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Tempestuous Relations This is a down and dirty short story with a great plot and delicious taboo elements that are great for a quick read at work during your break or at lunch Just don t blame me if you return back to your desk with a grin on your face and quizzical look on your coworker s faces Summary Dominic Mackenzie isn t too proud to take advantage of the local gloryhole As far as he s concerned, there s nothing better than a warm, wet mouth without any strings attached It s only by accident that he discovers the shocking identity of the man on his knees Once the secret s out, then all bets are off What I liked about this book I really liked the way Amanda Young wove this story s plot so well into the fabric of the story that as it starts to unravel you re going, I knew it but still glad about your assumption Kind of like a kid bouncing up and down as he opens the Christmas present he shook the night before and finds the toy he KNEW would be in there Can t go wrong with twincest gloryhole porn, can you Excerpt Upon entering the bathroom, Dom was relieved to find it seemingly deserted Amid the pungent aromas of sweat, piss, and cum, he quickly made his way to the back and slipped inside the last stall on the left Although the room remained silent, a pair of scuffed sneakers could be seen beneath the panel separating his compartment from the next.A shiver crept down his spine and lodged in his balls as he thought about what might happen in the near future Things would either go well, as they had in the past, or he would find himself in a fantastically bad situation If word of this spot had gotten out since the last time he d come by, there was every likelihood that he might get his ass arrested He could easily imagine a police sting being arranged to capture all the deviant men like himself who took advantage of a little anonymous action within the rest area s semiprivate environment Although it wouldn t be the first time he d found himself on the wrong side of the law, he didn t relish the thought of being hauled in to the police station for lewd behavior The rumor mill would decimate him faster than any outlandish charges the court system slung his way.Nevertheless, he wasn t about to turn back now His dick was like steel inside his jeans It knew what was up and wouldn t accept any less than the warm, wet mouth that had serviced him so well in recent months Actually, for all he knew it might be different men.Frankly, he didn t want to attach a face with the mouth that sucked him off That would make the dude too real As it stood, Dom could come in, blow his load, and leave He didn t have to make small talk or any of the inane gestures that came with meeting someone and trying to get into their pants.Dom turned to face the dividing wall A lewd hole the size of an orange was carved in the metal to the left of the broken toilet paper holder He tapped his foot, impatience welling inside him as he waited for the stranger to make his move.After only a moment, a slim finger with a square, trimmed nail appeared through the hole and made a come hither motion Not wasting any time, Dom unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out through the fly He gave himself a nice hard stroke from root to tip, stepped forward, and slid his erection through the hole. Well, I popped my twincest cherry with this short PWP, but because it lacked a plot, I don t feel like I got the full effect I think I d need to read the next book where their secret gets out to really experience the whole taboo feeling about their relationship.I thought the way these two started their sexual relationship was very interesting and creatively done I haven t come across that scenario in a book before.The sex was hot, but for me not because they were twins I can t say I ve ever fantasized about twins getting it on, especially identical twins, and I m still not sure I understand the appeal I d like to find a book that really explores how the twin bond could turn into something sexual, and all the angst that would go along with it I d probably want them to be fraternal twins, though, because where s the fun in them both looking alike Dominic Mackenzie Isn T Too Proud To Take Advantage Of The Local Gloryhole As Far As He S Concerned, There S Nothing Better Than A Warm, Wet Mouth Without Any Strings Attached It S Only By Accident That He Discovers The Shocking Identity Of The Man On His Knees Once The Secret S Out, Then All Bets Are OffWarning This Title Contains M M Sex And Twincest Well, this checked the porny twincest box rather nicely Full of cliches, full of annoyances his lover, his seed, cheesy dialogue, chanting each other s names at the moment of orgasm, but guess what Yep, I can overlook all that, cos it s hot.Yum, yum, pigs bum.ETA oh, and I forgot, briny tasting precum gag But yeah, still hot. 2.7 Stars.Ridiculously hot mental image Twins just do it for me in every waybut the book wasn t long enough and as such there wasn t enough emotional content and depth of story I think it needed to delve a little into the why of their attraction I mean, one of the twins stated it wasn t a weird narcissistic fetish , but if not that then what Sure, objectively each would view the other as hot but that s just not enough Their mom dad are gone, so they only knew how to go on by relying on each other became each others whole world in the process Then OMG explore the hell out of that Are identical twins and as such originated from the same ova so they feel like there s a constant yearning ache, they have always been missing something, that their twin is the other half of their soul YES Okay, go with that and show us HOW Please, do that one I like that one best Maybe the next book will be detailed, have substance I hope it has the hot TwinSex, too, of course A fetish I am 100% on board for and absolutely okay with in every way It s a taboo with only cultural limits not biological ones as they re gay so no inbreeding and whatnot Shrug Overall book rating 1.5Audio Book N ABook Cover 2 To me, something like this needs at least a little connection This was perhaps too short to convey it the way I would like. Meh.Parts of this were hot, parts of it just simply a little creepy But what do you expect with Twincest Creepier still, were lines like this Together they pushed and pulled, working as one towards a common goal.Common goal Really This is an m m twincest book not a business report.Expect pwp and practically no dialogue other than moans and you ll get through this one ok. This was a very short twin bros incest story I think it was pretty hot But I just wish it would ve given a bit of a background into who these characters truly are Maybe if the book was a bit longer it could ve gone there. This short involves twincest so definitely NOT for everyone One of the taboo things that I have reluctance to The fact that this is coming from Amanda Young is the only reason that I m willing to try I guess I sort of exploring to the dark side with m m genreHonestly, even with the twincest issue, this story is really good and tender I believe in the love between the two brothers It sort of reminds me of this short movie of another incest, Starcrossed , which is as beautiful This is another twincest story and so probably no up for everyone out there I actually don t mind read them, as I said, probably due to the simple fact that, being both men, there is no chance of an unwilling pregnancy that could be quite risky And so, for me, a twincest has a reason to be if the two men involved are in love, and I don t believe it s so hard that it happens between identical twins, as one of the two men in this story thinks in his mind, it s like loving yourself, a modern version of Narcissus Plus Dominic e Mason, the two twins, have one reason to be in love of each other, they have been always two alone against the world abandoned by their mother when they were still children, abused by their father, Dom and Mason went away to find their path as soon as possible, always together, always relying on each other They have also one another thing in common, other than the physical appearance, they are both gay, and they live in a small town USA where it s not so easy to find a partner Or at least so they tell to themself, maybe to hide another truth they are in love with each other but that love is forbidden Of the two, Mason was the first to realize the truth the shyest and smaller of the two, he was also the one for whom was always easy find a boyfriend But Mason is hiding behind his easiness he is in love with Dom and he knows that, and he is searching to replace his brother in his heart with other men When that doesn t happen, Mason finds a way to have at least something from Dom anonymous sex in a bathroom, with Dom that doesn t know who is on the other side of an hole in the wall But when Dom finds out the true, it s time also for him to finally recognize that truth why he has never had a steady relationship Why does he always compare other men to his brother This is only a short story, barely a night in the life of the two brother, but it s a very intensive and changing life experience I like that the author tried to give an explanation to the two brothers love for each other other than a sex thing The story has a bit of background, but due to the length, it has not a future evolution the twins and the reader know that it will be not simple for them, but we don t know, or read, what will happen It s left to the reader s imagination.

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