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Wild Within (Bonded Fantasy, #1) BookYou Were All I Had No One But You Can Understand Those Words Choices KarRa Never Had Any In The Dark Slums Survival Was A Daily Struggle For Food And Water But The One Thing KarRa Did Have Was Rylan She D Always Had Rylan, From The First He Was All She Really Needed Then Rylan Made A Choice That Almost Destroyed Her She Had No Choice Except To Survive Without Him She Learned, But She Never Stopped Loving Him You Left And No One But You Can Understand That Then Comes The Day Foretold, When Rylan Has To Face His Beast Heritage If He Wants To Live His Destiny Requires KarRa S Blind Sacrifice She Was Ready To Face Any Fate, Except The One They Offer Rylan For The First Time A Girl From The Streets Has Choices Laid At Her Feet To Start Fresh, Alone, Or To Forgive, To Trust, To Love When Life Is About Than Just Survival, It Gets ComplicatedContents Multiple Partners, Voyeurism

About the Author: Mima

Mima lives in a small village on the Erie Canal in the Finger Lakes of NY Her passport is tattered and well stamped, and her cats are fat and happy.

10 thoughts on “Wild Within (Bonded Fantasy, #1)

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    This book reminds me a little of the series with a little of thrown in It s fantasy than paranormal Rylan and KarRa have been together since they were 6 Her love for him has matured to a intimate l

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    The DRC of Alpha Within left me unbalanced, but I was intrigued enough to buy and read Wild Within There s no doubt I like this that its sequel First, it s not pure erotica, there are only a couple of sex sc

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    An enjoyable read You have to go into it knowing that this is meant to be an easy, quick read At times I felt like I wasn t quite following a piece of dialogue well and would have to backtrack to understand what was i

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    This is a magical fantasy medieval style world, first of seven books.It is a continuing saga of the Truxet beasts and the City Guilds humans and all the dangers when the Trux need women and the City Guilds trade women reluctan

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    What a gread little story Mima continues to delight me with her writing I am looking forward to reading this whole series I connected with the characters, was drawn into the story, and most importantly, I was constantly fanning myself

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    So the H loved the h so much that he banged other women, lived with them, tried to make babies with them And he tried to set the h up with other men If this is this author s idea of romantic love then I want no part of it DNF.

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    Very interesting world There were some very exciting parts and some parts where it slowed Overall I m very interested in reading the next book and it comes HIGHLY recommended.

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    I felt like the author was trying too hard to be mystical I couldn t get into it at all.

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    I have no words for this book other than its ok.

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    Wow That was really good, very emotionally satisfying.

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