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Me and Orson Welles Coming In , The Major Motion Picture From The Director Of SlackerThe Irresistible Story Of A Stagestruck Boy Coming Of Age In The Golden Era Of Broadway With Some Very Famous Supporting Characters Me And Orson Welles Is A Romantic Farce That Reads Like A Who S Who Of The Classic American Theater Called One Of The Best Depictions Of Male Adolescent Yearning Ever To Hit The Page Kirkus Reviews , It Is Sure To Translate Wonderfully To Screen In A delightful read about a seventeen year old s whirlwind week of working under the dictatorial direction of Orson Welles as the Mercury Theater rehearses Julius Caesar As the cliche goes, he learnsabout himself, life and love in that week than he ever learned in school It perfectly captures a young boy s yearning to find himself, to fall in love, and to be someone I look forward to seeing the film I stumbled across this book because of my recently developed obsession with Orson Welles and, after reading some good reviews from other Welles aficionados, tracked it down at the library The protagonist, Richard Samuels, is a slightly irritating, slightly precocious teenager who thinks he s cleverer than he is He s less suave than he d like to be, prone to hero worship, as oversexed as any teenager, and too susceptible to romance It makes for some cringeworthy reading at times, but will ring true to any survivors of adolescence It s easy to see how he would fall under the magnetic influence of the young genius, Orson Welles.The Boy Wonder himself appears in all his unbearable glory His star is rising rapidly on Broadway and radio and while he doesn t become a household name until late the following year, his ego is already too large for his little Mercury Theatre to contain He worked his actors fiendishly hard though never harder than he himself was willing to work and by many accounts he could sometimes be astonishingly difficult, or downright mean Certainly, though, he inspired loyalty, and coaxed unmatched performances out of his cast Richard s view of Welles may be overly harsh, but not by all that much Kaplow has fun with his dialogue, sprinkling it liberally with italics and occasionally swiping lines directly from famous infamous Wellesian quotes What, in the depths of your ignorance, do you want me to do comes verbatim from the hilarious Frozen Peas recording It s easy to hear Welles voice intoning Never merely speaking his lines.Kaplow clearly did his homework for this one It s a quick read A little short on plot, perhaps many coming of age novels are but it s a well researched piece of period fiction And it makes me wish desperately that someone had recorded that landmark production of Caesar. Me and Orson Welles is one of those books that starts off a bit strange but by the end I was really enjoying it.My main issue was the thrown in quotes from various plays that seemed to create a dis jointedness when reading I would start to wonder what the point was, but by the end, I realised that this is a book about theatre, the people in it and the stress related to putting on a show It is a book about egos and trying to fit in in a place where everyone is trying to be someone It also gives you a backstage glimpse of what can go on behind the curtain Me and Orson Welles frustrated and delighted me I d be interested to see the movie to get a glimpse of what the final performance was like. 3.5 stars.It s light and breezy The narrative revolves heavily around the young man learns about life thanks to hero worship and sex tropes, but the story occasionally surprised me in spots There are some really nice moments But I also thought it was pretty forgettable overall That said, I definitely enjoyed it. The thing is, Richard, I have a soft spot for Holden Caulfield and The Catcher in the Rye I m not saying it s subtle or all that clever, but it sticks in my head It s the weird kind of comfort food that makes you feel a little sick when it you eat it.You re just a poor quality imitation Holden And the thing with him is that near the end, there s that hint that maybe, just maybe, he realises that the biggest phony in the whole book is him Maybe, I m saying It s possible to argue the point.But you You re pretty much insufferable all the way through. An easy read The author made me abhor Orson Welles I understood his genius, but nothing could forgive his disgusting behaviour The book also inspired me to research Orson Welles, his wives and his children I was also shocked at the risque behaviour considering the time frame. Loved the voice of the protagonist and the story It s a very funny read as well, with Orson Welles s behavior and ego supplying much of the humor I can see why the book was adapted into a movie because it s very visual and has a great character arc. When I saw the trailer for the upcoming film Me and Orson Welles, I knew I had to read the book on which the movie is based The story looked tailor made to cater to my tastes the clothes, the music, the theater of the time period, I love it all With the book, Robert Kaplow has crafted a witty and insightful coming of age story that doubles as one of the best love letters to a bygone age that you could wish for Just a heads up, there is some off color language in this book I would ve preferred a less, but if you can get past that the story is that the story is terrific In the late 1930s, America was in a depression with no thought of the war to come, and master songsmiths like Irving Berlin and Cole Porter were making their contributions to what would become known as the Great American Songbook It was a golden age, when American films featured stars like Gary Cooper and Cary Grant, and the theater was peopled by the likes of the Barrys and young Orson Welles.Into this glittering theatrical world, seventeen year old Richard Samuels literally stumbles upon his first acting job a bit part in Welles s fledgling Mercury Theatre production of Julius Caesar Full of big dreams and hopelessly idealistic, Richard has no idea what he s gotten into when he joins the production and finds himself in Orson Welles s starry orbit Welles is a star on the rise and he knows it The man is a pompous jerk but the allure of his genius is irresistibly strong and undeniable In one short week, Richard probably learnsabout life, love, and his own purpose and self worth than many people do in an entire lifetime Richard s voice just shines and makes this novel a joy to read He s worldly wise yet na ve, sarcastic yet sweet in other words, a typical teenager made up of all the confusion and contradictions that accompany that time of one s life Kaplow also excels at building his setting he absolutely nails NYC The city itself is as much of a character as Richard or Welles, and reading the descriptive passages in the novel made the sights, sounds, and smells of the city come alive This book is also one of the best mash ups of fiction and historical fact that I ve ever come across I m a huge classic film fan, so reading about Orson Welles s theatrical beginnings, or learning that actor Joseph Cotten was a member of the Mercury Theatre troupe, were absolutely fascinating While I could never claim to be a Wellesian scholar, based on my perception of Orson Welles s character from his films that I ve seen, Kaplow has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of the man Every time Welles spoke on the page, it was his unmistakable voice that I heard in my head while reading If you ve seen the television show Slings Arrows, Me and Orson Welles comes as close as you could wish to capturing the humor, angst, and life found in the theater Me and Orson Welles is a breezy, insightful, laugh out loud funny love letter to a golden age in American entertainment. A delightful book and a quick read I needed something to read and picked this up in a used books store Good choice Candace I loved it.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Me and Orson Welles book, this is one of the most wanted Robert Kaplow author readers around the world.

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