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An Uncommon Whore This book has received high praise from the usual suspects even though a few said it s not perfect but still great So intrigued, I set about reading this knowing very little about the plot I didn t even read the blurb and expecting a great sci fi book Well the setting is simply fabulous and definitely delivers for any fan, creating a complex and fascinating culture The characters of Helios and Griffin are well beyond classic stereotypes and bring a great conflict and interplay into the mix If anything the story ends too soon, leaving many questions dangling, and with so much possibility that it will be a real shame if the author never writes a sequel Hint Please write one Now Yesterday Already being published if possible Told in first person point of view from Helios perspective, the story starts in a seedy bar on a disreputable planet as Helios is sitting behind his large reptilian pimp From there the scene feels very similar to classic Star Wars with a few twists and thus the setting mixes familiar elements with new thus able to offer something ultimately different and unique without spending long paragraphs obsessing over detail There is richness to the setting that is constantly offered no matter where the characters are so the science fiction atmosphere is always vibrantly present The interplanetary politics and actions are offered and given depth, but this complicated side plot could have been fleshed out to double the space and still captivated readers Here the story streamlines certain aspects and uses classic themes to keep the plot quick and interesting I would have preferred a complex and fleshed out detailing of events but the quick recitation is common in this story Similarly the complex relationship between Griffin and Helios focuses on their present as they reconnect while Helios slowly and agonizingly gets his memory back Since his memory has been wiped several times and he s been programmed as a slave, his journey from nameless slave to leader of an exiled people focuses on his reestablished relationship to Griffin This is both good and bad since their chemistry is incredibly hot and their dynamic fascinating Griffin and Helios struggle with the concepts of dominance and submission as both are naturally dominant men It takes Helios time as a slave to understand the strength in submission and that receiving sex is not weakness So the interplay between the men is mostly sexual and emotional as they come together again Unfortunately for the plot, Helios past actions as a leader and his hope for the future of his people is very glossed over and shortly summarized Helios spends the entire length of the book struggling to regain his memories while vacillating between wanting to know and fearing the knowledge He never really emerges as a strong, capable leader His actions are mostly sexual and in combination with strengthening his connection to Griffin with only a few off hand comments about his people s future and their current planet The lack of additional detail about his past doesn t help and ultimately leaves Helios as a two dimensional character at best even though he s interesting, engaging, and immediately draws your eye Perhaps any sequels would help develop this aspect of his personality and delve deeply into his heroic past.The tightly paced plot is all there with a wealth of atmosphere and solid, well developed characters The sexual chemistry is smoking hot and the sex doesn t stop This strengthens the main romantic relationship but does weaken the additional side plots about political intrigue and ruling a planet This story would have benefited from being twice as long with attention paid to the various details, especially focusing on the socio political implications Even so, this is a very entertaining story that no doubt delivers exactly what the author intended a light and interesting read. 2.5 Needed More Chastity StarsSpace opera The ultimate space opera was the only place my head went only in this rendition Han and Luke would get it on It started off so good We meet Pasha and he s a slave to U shma Slave boys don t get to have erections They are to serve the customers so you know what that means Chastity In case you don t know, I m a fan of chastity A big un Pasha s working one night when the rakish Captain Griffin Hawke He looks like a pirate with the eye patch all black leather outfit thing going and he s not very verbal I m dig dig digging it There s some sort of strange connection between the two and the pirate enters into a wager with U shma to win Pasha for 24 hrs Turns out they know each other and Pasha has an odd case of retrograde amnesia About two whole seconds later the chastity came off pause Why is the chastity ALWAYS the first to go WHY I will say the chastity got replaced by quite a bit of frottage so I can t be too fussy Still huffs The space opera begins and there is a ton of world building Several characters are introduced and I ve since learned this is a book one in a series the foundation book Many of the characters seem promising, but I found myself getting increasingly bored as the story progressed Honestly, I think it s a me problem rather than a book problem The writing s good as the story of Helios Pasha unfolds and he gradually regains bits and pieces of his memory Ordinarily, I like anything even remotely having to do with Star Wars but this just didn t resonate with me as much as I was hoping it would. As A General Rule, You Won T Find The Love Of Your Life While You Re On Your Knees Under A TableHelios DayspringPasha Is A Slave, Whoring For Travelers At The Most Dangerous Bar On Warlan He Has No Memory, No Future Of His Own, Yet Deep Inside Pasha Knows That That He Is Meant For Better Things The Day That Pasha Spots The Dangerous Pirate In The Bar, He Knows That He Mustn T Let The Stranger Slip Away, Regardless Of What He Must Do To Attract His AttentionCaptain Griffin Hawke Spent The Greater Part Of A Decade Searching For His Lost King, Only To Find Helios Dayspring Crouched Between His Knees, Swathed In The Robes And Shackles Of A Whore Though He Is Appalled By The Downfall Of His King, The Hardened Officer Finds Himself Falling For The Allure Of The Sensual Creature Who Has Taken His Place Returning Helios To His Position On The Throne Is The Only Right Thing To Do, Yet Griffin Knows That In Doing So, He Risks Losing His Lover ForeverA Whore Is A Whore Is A Whore, Unless He S Something Else Completely I Guess I Must Be An Uncommon WhoreHelios Dayspring 3,5 stars First of all don t judge this book by the title or by its cover This jumps straight into the action and just keeps going Considering the short length a LOT of things happen, and I just allowed myself to get swept away with it all.A prince is rescued, old love is rekindled, new friendships are forged and a kingdom lost in space finds their king again In an interesting mixture of Star Wars and Game of Thrones the author takes us to a different universe where wars are brutal, whoring seems the norm and grouchy aliens are plentiful.Helios, Lio, is at the centre of the book It is his journey of finding out who he really is, what he was before and did, and what his future holds for him I kind of liked his snarky style of telling his story I liked HIM because he felt genuine and honest particularly with his feelings for Grif the man who finds him The immediate bond between them, right from the beginning, should have felt off, but it didn t Of course we find out later why, but I never doubted the love and sexual chemistry between Grif and Lio The writing style could be criticised for a lack of finesse, but somehow it fitted the story and supported the fast paced action And I enjoyed this fun mixture of science fiction and myths view spoiler and the idea of a remote controlled cock ring had my mind boggling g hide spoiler This was a really well written story with characters that I felt invested in The sex was awesome and I kept wanting to turn back to the cover to see them there, which doesn t always happen with books For once the descriptions built a picture within my mind that matched the beautiful artwork on the cover Although the ending was a little sappier than I would like, I am excited to hear that there is going to be a second book. Don t judge a book by its cover and its title , because this one harbors a surprisingly sweet and engaging story Pasha is a sex slave with no recollection of his past He doesn t know who he was, who he is or who he is going to be, but he does feel there s something for him out there And when a stranger walks into a bar, he knows not to let him slip away And so begins the story of Pasha Helios and Griffin I liked the world McBride created and the plot was engaging and layered The sex was hot and romantic Plus it served a deeper meaning in establishing the roles in the characters new relationship The best part of the book, however, were the characters themselves Griffin was a great secondary his internal turmoil was palpable and I felt and fell for him But Helios oh my His matter of fact tone in which he relayed his thoughts and actions were fantastic I found him to be very endearing and loved him instantly.A well written and sweet little story I m hoping for a sequel. I ve seen this around a lot and because I really like these yaoi style illustrated covers, have been drawn to reading it but because of the usual Ive got so many books to read before I get round to this problem, Its taken me a heck of long time and now Im wondering why because I really liked this A tale of lost kings and treachery, it is has touches of fantasy but the Space Opera comes from its word building, planet hopping and Space Cruisers the bar scene at the beginning made me think of Star Wars and all the other space epics, so its roots are firmly sci fi Pasha or Helios Dayspring, his true identity and the gorgeous Space Pirate Griffin Hawke his old lover and friend who he has forgotten, because of his forced memory loss when enslaved as a whore, generate some fantastic chemistry together and it s also one heck of a sexy book without being too porntastic The ongoing story of Griffins long search to find his lost king, then their subsequent escape and journey back to Helios people to reinstate him as king is really attention grabbing and I m definitely going to carry on with book two When I Fall because even though its not a cliffhanger ending there s great promise of trials an tribulations in the wind for these two fantastic guys and their plan to unite their people once whilst starting life on a new planet Loved it and another definite keeper I m having a good run at the moment with my choices of book, hope it continues. 3.5 starsFirst part of the series and can t be read as a standaloneThis book was recommended by Ariana and I don t regret it it was a good surprise as I m not usually into sci fi romance And as Ariana mentioned don t judge this book by the title or by its cover The plot is solid and interesting, the sex scenes are hot but not porny and the MCs are reliable.A planet has been pillaged, its inhabitants wounded, tortured or killed, taking refuge on another planet where they barely survive During the war, Helios, the heir of the King, was captured and enslaved And then starts for Griffin a long quest to find and rescue Helios, his past lover And he finally finds him in a brothel, his memory gone and having sometimes to whore himself for his Master.Thus begin the long journey for Griffin and Helios In this first part, they get reunited and have to fight back to get home All the while reestablishing their relationship under stressing circumstances This part really captivated me and even though I had a few niggles, it did not prevent to keep going on because I really wanted to follow Griffin and Helios in this journey and I was right to do so, because the second installment really delivered. This started off VERY strong I have a weakness for the hidden prince theme, especially combined with space, sex slavery, or any matter of kinky interspecies action I was immediately taken by the brisk pace, the amount of sex hells yeah , and the chemistry between Griffin and Helios love that name I was 4 starring this book until I found myself getting irritated For one, let s talk about the errors I simply can t stand really obvious editing issues, and this hit on one of my hot button editing grievances Prostate vs prostrate It is simple If you write M M you MUST use these two words correctly There are really no excuses when it comes to this You can be nailing someone s prostate while prostrate, but those two words are NOT interchangeable There were other issues, such as strange future telling that didn t fit with the story and some grammar errors that really should have been caught by an editor That stuff aside, I was still REALLY into the world of this story until it started slowing down for me in the last 25% of the story Everything seemed rushed and there were no curveballs, no surprises The pace and the tension was dialed down, and I missed some of that from the earlier chapters Even with the last 25% being somewhat of a let down, I still enjoyed this book as a whole It was exciting, and I really bought Griffin and Helios as a couple Though the love aspect was introduced very early on between the two of them, I was totally feeling it The sex scenes were also a delicious bonus Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review A Science Fiction Novella of a love that transcends the Universe 3.5 Stars We are told the story through Pashas eyes, it is simple in it s delivery and he seems strangely disassociated from what is happening to himhe is calm, compliant and submissive, as all slaves and whores must be, wanting only to serve their master.Pasha a slave and a whore, is owned by an alien of reptilian form, Ushma Pasha has no memories of his life beyond this time, but somewhere in the depths of his mind he believes Ushma may be his third owner, but with only occasional flashbacks surfacing of his brutal training he cannot be sure.Ushma, short of money and wanting to feed his gambling addiction, takes Pasha to the Trell 57 Tavern where he intends to pimp him to the surly minors and unhappy travellers visiting the dusty and oppressively hot planet of Whorlon Through his veil, unnoticed, he sees a man who is both familiar and gives him a feeling of comfort He somehow feels safe to him, although he is unsure as to why, but desperate to escape he manipulates an encounter.Our other MC, Captain Griffin Hawke, is searching the universe for his Prince who was captured and disappeared when the people of the planet Arash were displaced to a barren yet to be colonised planet, because of war Griffin is a strong character and determined in his quest to find not only his best friend but also the future King of his people Racked with guilt for feeling responsible and bound by honour he will never stop searching This is a quick smexy, easy read which was just what I needed, it is a D s relationship but not BDSM in nature I did feel that the story ended too soon but there is a second novella in the tale of these two characters and I will definitely be reading it.

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Belinda is an award winning, top selling author of erotic romance, speculative fiction and LGBTQ romance She lives in far Northern California with her family and a pack of Siberian Huskies A graduate of CSU Chico, she managed to attend the notorious party school without once getting drunk, arrested or appearing in a Girls Gone Wild video Her main focus of study was classical and archival hist

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