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The Nag Hammadi Library The Nag Hammadi Library Was Discovered In Buried In A Large Stone Jar In The Desert Outside The Modern Egyptian City Of Nag Hammadi It Is A Collection Of Religious And Philosophic Texts Gathered And Translated Into Coptic By Fourth Century Gnostic Christians And Translated Into English By Dozens Of Highly Reputable Experts First Published In , This Is The Revised Edition Supported By Illuminating Introductions To Each Document The Library Itself Is A Diverse Collection Of Texts That The Gnostics Considered To Be Related To Their Heretical Philosophy In Some Way There Are Separate Titles, Including A Coptic Translation From The Greek Of Two Well Known Works The Gospel Of Thomas, Attributed To Jesus Brother Judas, And Plato S Republic The Word Gnosis Is Defined As The Immediate Knowledge Of Spiritual Truth This Doomed Radical Sect Believed In Being Here Now Withdrawing From The Contamination Of Society And Materiality And That Heaven Is An Internal State, Not Some Place Above The Clouds That This Collection Has Resurfaced At This Historical Juncture Is Than Likely No Coincidence P Randall Cohan

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    The scholarly controversy about the nature and origins of gnosticism was the topic of my undergraduate thesis at Grinnell College and a subject of further study at Union Theological Seminary, most particularly with Cyril Richardson and Elaine Pagels It has remained an intellectual hobby since then.The appearance of the long discussed Nag Hammadi codices in an affordable Engli

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    Have read and studied the Nag Hammadi Library for 20 years The codices are beautifully translated with minimum commentaries It is The Bible of Gnostic Christianity To be cherished and studied regularly.

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    The Nag Hammadi Library is one of the basic collection of documents that an historian or theologian must read in order to understand the Gnostic heresy It merits five stars because of its importance as a source for study The strange thing is that as a lay reader I found myself enjoying the book because of the excellent introductory notes that the translators provided for each document.If nothi

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    I can t say that I read the book in it s entirety but I did read the actual texts and a few of the explanatory passages that accompanied them Very eye opening I can see why they were not included in the Bible.

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    It s all very interesting The Gnostics are often closer to what feels true than exoteric Christianity, but at the same time, some of it really does seem far fetched, even if it is supposed to be symbolic.

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    Great resource of scriptures that never made it into today s versions of the Bible Torah It s not something you sit down and read in one sitting It is a great book for cross referencing with today s versions of the Bible if you are trying to figure out what was actually written or said

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    I thought it was odd how these scriptures were found They didn t stay hidden inside the caves, they were meant to be discover I ve been reading this on and off over the past couple of years and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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    Ahh, if only we were all exposed to ALL the books of the New Testament instead of just a sanitized four.

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    Sometime last year I decidedwell heck I m going to read the King James from beginning to endwhich I did And it took me a few months to do it in I read it every morning when I woke, on my lunch breaks at work and in bed before falling asleep at night I was always affraid to read the bible because I didn t want to get pissed off at all the woman hating in it OR SO the church made me believe when I was younger, EVE this and Mary M that etc Wellll I

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