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Dazzle This review is not to be considered critically acclaimed in any way It is yet another book I read at an age I was highly impressionable Dazzle did two things for me spark my interest in the Russian Revolution, and served as a tutorial for sex at my ripe age of 14 when I first read it This was another one of those books I found laying around the house that my mother had gotten at a flea market where the covers had been ripped off of new paperbacks and sold five for 10 that never should have gotten into my hands Dazzle is about three generations of Russian Jewish women, starting with Senda, who narrowly escapes a pogrom set upon her village Personally, the plot loses me right after this, as we continue with her daughter, Tamara, who becomes a movie star in Hollywood, and then finally, her daughter, Daliah who also is a successful actress, following all three women s trials and tribulations Good for naughty reading but that s about it On the fence with this one 3 stars Full review at Really enjoyed this Judith Gould book Loved the story over the three generations of women all involved in the entertainment industry Lots of smutty and sexy bits too Ie lots of very detailed love scenes Great escapist fiction I took it away with me on a holiday to China last year and was perfect for reading on tour bus in between seeing the sights I in turn entertained my fellow travellers my reading the graphic sex scenes as I came across them Had whole tour bus in hysterics Oh I love trashy novels with the best of embut sometimes return return Started off well, with a Russian peasant girl working her way up to be the best known actress in Russia and the Tzar s mistress , only for everything to be lost in the Revolution return return I have a feeling I read this book a long time ago, and struggled then too return return Time goes on, her daughter gets involved with the Jewish people, and her daughter and the rest of the family gets involved in the attempt to start the Jewish state Lots of violence, kidnaps, escapes, betrayals, loyalty, aggressive sex that passes for exciting love, the usual stuff well worn copy with the spine broken at the really interesting ahem parts for the one handed reader.meh I enjoyed this book, although I thought it was good, but not great. The Boralevi Women Rose From The Depths Of A Russian Ghetto To The Heights Of Wealth And Power In St Petersburg, Hollywood And The Middle East Dazzle Is The Story Of These Amazing Women, A Racy, Scintillating Novel Packed With All The Blockbuster Potential Of Gold S Earlier Bestsellers, Sins And Love Makers

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pseudonym of two authors Nick Bienes and Rhea pronounced Ray Gallaher