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Everlasting Sailing Aboard Her Father S Ship Is All Seventeen Year Old Camille Rowen Has Ever Wanted But As A Lady In San Francisco, Her Future Is Set Marry A Man She Doesn T Love In Order To Preseve Her Social Standing On Her Last Voyage Before The Wedding, Camille Learns The Mother She Has Always Believed Dead Is In Fact Alive And In Australia When Their Sydney Bound Ship Goes Down In A Gale, And Her Father Dies, Camille Sets Out To Find Her Mother And A Map In Her Possession A Map Believed To Lead To A Stone That Once Belonged To A Legendary Civilization

About the Author: Angie Frazier

Angie Frazier is a writer and mom, a good cook, and a horrible housekeeper Angie s debut novel, Everlasting, published by Scholastic Press, is a mixture of everything she loves in a good book history, mystery, adventure, romance, and fantasy Her middle grade novel, The Midnight Tunnel A Suzanna Snow Mystery is a Spring 2011 Kids Indie Next Pick, and Kirkus has called it a likely and likable

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    I really don t need to read this book againconsidering I have it practically memorized at this point Just wanted to celebrate it s appearance on Goodreads

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    BOOK OPENING Camille clicked the latches down on her trunk and glanced out her bedroom window White haze choked the small seaport, and the fog bells sounding across the bay echoed in her chest Fitting weather to mark the death of her freedom NOTABLE SCENE Oscar flinched and stared at her What did you say Camille set the glass down Uman No He held his finger up to his mouth to shush her Don t say it Why not she asked Have you heard of it The wind picked up, and tree branc

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    A hidden gem Adventure and romance combine for an historical fiction thrill ride This is a hidden gem of a book Why haven t we heard about this one It combines adventure, romance, and a touch of mysticism into a meticulously researched historical fiction thrill ride I LOVED IT.I picked up this book on a whim at the library I was so intrigued by the jacket flap that I found myself glancing through the pages at the red light by the library s parking lot and every red light there

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    Everlasting is a comfort read It s kind of like having cake for dinner It s really sweet and a little silly, but sometimes it hits the spot.Camille Rowen is a young girl living in 1850s San Francisco, but she s not like other young girls She d rather go adventuring with her sea captain father than hang around the city being a proper lady But Camille s adventuring days seem numbered She s engaged to Randall Jackson, a wealthy young man, and their wedding is scheduled to take pl

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    Actual rating 2.5 I really liked the idea of this book, the premise was definitely interesting Unfortunately, it wasn t done very well.The characters, although charismatic, felt rather flat I didn t feel connected to them at all.The world needed development as well, it was very easy to forget what time period the story was supposed to take place in.In the end, many important scenes were done too fast, which led me to be confused at some points I also knew what would happen about halfway thr

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    In today s world of Young Adult novels, there s no shortage of the supernatural Oftentimes the same basic storyline displays itself across the shelves of our local bookstores The names have been changed, but the story remains the same normal teenage girl falls for otherworldly beautiful boy Vampires, werewolves and witches run rampant across every aisle not that there s anything wrong with that And then there s this story Too beautiful to give it the same normal title as book , this tale weaves its

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    Seventeen year old Camille Rowen has always loved adventure That s why she enjoys sailing on her father s ships so much and dreads her upcoming marriage To Camille, marrying a wealthy man for the sake of society means losing her freedom, even if it could save her father and herself from economic ruin So Camille makes her choice, but on her final voyage, confronted by family secrets and betrayals, she starts to reconsider that choice It helps that her father s handsome first mate Oscar is always around, an

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    I read an Advanced Reader Copy edition of this book Camille is going for one, last trip with her father on one of their shipping lines before facing marriage to a wealthy and eligible man in San Francisco society.A storm changes all her plans.Along with Oscar, the not so eligible, but ever so much attractive first mate, they will weather thugs, Australian outback, and magic to find Camille s birth mother and Umandu, a mythical stone.I never got into this book very deeply At first look, it has many elements I th

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    Orginally posted here.I don t think I ve read a lot of YA historical fantasy so I was really looking forward to reading Everlasting Also, look at that cover I think it s lovely I liked the premise of the story a young female protagonist who grew up without a mother and is used to life on board a ship I don t know if my expectations were too high but the story felt a little flat to me I wasn t invested in any of the characters and I didn t feel like they had enough depth Usually, I m a fan of drawn out romances but it w

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    Mix one part heart wrenching love story and one part breathtaking adventure, add a dash of magic and top with lush imagery and powerful prose, and you get Angie Frazier s incredible Everlasting Camille is a bold, brilliant heroine a seventeen year old Indiana Jones in skirts I want to be her when I grow up

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