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His bright light This Is The Story Of An Extraordinary Boy With A Brilliant Mind, A Heart Of Gold, And A Tortured Soul It Is The Story Of An Illness, A Fight To Live, And A Race Against Death From The Day He Was Born, Nick Traina Was His Mother S Joy By Nineteen, He Was Dead This Is Danielle Steel S Powerful Personal Story Of The Son She Lost And The Lessons She Learned During His Courageous Battle Against Darkness Sharing Tender, Painful Memories And Nick S Remarkable Journals, Steel Brings Us A Haunting Duet Between A Singular Young Man And The Mother Who Loved Him And A Harrowing Portrait Of A Masked Killer Called Manic Depression, Which Afflicts Between Two And Three Million AmericansNick Rocketed Through Life Like A Shooting Star Signs Of His Illness Were Subtle, Often Paradoxical He Spoke In Full Sentences At Age One He Was A Brilliant, Charming Child Who Never Slept And At First, Even His Mother Explained Away His Quicksilver Moods Nick Always Marched To A Different Drummer His Gift For Writing Was Extraordinary, His Musical Talent Promised A Golden Future But By The Time He Entered Junior High, Danielle Steel Saw Her Beloved Son Hurtling Toward Disaster And Tried Desperately To Get Nick The Help He Needed The Opening Salvos Of What Would Become A Ferocious Pitched Battle For His LifeEven As He Struggled, Nick S Charisma And Accomplishments Remained Undimmed He Bared His Soul In His Journal With Uncanny Insight, In Searing Prose, Poetry, And Song When He Was Finally Diagnosed And Treated, It Bought Time, But Too Little In The End, Perhaps Nothing Could Have Saved Him From The Insidious Disease That Had Shadowed Him From His Earliest YearsAt Once A Loving Legacy And An Unsparing Depiction Of A Devastating Illness, Danielle Steel S Tribute To Her Lost Son Is A Gift Of Life, Hope, Healing, And Understanding To Us All

About the Author: Danielle Steel

Since 1981, Ms Steel has been a permanent fixture on the New York Times hardcover and paperback bestseller lists In 1989, she was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having at least one of her books on the Times bestseller list for 381 consecutive weeks But Guinness was premature The fact is that one or of Ms Steel s novels have been on the New York Times bestseller list for

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    Great Read a memoir on the struggles that her family suffered because of mental illness and then finally tragedy at the end..well written paperback

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    This is my favorite Danielle Steel book Yes, it is partly because I share her experience of parenting a child with mental illness though Nick had childhood onset bipolar disorder and my Ben has schizophrenia which began to appear gradually in his mid teens but, this common thread aside, I couldn t help bu

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    I was so astonished by this true story I knew that Danielle Steel could tell a good story, and I knew that a true story of how she lost one of her children would be incredibly wrenching and tragic But I never would have believed an author who writes so often about wealthy, jet set type people would have a persona

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    This book starts from the birth of Nick, Danielle s second child and we follow their lives right through his unusual quirks and deemed odd behaviour until he is given a label continues on the road to battle Manic depression Bipolar Disease.What stands out from the story is the deep love, fiercely strong parental instinct

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    I read this book because of my own bipolar daughter She s also been suicidal several times, but she ll soon die anyway from hepatitis C or liver cancer You see, bipolars don t want to take their meds but, since their body needs the meds, they re drawn to cocaine or pain pills or heroin I say hep C or liver cancer because people

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    Having a child with Bipolar disorder and suffering from it myself I can only say that Danielle Steel is not only and amazing writer in my opinion but a damn good mother To have lived through the trials and tribulations of Nick s precious short life, to fight to help him win and only lose him in the end must have been then hell I can on

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    A minha opini o em v deo

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    This was a heartbreaking book As a mother of a bipolar son, it was a difficult read After reading part way through the first chapter, I tossed the book across the room and couldn t pick it up again for months I was frustrated with the mom s lack of education about bipolar illness and the many freedoms her money allowed him to gain access to without pro

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    In 1998, when Danielle Steel s son Nick died, what is now bipolar disorder was still called manic depressive In this book from the heart, Steel documents what this condition does to those who have it and those around them, in the context of her son s short but remarkable life I admire the author s courage in sharing her story.Although much is now known about t

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    Mi debilidad son los libros sobre historias reales, en especial cuando tales historias tienen que ver con todo lo que significa probar las fronteras de la experiencia humana no quer s nada, jajaja , y este fue una sorpresa de lo m s agridulce Dulce, porque QU INTERESANTE ES y CU NTO APRENDIMOS, y amargo porque es TERRIBLE lo que pas este pobre ser, y toda su familia c

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