Christie in The Man in the Brown Suit What is unusual in The A.B.C Murders is that the third person narrative is supposedly reconstructed by the first person narrator of the story, Arthur Hastings This approach shows Christie s commitment to experimenting with point of view, exemplified by The Murder of Roger Ackroyd 2014 1392 278 I try to get my math students to read mysteries, because the logical skills of finding a pattern and using inductive and deductive reasoning are often skillfully laid out If you ve read this book, you know why its one that I use to illustrate that point in my class Sadly, the point is underappreciated by my high school students. My musings to follow later, but a great detective story.At Christmas 2018 I watched the latest televised version of this wonderful story starring John Malkovich as Hercule Poirot Now in my opinion if I hadn t known it was meant to be Poirot I wouldn t have guessed It was a good and enjoyable tv detective story but in my view it was way too dark and brooding to be a Poirot And having just finished this book for the first time, I think that my view of the TV show has been reinforced, it was enjoyable, but it was far too dark to be a Poirot and there were far too many changes versus the book for it to be a Poirot And lets be honest John Malkovich as Hercules Poirot, NO.Ok and on to the book, This was a really enjoyable Poirot mystery, with him involved right from the start as the recipient of a poison letter foretelling murder He and Hastings back home briefly from his ranch are intrinsic to the investigation Japp appears occasionally but the police presence is many filled through the book by a young superior Police Inspector from Scotland Yard.As anyone who knows the story will know, it dashes around England, with Poirot doing the minimum of travelling but mostly using his little grey cells in London It is wonderfully crafted with just the right amount of mystery and intrigue, in short it a fabulous example of a murder mystery, and a solid 4.5 stars rounded down to 4 well at the moment it is, I might round it up if I feel so moved. The book starts off with a methodical, serial killer sending Hercule Poirot a letter of a future murder Did a person just die and how do they find the victim Enter the mind of the great Agatha Christie.I loved that Agatha Christie went in a completely new direction with this plot She usually does a singular murder, not a manhunt on stopping a serial killer.The last part of the book made this a 4 star book for me It was lagging in the middle for me I didn t think the serial killer was who we were expecting it to be and I m glad I stuck it out The mystery of the killer was not so obvious I had a feeling that AC would try to fool me because of the past books that I ve read She s clever like that.I had my suspicions of who it was at about 85% in the book and when Poirot started stating all the facts at the end, I did a fist bump I love how AC can take a murder mystery and put all the facts and assumptions together seamlessly.Her brain is brilliant and she s the GOAT of mysteries Hahaha My review of the actual story is over here Murder Go Round Thirteen at Dinner, The A.B.C Murders, Funerals are FatalSO DON T ANYONE SNARK AT ME ABOUT THIS POST I LL DELETE YOUR POST IMMEDIATELY.2019 UPDATE I watched the Prime 3 part adaptation It wasn t at all bad I still think of Suchet as Poirot, but wasn t distracted by Malkovich in the role as I worried I might be His Poirot is very different from the canonical one Not bad, please understand, just different his moustaches are infinitely preferable to the pogonotical heresy sported by Branagh in the recent feature film of Murder on the Orient Express.There is a new, and divisive, backstory to the character Malkovich s Belgian accent is superior to almost all the preceding efforts the production was possessed of some annoying to me anachronisms eg, a Woody Herman tune from 1939 being used in a 1933 setting, a china pattern I know from my years selling the stuff was introduced in 1960 but overall was beautifully conceived to convey the despair of the time.I was inspired by the series to zip through the book again, and found it to be one of the top quality Christie efforts Hastings, our narrator, has just returned from South America he delivers us the the story with all the verve of Boswell reporting on Johnson s aper us Hastings is also, in the way of informing the reader, attempting to put himself in the head of the killer It s not the ordinary run of the mill technique used in the Poirot books and I, for one, am pleased that s the case It s not unsuccessful, exactly, to tell the story this way It s obtrusive, and calls attention to the story as being told So there one is, listening to one s rather dull cousin talking about how clever someone else is It s not the smoothest reading experience, but it s quite effective as used in this particular story.I was again struck by the great usefulness of Hastings as a narrator, and am sad to report that he is absent from this filmed version Inspector Japp s fate, dealt with here in a cursory way, is at variance from the book Cust s issues and their resolution are very much changed for no particular reason that I can see and Rupert Grint s Inspector Crome is a nasty little man, eaten alive by jealousy and petty grievance It was actually a perfect foil for Malkovich s performance So I ll eat my 2018 words and say this isn t an unnecessary and unwanted remake of the Suchet era version which, if I m honest, isn t all that It s a different, darker, and curiously unpleasant take on a top flight Christie novel 2018 UPDATE There s yet another unnecessary, unwanted remake of this book into a 3 part miniseries being made John Malkovich will appear as Poirot, which is as ludicrous as that Brannagh dude and his mustachios appearing in the unnecessary, unwanted remake of Murder on the Orient Express that carbuncled itself onto screens last year.Rupert Grint, of Harry Potter fame, will also appear Prime will stream in the US, though I m not sure about international markets End of this year Why they can t leave it with David Suchet, who filmed all the Poirot stories in 25 years as the little Belgian, I cannot fathom He was Poirot annoyed sigh Back when I had an Audible subscription I acquired 2 literature courses and one of them is called The Secrets of Great Mystery and Suspense Fiction It is a history of the genre and its many ramifications There are quite a few books mentioned and I am planning to read most of them as they appear in the lectures Since Agatha Christie is one of the most important personalities in the history of Crime fiction among Poe, Doyle, Hammett and Chandler her works are extensively present in these lectures The first novel I encountered by her is the ABC murders and this is why I decided to read it as my 2nd Christie I doubt anyone contests her talent to write amazing, clever, twisting crime novels Time passed well over the pages of her works and I feel that they will continue to be enjoyed many years from now She managed to surprise me this time as well and I enjoyed the reveal at the end although I had intuited who the murderer was This time, Hercule Poirot faces a direct challenge from a serial killer He is sent letters from the perpetrator announcing in advance where the murders will take place As the title suggest, the killer chooses his her victims and crime location in alphabetic order I enjoyed reading this little book and my only regret was that I had no time to absorb it in one go and had to settle for a few pages day My next Christie will probably be The murder of Roger Akcroyd. One of the most engrossing Poirot stories It has a great beginning and as the plot progresses you stay glued trying to make a sense of it all Tantalizingly, clues are scattered loosely to off track you And then finally with a flourish Poirot reveals the murderer you are left gaping at the cleverness of author in steering such a plot I loved Poirot s quote at the end but for myself I consider your crime not an English crime at all not above board not sporting

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