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Class A (Cherub #2) When I finished reading the first cherub book I never new that it was a huge series, I didn t find out till my mum told me This book carried on from the first book in the CHERUB series As I was so hooked into the first book i had to read on or it would be complete torture for me to not read on This book was not as good as the first book THE RECRUIT Quite possibly the author Robert Mucha tried to make a better action packed book to carry on with the first book but as I was saying I think Robert tried to hard in this book to make it better than the firstA book recommended by a member of your familyIn this book James, the main character, is older and is curious to find out what others think of him as their friend My most favourite quote and the funniest is C mon have a sniff wont do u any harm this has got to be the stupidest thing you could say to someone have a sniff sounds like the most deadliest and sinister thing to ever do The thing I learned is to never do drugs full stop. I m so glad that I m re reading this series I remember being a young teen and being so obsessed over Cherub I wanted to be recruited as well and become badass Also, I must say that, now being almost 22 years old, I m seeing things in a different light There are certain details that I m not okay with, the first and main one being the fact that these kids act way mature than they are, and the nasty that goes on on their lives is taken into consideration What I mean is, sometimes stuff happen and the way these kids deal with it is not very realistic.But in no way does it make me mad or even the least bit disinterested Honestly, once I start reading one of these books I can hardly tear my eyes way. This book IS AMAZING So much gripping than the the 1st book of the series This book has made me want to keep reading on I couldn t put it down and kept myself reading late into the night till early morning Yet again, I felt very evolved in this story with James and sometimes felt like I was at the scene or wanted to be in the scene Further, you fell so engaged in the book that you were feeling some of James emotions and helping him throughout the mission I know at times I was gasping a lot to the thrilling, dangerous and exciting twists and turns throughout this read This book features a lot of rollercoaster rides for James Adams the main character From the finding out that one of his best mates, Kyle is gay to the gun shooting and car run away in Miami The first page of this book really caught my enthusiasm and I was on the edge of my seat Well like hanging off the end of my bed They should really consider putting Cherub towards the film industry if they haven t already I would strongly recommend this addictive novel series for anyone who likes adventurous plot line stories of Harry Potter and Alex Rider Even though this book has been written in a boy perspective, I am teenager girl fascinated by the story of Class A Any way, in conclusion I say to teenager people to read this series with the first of the series, The Recruit and then Class A This is a very good series and has encouraged me to read again.This action pack has encouraged me to read the next book in the series, MAXIUM SECURITY. A YA with some daring espionageNot my usual SciFi fare, but a really great read anyway James , now an aging agent of twelve Fifteen Hard to guess as most all of the agents are under age you see The author makes it clear that children were used during the world wars in Britain with great effectiveness This is the basis for the series This is book two, which sets James up as a drug dealer against a seasoned gang of coke dealers The usual antic unfold with a bit of hilarity, coming of age sexuality and growing up His best mate Kyle is gay and he s learning to deal with his hetero girlfriend who only songs with him That s kissing in britspeak if you re not used to that term The Keith Morris Gang takes them into Miami for a final showdown and the usual anti drug messages are expressed Don t do drugs, or you re not cool.etc This coming of age tale and series is quite good as I found it in my local library eBook downloads Cheers and tally ho readers, enjoy Murf The book is very exiting with a lot of action and I found it very hard to put the book down. Cherub book number two Class A aka The Dealer This is a great book It starts off with James and his friend Bruce in practice training, but the author makes you think it is a real mission They both fail miserable and lose to the girls They do so badly that they have clean up duty back on the Cherub campus They also have to walk 10 kilometers back to the hotel The girls Kerry and Gabriella the girls they lost to start making fun of them Things quickly get out of control Kerry and Bruce start fighting James and Gabriella run to get help When help arrives back Kerry is in major pain on the floor and Bruce nowhere to be found Kerry has a bad knee because a few years ago in basic training she fractured her knee cap Later they will find out that Bruce has re fractured it Bruce is in very big trouble A few months later when Kerry is better she is asked to go on a real mission with James, Kyle herself and one James chooses Nicole The four of them go on a mission and the objective is gather information about Keith Moore who is a major drug dealer James is supposed to become friends with his son, Nicole with his daughter, Kyle Keith s sons best friend and Kerry the daughters best friend James gets a long well with his target and same with Nicole and Kyle, but Kerry is not the same She is struggling because her target is not normal The only way she is allowed to stay on the mission is because she gets a boyfriend who s dad does business with Keith Moore James friend Del who is friends with Keith s son jr makes deliveries of cocaine and he asks James if he would like to do James agrees because it is a good way to make money Nicole becomes involved with jr She gets herself in huge trouble by overdosing on cocaine She has to go to the hospital to get it out of her system The bad thing is that any Cherub agent who takes those types of drugs and is caught is expelled So Nicole is expelled from Cherub James also learns that Kyle is gay This scares him a little Another thing that happens on the mission is jr s sister April and James become boy friend and girlfriend This brings James closer to the Moore family By now MI5 and Cherub have almost enough evidence to arrest Keith Moore and bring down his company Then Keith invites James to go to Miami with them It would be James, Keith, Jr, and a body gaurd James asks his mission advisers and they approve of him going There is CIA in the area John Jones will be watching to make sure he is safe When James gets to the house he plants microphones that will be heard by Cherub One night James and Jr go out on the beach for a boxing match While they are out they hear a large noise and think it is the body guard falling off the couch When they get back in there are crazy thugs there with guns They have shot the body guard and have Mr Moore James manages to get away from them, but Jr on the other hand did not They have both Jr and his dad James runs into a room and calls for help John is on his way with the cops Then James hears one of the men coming up the stairs He quickly locks the door and blocks it but it will only hold up for so long Then the man starts shooting He sticks his hand with the gun through the door Luckily for James they taught him how to take a gun from someone James snatches the gun and points it at the man He threatens to kill if he comes any closer The man comes closer and James does as he is taught which is aim for the chest He aims and fires The man is dead James scrambles to Kieth s room and grabs the car keys to the Land Rover He shoots one of the men holding Jr and rushes out the door Jr runs away, but is shot James jumps in the car and is off Everybody is safe except Jr who got shot in the stomach He is rushed to the hospital, but he will be ok Keith Moore is busted and the mission is success Another big thing that happened is James finally asked out Kerry She accepted and they are boyfriend and girlfriend Overall I really liked the book and i highly recommend reading it It is a good second book in the series and i cant wait to read the third I highly recommend reading the series. This book has lots of action, suspense and cliff hangers at the end of most chapters It s a great book for anyone who enjoys what I just described This book is second in it s series The entire CHERUB series has 12 books in it, starting from The Recruit and ending in Shadow Wave WARNING SPOILERS Class A is James Adams second mission James works for CHERUB, a secret agency that uses kids as agents instead of adults because they are less suspicious CHERUB was founded by a man named Charles Henderson, who served as a British spy in France during World War II He used 12 year old boys as spies in Germany and turned it out to be a great success Henderson died later and the boys split up after his death Afterwards, CHERUB was founded 4 children had died during CHERUBS long operating years, 2 unknown, 1 from a snake bite and the most gruesome a land mine James got sent to CHERUB at the age of 12 after hurting a girl named Samantha James first mission was when he was sent to live in a hippy town for a short time The operation was successful Now James faces his most difficult mission yet arresting a millionaire drug smuggler named Keith Moore In this book is a mixture of guns, cars and drugs This book is a must read WARNING You must read The Recruit first. Nice series I love the idea of CHERUB and espionage books, so this gets four star But I don t want to review every single book in the series, cause there s a lot, so here s a quick review of the first four books, that I ve already read.I love the characters, especially Kerry and Lauren And James, the MC, can be sexist But after getting beat up by girls younger than him, he quickly learns his place He s still likableminus his revolting lack of cleanliness I totally agree that he s disgusting Kyleespecially since we know he hasn t really had much responsible adults in his life He got some sympathy from me.But please spare me the details of your snogging James I m gonna seriously puke.The missions are action packed and I love the double identity struggle that James sometimes faces He has a terrible temper like me and gets into trouble for lashing out multiple times But he s the hero and I like how he grows a little with each book.The characters are diverse Kerry is Chinese, her BFF, Gabrielle, is from Jamaica, there are some kids from the Middle East, Africa and so on Who agrees that Kerry needs a series of her own She s amazing, tough, and loyal I love her so much In summary great book, awesome series, and I m definitely finishing the rest I don t mean to be offensive to anyone Please don t take it as an insult I come in peace Os Agentes CHERUB N O S O O James BondN O Existem Mestres Do Crime, Nem Engenhocas De Alta TecnologiaS O Profissionais Treinados Que Escapam Ao Radar Dos AdultosEm O Traficante, A Segunda Aventura Da Colec O CHERUB, James Adams Participa Numa Das Miss Es Mais Perigosas De Sempre Da CHERUB A Persegui O De Keith Moore, O Maior Traficante De Coca Na Da Europa, Que A Pol Cia Persegue H Mais De Vinte AnosSer James Capaz De Conquistar A Confian A Do Traficante A Aventura Continua

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Robert Mucha was born in Islington, London in 1972 He still lives there, and worked as a private investigator up until 2005 and the critically accepted release of Maximum Security The Hunger Games phenomenon is part of the huge YA Children s book explosion that has grown, thanks to the British Rat pack of YA authors, Anthony Horowitz, Robert Mucha, Mark A Cooper and Charlie Higson We

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