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Skintight (Showgirls #1) Professional Poker Player Jax Gallagher Should Have Known Better Than To Wager A World Series Baseball That Wasn T His To Lose Now The Man Who Won The Collectible Is Demanding His Prize Or Else Trouble Is, The Ball Is Owned By His Estranged Father S Widow A Flamboyant Las Vegas Showgirl Jax Will Do Whatever It Takes To Get It BackYet Treena McCall Is Anything But The Ruthless Gold Digger Jax Expects She S Built A Life For Herself Filled With Good Friends And Hard Work And She S Got Enough On Her Plate Trying To Hang On To Her Job As A Dancer Without Being Wined, Dined And Seduced By Sexy Jax Gallagher

About the Author: Susan Andersen

I grew up in a household with two brothers, a daddy, and my grandfather Too many men, in other words They diluted M ma s influence by diverting my attention to things like the danger of answering nature s call in the dead of the night I ve got a hint for those of you raised in a less spit and scratch world check before you sit, because chances are that seat is gonna be up And they don t even

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    4.5This was a fantastic contemporary romance Treena McCall is a dancer in the show la Stravaganza on the Strip in Vegas She has recently been widowed, but her husband Big Jim had been sick, so the year they d been married had been taking care of him.Jax Gallagher is a professional poker player whose father Big Jim married a Las Vegas showgirl As if that didn t strain his already

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    Post Listen Review First the plot summary This pro poker player needs to get the first 1927 homerun ball that Babe Ruth himself hit in order to keep his fingers from being broken Never mind the fact that there is no way that a Vegas showgirl owns it, nor that it is signed by all of Murderer s row, the heart of the Yankees line up that year The problem is that his father who owned it died

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    Showgirl Treena McCall is a sweet woman who had big dreams of opening up her own dance studio Her dream is derailed when she takes care of her dying husband She used up all of his fortune and her savings to care for him but she s not complaining After his death, she is back in the dance troupe and she just wants to do the one thing she has always loved Jax Gallagher is a professional gambler who

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    This was a very pleasant surprise I ve never really enjoyed stories where the hero heroine start out with a mission to use the other I dislike the lies and the misleading I decided to put that aside for this book, and I am very glad that I did.Treena is a great character She s strong, she has a great sense of values She s a great judge of character Her friends are loyal to her and she to them I want to be

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    Did not like this book Did not like this series It s one thing to feature Vegas as a setting for a book it is quite another to write a story around central characters who rely on Sin City for their livelihoods.Jax s was nothing special and IMO chosing gambling as a profession is just shy of douche Then he had a dislike of Treena soley on the basis of her being his Dad s younger wife, that was not really sold but w

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    Jax Gallagher is a professional poker player but he lost to another guy one night and promised him that he would give him his father s baseball that has a signature of a famous baseball player on it The problem is that the ball is in the hands of his father s late wife sine Jax s father died a few months ago Now his plan is to make Treena, the widow, fall in love with hom and he takes the ball It sounds easy but when Jax f

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    this one was pretty horrendous This is my second book from this author, and the first one was pretty good so I m surprised with my reaction to this one I thought the storyline was pretty mundane and not that interesting Worst of all it was pretty predictable and from the first few pages I pretty much figured out the relationship aspect The action part of the storyline was pitiful, and the bad character in the book who was threateni

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    I enjoyed this sweet, fluffy romance The set up is somewhat worn the guy wants a baseball that the girl has and romances her to get it and ends up falling for her but it is well done and you really end up rooting for Jax and Treena The backdrop is Vegas and she s a dancer while he s a professional poker player I love the supporting cast the friends and neighbors that add to the tale There s even a romance between 2 older characters that pro

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    I was surprised by how much I liked this one I ve never read anything by Andersen, and I was pleased to find a well written, charming and touching romance even though I thought Jax was a world class ass at first.

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    Very enjoyable read about Jax Gallagher, a professional poker player, and Treena McCall, a Las Vegas showgirl.I often have a hard time with books where one or the other character is lying to the other, and in this case, Jax is definitely misrepresenting himself to Treena But Susan Andersen s story hooked me, and her cast of supporting characters won my heart as well Treena s not the gold digger Jax originally suspects, and her warm heartedness means she s su

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