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Saddharma Puṇḍarīka Sūtra Since Its Appearance In China In The Third Century, The Lotus Sutra Has Been Regarded As One Of The Most Illustrious Scriptures In The Mahayana Buddhist Canon The Object Of Intense Veneration Among Generations Of Buddhists In China, Korea, Japan, And Other Parts Of The World, It Has Had A Profound Impact On The Great Works Of Japanese And Chinese Literature, Attracting Commentary Than Any Other Buddhist ScriptureAs Watson Notes In The Introduction To His Remarkable Translation, The Lotus Sutra Is Not So Much An Integral Work As A Collection Of Religious Texts, An Anthology Of Sermons, Stories, And Devotional Manuals, Some Speaking With Particular Force To Persons Of One Type Or In One Set Of Circumstances, Some To Those Of Another Type Or In Other Circumstances This Is No Doubt Why It Has Had Such Broad And Lasting Appeal Over The Ages And Has Permeated So Deeply Into The Cultures That Have Been Exposed To It

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    Ahhh, the Lotus Sutra, as a former professor of mine once stated The Greatest Sutra Never Preached Why would he say that Because while this Sutra goes on at length about the benefits and power of the Lotus Sutra, it never quite gets around to actually saying what the sublime and powerful teachings are that the vast

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    I read the Nichiren Translation online.One of the ultimate troll wisdom texts As many have pointed out, it reads like a grand preface to something that will never come, but, in fact, the preface is itself the text Further, the text begins with Buddha explaining how he ll straight up lie and tell elaborate fantasies to get peo

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    More then half the book is about, reading the book It goes into great lengths about how easily you can obtain Buddhahood by reading the book, and about how, despite the infinite love and compassion, how you will suffering near endless torture for maligning the book.The whole thing stinks of the trope How to write a book and make a mill

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    This is a awakening teaching Allegorical in it s telling, it explains the true nature of humanity of the ultimate equality of us all in our infinite potential Perhaps the first true self empowerment teaching but oh so much , it is also the foundation for Nichiren Buddhism, an incredibly powerful, practical method of faith, practice, and study f

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    This is far and away the best version of any English translation It alone has footnotes that reveal extremely important information and clarifications you will not find in any other source It also has the unpolluted version of the Dragon Princess chapter.If you are going to read the sutra in English, you should read THIS version first.

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    So, one does not rate the Lotus Sutra It s the Lotus Sutra What s being evaluated here is the translation and presentation of the work.Overall, Burton Watson s translation is a good, non offensive go to edition pretty easily found in print It s also non scholar friendly, making it a good choice for casual studiers of Buddhism.

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    Watson s translation is clear and convincing, as usual The Lotus Sutra is a collection of mostly devotional sermons, and Watson renders the poetry beautifully This probably isn t the best place to pick up the basics of Mahayana Buddhism, but culturally it s important.

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    Excellent notes, excellent translation.

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    Read in Chinese.

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    I read this at

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