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The Mermaids Pendant Inspired By The Beloved Classic The Little Mermaid, THE MERMAID S PENDANT Is A Modern Fairy Tale About Growing Up And Discovering Who You Are And What You Believe In At Times Lyrical, This Novel Is A Fantastic Journey Filled With Magic, Myth, Romance, And Adventure Four Years After John Wilkerson Claims The Mermaid Tamarind For His Wife, They Have An Idyllic Marriage That Depends On A Talisman That She Crafted On Their Island Paradise But Tamarind Learns A Painful Truth It Takes Than Legs To Live On Land And Than Magic To Sustain A Bond When The Talisman Breaks, She And John Are Forced To Rely On Themselves Instead Of Magic Three Wise Women Play Key Roles In The Young Lovers Journey To Mature Love Ana, Tamarind S Aging Mentor, Casts Spells And Performs Seductions To Keep The Lovers Apart Valerie, An Expat Jewelry Maker Cum Fairy Godmother, Works Her Own Magic To Bring Them Together Lucy, Their Widowed Neighbor, Grounds The Couple In The Realities Of Marriage, Parenting, And Family

About the Author: LeAnn Neal Reilly

According to Kirkus Reviews, LeAnn Neal Reilly writes novels about resilient women caught in magical, otherworldly circumstances She grew up in the Midwest, migrated east to Pittsburgh for graduate school, and then migrated even farther east to the Boston suburbs where she raised three children.

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    When my older daughter was about four years old, she had Ariel pajamas that she would have worn everywhere if we d let her One of her favorite videos was Disney s The Little Mermaid, so I ve seen it myself countless times That s why LeAnn Neal Reilly s The Mermaids Pendant felt so familiar to me The first half of t

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    In The Mermaid s Pendant, LeAnn Neal Reilly takes the reader through the trials of life from an extremely unique perspective When Tamarind gazed at and wondered about humans, she felt a pull A tug at her emotions that told her there was something big she was missing out on Well It was something big alright, maybe just not what

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    I find great potential in this novel, both for the new author and the story Le Ann Reilly interprets the Disney version of a Hans Christian Anderson beloved classic into her own modern fairy tale Her attempts to be true to the nature of original stories in the genre, which include the darker side of life different than Disney who provides memorab

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    Life is about making hard choices and making sure that you do whatever it takes to see them through to the best of your ability.This is a wonderful story that takes the fantasy of a mermaid and weaves it seamlessly into a realistic life story The challenges facing Tamrind to make her journey possible consisted of family, friends and love that all worked a

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    Really hard to get into Characters aren t very likable, and they do really frustrating things, like not commmunicating, which would solve most if not all their problems I wouldn t have finished it, except I won the book, so felt I should, for the author But it was well written, except for the slow slow slow beginning.

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    The beginning of this book is a retold tale of The Little Mermaid More the Disney version rather than the Grimm faerie tale This telling is also set in the present time and John is no prince In fact, he is flawed as much as any human being Tamarind falls for John and is determined to be with him no matter the consequences of her decision Ana, plays the sea witch well and s

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    I have tried to write this without any spoilers, but it has proven to be a tough task and I apologize if anyone feels I ve let too much slip out I have always been a fan of the original tale of The Little Mermaid It s a little grittier and real than the beloved Disney take on the story It is darker, based on the theme of love lost and sacrifice than of the happily ever after every

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    All our lives are a mix of the magical and the mundane The Mermaid s Pendant, a superbly imagined tale of a mythical creature come to live among mortals, takes this thought not only as premise but as problem how do we keep the heart from atrophy in the long intervals of the one, or from consuming itself in the effulgent moments of the other How to transport love s transcendence, its sustain

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    This book is HUGE We re talking almost 600 pages One of the longest books I ve read in a long time, and its length is my excuse for not having finished it sooner But, I read what I could when I could, and today I made the point of finishing it It had gotten to the culmination of everything, and finally had the feel of can t put it down because I must see how it ends urgency.As I m sure is no surpris

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    The Mermaid s Pendant is like the adult version of The Little Mermaid It still has the magic of the fairy tale, but Leann Neal Reilly takes the classic tale and tests the happy ever afterromance Tamarind is the naive mermaid that gives up everything she knows to live a human life with John With the help of Ana, a local witch, Tamarind goes through the motions of winning John s heart from two other women that

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