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Buddy This is the book me and my reading group was reading for an activity This book was an alright book but I think the book is suitable for people that like playing sport or reading about beating your fear.what i like about this book is how creative the book is and how the characters faced there fear thinking they will never do it in there life time. Josh Cranford Loves Running, Soccer, Cricket Anything, As Long As It S Sport Most Of All, He Loves To Win Just One Person Stands In His Way Super Jock Shane Then Along Comes An Off The Wall Teacher And A Wicked New Challenge The Energex Iron Kid Triathalon The Perfect Chance To Take Shane On And Win Except Josh Can T Swim He Vowed He Never Would If He S Going To Enter The Triathalon He Will Have To Overcome His Fear Of Water And Take A First Step To Confront A Secret Burried Too Deep In His Past To Think About This has always been one of my favourite childhood books and I was thrilled to find it in the op shop Buddy by V.M Jones is an intriguing and emotional novel that depicts the life of a young boy, Josh Cranford and his twin brother buddy See the progression of Josh s attitude as he initially realises the struggles of having a disabled brother and realise his transition into him being proud of his brother and who he is and why everyone will accept him no matter what This book shows the problems and insecurities experienced by someone with a brother who is disabled and helps us understand that we should not judge or think of others differently because they have a disability This book definitely plays on the emotions of the reader as it is a very sensitive topic Through reading this book we realise how intimate a brothers relationship can be, the characteristics of showing great sportsmanship and the effort required to achieve something you wish to do Although, this book does have some flaws as the ending is very predictable and does not add suspense to the leading events prior to it s ending Overall, this is an excellent book that I recommend to anyone over the age of 8, as it portrays a great story that I know everyone would enjoy to read. Includes the topics of being a twin, divorce, football, triathlon, arrogant class mates, being the new kid, and family secrets The most notable themes discuss a sense of belonging versus compartmentalising different aspects of your life, winning isn t everything, misconceptions and the consequences of teenage risk.I liked the twins nicknames and their pets names and anticipated the two flashbacks to provide the background at the core of the family secret, albeit through nightmares. This is a lovely book about a boy who has a disabled brother It has just the right touch neither too sentimental, nor too clinical. IT WAS REALLY BAD AND SUCKED One of my favourite reads I remember reading this on holidays when I was young, and its poignant message and beautiful story is one I wont forget.

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