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WE Great to see a novel with real science written so engagingly, with real heart, and without trying too hard. A distant moon base crew of four have settled within a protective eco bubble on an icy satellite, orbiting a gas giant at the edge of the solar system Its inhabitants, too far from Earth, have been separated from the World Ear, an advanced electronic network that connects the Earth s population by surgically implanted receivers No longer now are they part of a hive mind of knowledge, shared experience and ideas, but isolated and alone in their thoughts, forced to revert back to using speech as their prime means of communication.The new crew member and central character, Paul Munroe, is finding it difficult to adapt to his newly discovered independence and is frustrated, arrogant, emotionally adolescent and lacking in social skills The author could have run the story aground creating such an unpleasant protagonist, but it is through Paul s growing isolation from the crew we feel pity for him and avidly follow his mounting anger, despair and paranoia as an investigation into a communications error on the moon base grows into a manic obsession WE is a tense, slow paced, science fiction thriller and an outstanding vision of how communication technology may affect the psychological future of our species. We Are The Only Humans LeftIn The Furthest, Coldest, Darkest Reaches Of Our Solar System, Paul Munro Is On A Mission From Which He Can Never Return A Desolate Ice Covered Moon Will Be His Home For The Rest Of His Life And Only From Here Can He See What Humanity Has Become A Thriller To Freeze Your Blood To Absolute Zero From my blog review on Cybermage.seWhat s chilly about WE is the future it paints The Story We are the only Humans left In the furthest, coldest, darkest reaches of our solar system, Paul Munro is on a mission from which he can never return A desolate ice covered moon will be his home for the rest of his life And only from here can he see what humanity has become.A thriller to freeze your blood To absolute zero. I bought this after reading Mark Chitty s excellent review link below and it lived up to my expectations This is one of the best science fiction books i have read in a long time.Earth is a world where everyone is online, all the time, with brain implants that assist them in everything they do Every decision they make is habitually done by asking the net for advise And no one living in the wired society reflects over the situation They never knew anything else.It takes an eight year trip to an icy moon around Jupiter and four humans alone, cut off from Earth to rediscover what it means to be human This is a recurring theme of our times not for the first time in history , what it means to be human, there is even a British TV show called Being human from a fantasy perspective There are many issues with technologies and life sciences today and in the near future that can hold a Damocles Sword of Change over our heads, but I never suspected Social Media of being one of them I understand now that I was wrong, it do have the potential.But there isthan one terrifying secret lurking for our protagonist.Masterful world building and characters that are lifelike, with motivations you understand and can relate to There is a scene, when Paul the main character cry for the first time and he can t understand what it is, that is really moving.WE is a masterful story of discovery and revelation on so many levels that you have to read it, it relates to everything we are today. Very interesting, very different Eery, scientific, technical and definitely other wordly It was quite stark and bleak I stopped reading it and only finished it about 6 months later But looking back on it, I remember just being transported to this new, crazily different and out there place It was like nothing I ve read before John did nothing to make anything in the novel relatable or normal, and I liked that, it was something SO different from anything else, so strange and fascinating My advice is to read it, just to broaden your horizon or something, I don t know But it s definitely something other. In the future everyone on earth is connected shortly after birth to the World Ear and from that point onwards not even speech is necessary When Paul Munro is selected to replace a man on earths furthest outpost and the only one beyond the world ear connections he is about to find what he thought he knew about being human was wrong and that the past was something he never really understood.The author has a nice clean writing style and an interesting future history but I would class this as a book I wouldn t read twice Mostly because I found it hard to connect to the characters The book is pure science fiction rather than fantasy and if you are after a dose of scifi I think you could do worse than this and while I thought it was ok It s certainly not a future I d hope for myself. Very very intriguing concept A man gets disconnected from a 24 7 live feed via special contact lenses and an implant of an upgraded version of the internet facebook twitter to go live on a space station far out in space I loved the way the writer described the confined space, climate and time relay with Earth The way the main character had to start to think for himself again, speech, writing Very clever. Cerebral science fiction at its best I found this an utterly gripping novel, especially after the slow and steady start signalled by its opening He had asked to be alone when he woke After all, he had reasoned, from now on he would always be alone.But are we really, truly alone Will there be, though we may not be aware of the fact, someone else Are we, like Cowper s Alexander Selkirk, wrong in our assumptions that we are monarchs of all we survey, that we re out of humanity s reach and must finish our journey alone even at the edge of space This issue is at the heart of this novel, questions about Earth s uniqueness as a cradle for life And if there is life out there , what form will it take A mission, a little over half a century from now, is based on a distant planet s moon probably Neptune s Triton, though neither body is ever mentioned , there to search for extraterrestrial life The residual team of three missing one of its original members is joined by Paul Munro he s arrived from an Earth where nearly everyone is linked to the World Ear, a future development of the internet where individuals have implants to enable them to communicate directly with others without recourse to speech, to access necessary information and to regulate emotions.Paul, having endured an eight year journey in a kind of stasis, is not only disorientated from the journey and from being cut off from the WE but now also has to adjust to the dynamics of a tight knit team an outsider therefore who can only feel isolated from undercurrents and relationships he has not been part of As the telemetry executive his task is to discover why radio messages back to Earth are often corrupted, but he soon discovers that this is not the only communication that has become garbled there are unspoken messages at the station that he needs to address.We is a cleverly plotted speculative thriller, one I found totally immersive with fascinating human characters It sets out to explore a number of ideas what form might an alien intelligence take, how would humans react knowing that there was no way back to Earth, why do pioneers sometimes distrust the society they have left behind, how should one interact with those whom you dislike but on whose actions you rely for continued existence There are also so many literary echoes, both implicit and explicit, in these pages Biblical tropes of Eden, the Tower of Babel, the Ark, the Annunciation the claustrophobic and suspicious atmosphere of Sartre s Huis Clos in English translated as No Exit or In Camera the heart stopping moment when Robinson Crusoe discovered the footprint that wasn t his in the sand.Dickinson only had his attention drawn to Yevgeny Zamyatin s dystopian 1924 novel We after he d chosen his own title, but retaining it kept many of the issues he includes here relevant whether the individual becomes completely subsumed in a collective thereby losing independence of action, the implications of the development of something like the World Ear its acronym perfectly fitting its nature , the responsibly the individual might have in ensuring the continuance of the species.But this isn t just an ideas novel I enjoyed the characters Dickinson created even if they weren t particularly likable Munro, from whose point of view we observe events Erin Vandamme, who covers the search for life forms May, the station s doctor and her partner Lewis, the station manager Flawed individuals all.Dickinson also had me accepting the technology that might be available in the 2070s, on a planet s captured satellite where the outside temperature was not much above Absolute Zero Here is an environment to enjoy vicariously, knowing that to close the book was to open the door to somewhere a lothospitable Like Fred Hoyle s classic The Black Cloud 1957 in which an alien comes a visiting, We postulates that our attempts to go out to discover alien life may be fraught with danger. WE is another book that I recently received and, with a quick look at the lovely cover and interesting blurb, I wanted to read pretty much right away With the synopsis vague enough not to spoil the story, it raised my interest and made me wonder just how John Dickinson was going to approach a subject such as this separation and isolation within the solar system The first thing that struck me was the writing and how effortlessly he pulled me into a story that is muchthan it first appears.Paul Munro is separated from the World Ear, the one thing that almost all the population of Earth now use to communicate It can allow instant discussion and interaction while providing a platform to have feedback and opinions at a mere thought Once this has been removed, Paul feels very lonely and had to adjust to life with what feels like inferior and slower interaction However, he has done this for a reason and soon embarks on an eight year frozen voyage across the solar system to his new home where he will take up the position of communications officer on an ice moon where only four humans live, and the World Ear is a distant memory.On this moon he lives with three others Lewis, Van and May and must be a vital part of the team that keeps the moon in operation He must deal with the loss of the World Ear, learn to engage in conversation and human interaction in a way he has never before needed to do, and he must solve the problem that is plaguing the communications to Earth With all of these little things adding up it gets too much for Paul and events take an interesting turn.The setting is definitely one of the highlights of WE and John Dickinson does a fantastic job of creating a haunting atmosphere and the feeling of complete isolation The explanations and detail given of the station is realistic and believable and it felt like the fifth member of the group The distance involved between the station and Earth mean that communication can take up to eight hours, and with the absence of the World Ear on the station it can feel like an completely alien civilisation.The characters are also great and help bring the story to life Munro is our main character and it s through his eyes that we see what Earth is like before heading into the outer reaches of the solar system It is his struggle to adjust that pushes the story forward and his determination that shows just how much of his humanity was lost on Earth His new colleagues Lewis, Van and May are supportive when they can be, but are also trying to deal with a new member of their group that has very little social skills The views each of these characters hold also become a key part of the story and it allows Dickinson to explore what it is to be human very effectively.I found this such a great read and I was very pleasantly surprised by the prose and style of WE I ll look forward to anything else John Dickinson writes Highly recommended.

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