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By the Shores of Silver Lake The Adventures Of Laura Ingalls And Her Family Continue As They Move From Their Little House On The Banks Of Plum Creek To The Wilderness Of The Unsettled Dakota Territory Here Pa Works On The New Railroad Until He Finds A Homestead Claim That Is Perfect For Their New Little House Laura Takes Her First Train Ride As She, Her Sisters, And Their Mother Come Out To Live With Pa On The Shores Of Silver Lake After A Lonely Winter In The Surveyors House, Pa Puts Up The First Building In What Will Soon Be A Brand New Town On The Beautiful Shores Of Silver Lake The Ingallses Covered Wagon Travels Are Finally Over

About the Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Ingalls wrote a series of historical fiction books for children based on her childhood growing up in a pioneer family She also wrote a regular newspaper column and kept a diary as an adult moving from South Dakota to Missouri, the latter of which has been published as a book.

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    Sniffs Wipes away tear Laura knew then that she was not a little girl any Now she was alone she must take care of herself When you must do that, then you do it and you are grown up. Oh, they grow up so fast, don t they I do wish that this series could stay with Laura as a young girl running around and having adventures with Ma, Pa and her sisters But, Laura Ingalls Wilder

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    One of the things I love about this series is how the prose grows with the protagonist Four year old Laura lives in a world with short sentences and simple feelings, and thirteen year old Laura, who has had to broaden her vocabulary to help describe things to her blind sister, inhabits a text that is intricately described and which gives a broader overview of events and situations

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    Alright By the Shores of Silver Lake You ready, Eleanor E Mm hmm.Dad Ok Go for it.E Um Well My favorite paaaarrrrt waaaassssss hmmmmmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm Chapter 8 I thiiiink I think, daddy I think uh My favorite part was when they went out in the shanty, and when they got do you want me to tell you the surprising part that I liked, or the regular part that I liked D Start with the regular p

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    These books give such a view into the psyche of America back when the land was being settled The pace is slow compared to today s literature, but there is something here One of the best parts of the book is toward the end The Ingalls family are living out on the prairie alone during the winter The spring comes and droves of men begin coming through The Ingalls have the only house so they all stay

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    This was a charming book to read on Christmas Day Last summer I started rereading the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, and this fifth one was a delight By the Shores of Silver Lake covers the family s move to the Dakota territory at about 1879, when Pa gets a job working for the railroad Laura loves being out on the open prairie, and she s fascinated when she gets a chance to watch the men preparing the grou

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    Another enjoyable read Laura is growing up and while the story is still kid friendly there are some serious things that happened that made it less lighthearted than the previous book A couple things early on even made me cry a little view spoiler Jack the dog s death and learning that Mary went blind due to an illness that occurred somewhere between this book and the last hide spoiler

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    It was toward the beginning of this novel that I abandoned the Little House books at age eleven, and to a large degree, I blame the television series The book opens with the news of Mary s blindness, which was shown with typical pioneer stoicism She was able to sit up now, wrapped in quilts in Ma s old hickory rocking chair All that long time, week after week, when she could still see a little, but less every day, she h

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    Like every book in the series this one is filled with moments of poignant hardship Mary going blind and sweet levity Pa s wanderlust hasn t rested, but he s agreed for Ma s sake to stay put About time, is what I have to say to that She put up with a lot, that woman.

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    Listened to this volume with kids, in car, over supper And it, the whole series, is an old classic I might have been tempted to dismiss I had three sisters and all these books were in the house and I read everything, so I knew these stories decades ago, and it is surprising to return to them and find what a good writer Wilder is This book was written in 1939, and is meant to reflect 1880 U.S., and it is a sort of fictional treatment of

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    I ve always thought that this is where the series really started to grow up and mature, much like Laura herself Sure, bad things happened in previous books, but you never really felt it, quite like you do here I still always cry about Jack, and I always feel so sad about Mary, and about how Laura takes it upon herself to make sure Mary gets to go to college, no matter what Laura has to do.

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