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Lost Voices What Happens To The Girls Nobody Sees The Ones Who Are Ignored, Mistreated, Hidden Away The Girls Nobody Hears When They Cry For Help Fourteen Year Old Luce Is One Of Those Lost Girls After Her Father Vanishes In A Storm At Sea, She Is Stuck In A Grim, Gray Alaskan Fishing Village With Her Alcoholic Uncle When Her Uncle Crosses An Unspeakable Line, Luce Reaches The Depths Of Despair Abandoned On The Cliffs Near Her Home, She Expects To Die When She Tumbles To The Icy, Churning Waves Below Instead, She Undergoes An Astonishing Transformation And Becomes A Mermaid A Tribe Of Mermaids Finds Luce And Welcomes Her In All Of Them, Like Her, Lost Girls Who Surrendered Their Humanity In The Darkest Moments Of Their Lives The Mermaids Are Beautiful, Free, And Ageless, And Luce Is Thrilled With Her New Life Until She Discovers The Catch They Feel An Uncontrollable Desire To Drown Seafarers, Using Their Enchanted Voices To Lure Ships Into The RocksLuce S Own Talent At Singing Captures The Attention Of The Tribe S Queen, The Fierce And Elegant Catarina, And Luce Soon Finds Herself Pressured To Join In Committing Mass Murder Luce S Struggle To Retain Her Inner Humanity Puts Her At Odds With Her Friends Even Worse, Catarina Seems To Regard Luce As A Potential Rival But The Appearance Of A Devious New Mermaid Brings A Real Threat To Catarina S Leadership And Endangers The Very Existence Of The Tribe Can Luce Find The Courage To Challenge The Newcomer, Even At The Risk Of Becoming Rejected And Alone Once Again Lost Voices Is A Captivating And Wildly Original Tale About Finding A Voice, The Healing Power Of Friendship, And The Strength It Takes To Forgive

About the Author: Sarah Porter

I m no longer checking goodreads If you d like to contact me, please write to wateryden at gmail dot com Thank you I write stories that seem to me to be quite true enough for all practical purposes Among them are VASSA IN THE NIGHT, THE LOST VOICES TRILOGY, and the forthcoming WHEN I CAST YOUR SHADOW and TENTACLE AND WING Realism makes little sense to me and I experience truth in the

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    I don t like it when mermaids are mean.This book has beautiful imagery of shimmering fins and tails and mesmerizing siren songs, as well as exciting near misses with giant orcas The author writes lov

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    Mermaids are my favorite creatures always have been Consequently I notice with glee all those merfolk novels that lately have started popping up left and right And I am very, very grateful to Hartcourt and t

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    1.5 starsThis book made me feel Really passionately Exceptit was all the wrong emotions.Up till the halfway point, I was actually really liking it The descriptions of the mermaidsthe singing, the ocean they were stu

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    Lost Voices spoke to me like a dark reminiscent fairytale It almost seemed like a very vague retelling of The Little Mermaid Little things sometimes just reminded me of the classic tale But Lost Voices brought a whole new w

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    Sometime after Stephenie Meyer s Breaking Dawn was unleashed upon the world and the media was scrambling for the next big creature in YA, mermaids was tossed around as a possible substitute for vampires and werewolves, partly influ

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    Gosh, this was going to be a solid two star C review until I got closer to the end.Okay, so these mermaids aren t your nice pretty pretty let s sing songs that most of you are familiar with No these are mean, bitchy fish girls that have no

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    Lost Voices is a dark and deep book that takes us on a journey with 14 year old Lucette who feels completely alone in the world since her mother died at child birth and her father was lost at sea over a year ago Living with her drunken abusive Unc

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    I ll begin this by saying that I have had an interest in mermaids for as long as I can remember, probably stemming from Barrie s Peter Pan and strengthened by the references in T.S Elliot s Love Song for J Alfred Prufrock And then again, they appear in Gr

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    Let me say right away, I did not finish this book I have no idea how it ends nor do I really care to But, I feel that I listened to enough of it to form an opinion and therefore give a partial review I have read a lot of reviews on this book and most people seeme

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    With a cover like this, who wouldn t have big expectations I MEAN, LOOK AT IT The cover for Lost Voices promises a sort of fairy tale, magic, and girlish innocent youth It doesn t deliver Lost Voices by Sarah Porter is the story of Luce, formerly a human who transforms i

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