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Raised by Wolves I gave up after 10 pages Until This day my hate for Ya werewolves stories never decreases I just hate werewolves Alot This isn t even a review This is just about one just significant thing about me I goddamm hate werewolf books Die Die Really this book is a debatable 3.5 stars for me I may or may not lower that to a three later.Okay, lets get this review started I have nevereverdisliked the first half of a book as much as I didRaised by WolvesAnd that s saying something if anyone has seen some of my other reviews.First of all, the writing, prose, and flow is downrightatrociousIt was like she was leading a one woman crusade against all long sentences with any kind of flow to them Come My brothers It is Time soldiers Yeaaah.aaaaaahhhh.aaaaahh Woo.Hoo And almost every other freaking page in the first tenth there were one of theseBlood Blood blood blood blood bloodI got bit.I got bit I got bit I understand that the girl is scarred for life because of what happened to her parents, and I get that the blood repetition brings it up as a painful memory and something that she will never get rid of, blah blah blah I just got insanely tired of it after the first ohhh 10 times The I got bit was even worse Again, the whole I can t get it off my mind thing is just peachy if she remembers it only sometimes, but it eventually becomes a bore and bother when it started interrupting the flow of the story Bryn would be thinking about something else and all of the sudden that accursed phrase would come back up interrupt it and just threw me for a bit of a loop Then, when she re opens her reconnection with the pack all syntax hell breaks loose Here are a few examplesSaftey Warmth Alpha.Pack.Mine.Mine Mine Mine.Fight Fight Fight this one s a doozy Fight Trapped Blood SURVIVE Three bodyguards.No fights No bond Again, Barnes, I comprehend the fact that wolves aren t exactly on the same level with us intellectually, but Bryn is HUMAN, so I would have appreciated it if she hadn t gone full cave woman for half of the fucking book That was honestly the reason why I practically skipped over some parts I just couldn t stand it.Then, there was Bryn herself Maybe it was just the feminist in me, but I totally agreed with her the first forty pages about not wanting to be owned controlled by anybody, then after such vehemence about the whole thing all of the sudden didn t matter to her any I felt like Barnes was writing about a totally different character for the next two hundred pages And that person I absolutelyhatedShe all of a sudden turned into a girl who was just exuding and aura of who cares if I am a person and have my own rights I m just going to be controlled by a guy and do whatever he tells me to It s not like she was exactly forced into the situation she chose to do it knowing what would happen She didn t even question what was right or wrong any Bryn even began using ownership terms especially with Chase who, may I remind you, she d only met twice, and it was seriously the worst case of instalove that I ve ever seen Instalove the one and only way to fall in love instantly with the first random person you meet for no apparent reason it s guaranteed I think what was the worst about Bryn in the first 200 pages was when shefinally,heaven forbid, made her own choice considering her life and what she wants and that repercussions that happened to her afterwards Even if her choice is about a guy she barely knows, they beat the hell out of her until she has four cracked ribs, a face that s been punched to a pulp, and is unconscious for THREE days Then if you couldn t imagine it getting any worse,it doesShe blames herself for the whole thing, and the cherry on top is that she thinks shedeservesbeing beaten, and doesn t blame Callum for doing it to her when he s been essentially her father since she was four No Just no It s not okay to get beaten because you feel like you deserve it, ever, especially if that person is only 15 And to be so brainwashed that someone would think they deserved a beating is actually kind of sad Technically, she wasn t even a wolf, so to do the same ritual of punishment they do to wolves is another layer of ridiculousness.Sigh The first half of the book was just plain painful The only character that helped to alleviate this seemingly never ending pain was Ali God, was she ever awesome First, she survives a birth that, apparently, not many human mothers survive, and she lived and hadtwinsWhen her husband goes to slap her after defying the Alpha gag AND he brings back Bryn beaten up and broken after promising that he wouldn t, she locks her husband in a cage, grabs Bryn and the twins and gets the hell out of there without even looking back once She knew what was important, what s right to do and what s wrong to do like beat a 15 year old girl into the ground and stood up for her beliefs, Alpha or no I honestly think she s the only reason why I had the will to go on with this book Oh, and did I mention that Bryn got mad at her because Ali wanted her to live a slight normal and dare I say it, human, life and not hang out with a bunch of sweaty wolves who want to beat her to a pulp I think this picture will suffice for my feelings image error Ugh I really kind of hated this book I kept asking myself, WHY am I still reading this Why do I continue to punish myself with than 400 pages of this crap Then I would remember how the sweet librarian I ve become friends with at our library branch recommended the book and had been so sure I d like it that she put it on hold for me herself Sigh I guess I wanted to be able to honestly say that I had finished it So there s that.The problem with this book was the sheer ridiculousness of it And the stupid characters And the dumb plot Oh yeah, and the writing And the entire, revolting theme that centers around characters owning each other The uber annoying 15 year old Bryn refers to herself as his in reference to at least three different male characters Very empowering, eh Plus, um, did I mention that she s only fifteen If the author insisted on placing her protagonist in a creepy co dependent, soul mate sort of relationship, couldn t she have made her just a tad older In fact, everything that happens with and to this character really demands that she be older I just couldn t ever see her as being only fifteen.The writing itself was a mix of pretentiousness Hey, look at all the really, big words I know and a desperate attempt at dramatic flair which failed, in case you were wondering Incessant repetition of short phrases and or words does not a brilliant author make Maybe the biggest problem for me was that I just wasn t buying it Now, I m all for a great fantasy book that creates a different kind of world But the concept of that fantasy has to believable within the parameters the author has created The world of Fablehaven was fantastic the writing that created The Hunger Games Hunger Games, 1 was flawless The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy was ridiculous and hilarious, but still believable within the world s that it was created While I know that none of those books represent reality, at no point while reading them did I roll my eyes and think, Yeah, right So, now I just have to figure out what to say to my nice librarian friend Sigh I may have to resort to a stealthy drive by to make sure she s not there when I drop this thing off. Bullet Review DNF at 22% Chapter 8As Young Adult Urban Fantasy werewolf books go, this is certainly not the worst you could do It feels like Barnes put a lot of work into imagining how the werewolf pack would act, much like Briggs did for Mercy and Armstrong did for Women of the Otherworld.But it s like every other freakin YA UF book out there Super Speshul Snowflake who is not worthy of knowing why she must be protected because she has ovaries Way too much time on stupid, boring crap like werewolf puppies and all this intricate werewolf business A mysterious hawt guy that our SSS is attracted to for no gorram reason Dead parents Tragic backstory Oppressive guardians Virtually no female characters to speak of and certainly none in any position of power who aren t evil baddies And then, once again, we have yet another werewolf mythology where female werewolves are stupidly rare this time, it s almost WORST because it s a painfully stupid pseudoscience explanation that makes no sense something attacks female embryos but won t attack them if there is a twin male.If you like werewolves, you could do worse, and at least it doesn t seem to have a royal d bag, oppressive, abusive boyfriend And like I said, there seems to be some effort to make the werewolf pack its own unique creation, not just some weird humans But I would probably recommend either Mercy or Women of the Otherworld over this It s certainly not worth my time to finish it.And, to make matters worse, the audiobook is awful Narrator sounds painfully childish and naive and silly. Simply put this is the best werewolf YA I ve read I stayed up to finish it in one blur. 4.5 StarsRaised by Wolves starts off the story with Bryn, who s parents was murdered by a rabid werewolf when she was only four years old Callum, the alpha werewolf, rescued, adopted and marked her as his own and gave her to Ali to be raised like a daughter Now a fifteen year old Bryn struggles with where she truly belongs, not a wolf, but then human, not till she meets a new wolf named Chase does she find a link to her past, connecting her to the future.I ve got to say, I m mighty impressed with this book It s fascinating, captivating and kept me entertained and intrigued till the very last page At first it took a bit to get into since it s described with intimate details of Bryn a predicaments, but I think it was needed to understand the sway of power that the Pack holds which is needed for the full effect of the storyline.And believe me when I say they hold power But this also lead me to be some what frustrated since I couldn t for the life of me figure out some of the motives behind these characters Callum was hardest one to understand through out the entire book I liked him and hated him at the same time He has such an air of complexity about him that lingers when ever he s in a scene, but in the end I couldn t help but forgive his sins.Bryn is an outstanding character and while I m still not sure about a few things pertaining to her gifts, I think she handled her new role with confidence and fairness.Her link with Chase was very unusaul and while it was very sweet I m not sure I d call it romance, or at least not for this book It was like a wave of respect, admiration and affection, but I m still very puzzled about the why s Is it because she was the first would be victim I guess I just don t understand why she has this overwhelming link to him and why she was able to mark him or him to her Anyone have an answer, please feel free to fill me in, but overall I still enjoyed there dream like interactions and when there in each others minds, that was pretty amazing stuff.I liked the rest of the characters as well Devon is a great best friend and I really enjoyed how he cared about Bryn It felt real and very sweet Lake was another great role and even the Rabid played evil well.Basically I loved this book Jennifer Lynn Barnes pens a great Werewolf story, very different from what I ve read in other books It s gripping and kept me on my toes and she totally nailed the flavor of dominance in a steady pace that will keep readers in suspense from start to finish.Can t wait to read the sequel and see how thing play out for Bryn and the rest of the Wolves.A Great Read Books about wolves are kind of my thing , I know a lot about the werewolf genre than I feel comfortable admitting Like the famous words from Jerry Maguire you had me at hello well, thats what these books are to me, but obviously replacing the words hello, with wolves So, I think its safe to say that I was than a little bit excited to get my hands on a copy of this book.Bryn is 15 years old and is quite literally being raised by a pack of wolves This is as shoddy as it sounds, because being the only human in a pack full of wolves means that restrictions and rules are aplenty Her guardian Callum is overly protective and Bryn hates the fact that just because she s human, she s seen as the weakest link And then Chase comes onto the scene and it s like lighting a firework, you know it s going to explode, you just don t know when I loved that Barnes decided to write the book from Bryns perspective because we get a lot of insight of how she copes with pack life, how she manages to deal with the constant power struggles and feelings of inadequacy It was through Bryn that we get to see the inner workings of pack life, and how she has come to view and respect members of her family that harbour deep resentment at Callum for bringing Bryn into their misdt I honestly couldn t turn the pages fast enough once Bryn realised that her pack and leader were keeping secrets from her, and I knew she wouldn t give in until she uncovered the truth.Wow, Barnes writes in such a captivating and electrifying way that keeps you on your toes, always second guessing any speculations you may have about the plot line and outcome of the book The way the characters interacted with each other was endearing and sincere, especially the interactions between Callum and Bryn At first I resented Callum for the boundries he set Bryn and not letting her have space and freedom, but once you get to know him, I sympathised with his situation and his insistent need to keep Bryn safe no matter the cost or the conseqences of his actions.Bryn, OH BRYN I frackin loved this girl something rotten She s one of those girls that just doesn t really give a crap about what other people think She s that girl everyone wants to play truth or dare with because they just know she d take whatever was thrown at her and give as good as she got Bryn was fiesty, kick ass and sneaky, but most of all, she was mature, smart AND fierce She understood why Callum was strict with her than other members of the pack, but just because she understood it, it didn t mean she was going to keep quiet and let him get away with it Boy, I love my characters when they have some sass and take no shit Makes me want to pull out the fist pumping.Raised by Wolves is one of the best books about wolves I ever had the pleasure of reading It was fast paced, action packed and most importantly, it had one of the most well thought out protagonists to tell us the story Addictive and engaging, if you don t read this book, then fool you, because you are seriously missing out Am I reading the sequel You bet your ASS I AM Time for a re read And it STILL gets 5 stars.This was a fantastic book and the best book that I ve read in awhile one of those that you don t put down until finished and where you ve got this excited feeling in the middle of your chest Written in the first person by a 15 yr old, it has a maturity that is not common in today s youth, but nevertheless believable.While I consider it to be a self contained story, by the end of the book, there are indications that it could be the 1st in a series I really, really, hope so because Bryn s voice and story have the potential to become an awesome UF series.Many female protagonists in today s UF series really irritate me Despite her age, Bryn displays a maturity, clear and intelligent thought process and subtle, but very clear bad assedness that a lot of other UF protagonists lack She is sarcastic, knows her own mind, and her actions remain true to her character throughout the book In a glut of UF books that are starting to seem cookie cutter, this book is a welcome and VERY good breath of fresh air. I am going to write this review in the style of this book Not Good. Not Mine.I read a review of it and someone said it was evocative No. Not.Bryn was adopted by the alpha werewolf as a child after her parents were murdered in front of her by a rogue werewolf Rogue. Whispers. No.Although she is human, she was taken in to the pack and raised amongst them Now, she s fifteen A teenager. Love Hate. Confusion.She thinks that the alpha is keeping something from her and she discovers she is right when she finds a newly turned werewolf in the alpha s basement New werewolf Also, a teen. Rage. Love. Mine.Bryn decides she will stop at nothing to get the answers to her questions about the new werewolf, Chase Nothing. Stop. No.So, she embarks on a mission to do so.So, was that wearying I may have exaggerated it a tiny bit, but try reading 418 pages of that and then you tell me how you liked it I disliked the author s efforts at creating a sense of impending something It felt contrived Also, I found this book to be too full of werewolf politics If you are a werewolf fanatic, go out immediately and read it because you ll probably love it Then, be even happier to know it s a series a series that I won t be reading Won t. Adopted By The Alpha Of A Werewolf Pack After A Rogue Wolf Brutally Killed Her Parents Right Before Her Eyes, Fifteen Year Old Bryn Knows Only Pack Life, And The Rigid Social Hierarchy That Controls It That Doesn T Mean That She S Averse To Breaking A Rule Or Two But When Her Curiosity Gets The Better Of Her And She Discovers Chase, A New Teen Locked In A Cage In Her Guardian S Basement, And Witnesses Him Turn Into A Wolf Before Her Eyes, The Horrific Memories Of Her Parents Murders Return Bryn Becomes Obsessed With Getting Her Questions Answered, And Chase Is The Only One Who Can Provide The Information She NeedsBut In Her Drive To Find The Truth, Will Bryn Push Too Far Beyond The Constraints Of The Pack, Forcing Her To Leave Behind Her Friends, Her Family, And The Identity That She S Shaped

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Jennifer Lynn Barnes who mostly goes by Jen was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma She has been, in turn, a competitive cheerleader, a volleyball player, a dancer, a debutante, a primate cognition researcher, a teen model, a comic book geek, and a lemur aficionado She s been writing for as long as she can remember, finished her first full book which she now refers to as a practice book and which none

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