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Amadeus . I ve never personally watched an Aleta before and hence, this review is solely based on my limited grasp of the play Where do I start The play is than just about rivalry or envy, it is about love and compassion Love that is destructive and compassion that burns ones own soul Both Salieri and Mozart love their work, to an extent that destroyed them Salieri destroyed himself not just out of envy for Mozart s talent but despise for his own limits Yet he from the ordinary created legends and I from legends created only the ordinary There are moments of joy, and moments of cruel defeat right in the immediate There is love and there is envy bordering on hatred The play is awfully dark, and yet funny It s a whole lot of paradoxes There is expected mortality, yet immortality coming out of it Something immortal yet stinking of death Indestructible and yet rotting The play is unbearably human You feel disgust, pity and love, all the same It s beautiful Give it a read. Ambition And Jealousyall Set To Music Devout Court Composer Antonio Salieri Plots Against His Rival, The Dissolute But Supremely Talented Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart How Far Will Salieri Go To Achieve The Fame That Mozart Disregards The Tony Award Winner For Best Play An LA Theatre Works Full Cast Performance Featuring Steven Brand As Baron Van Swieten James Callis As Mozart Michael Emerson As Salieri Darren Richardson As Venticello Alan Shearman As Count Orsini Rosenberg Mark Jude Sullivan As Venticello Simon Templeman As Joseph II Brian Tichnell As Count Johann Kilian Von Strack Jocelyn Towne As Constanze Directed By Rosalind Ayres Recorded In Los Angeles Before A Live Audience At The James Bridges Theater, UCLA In September Of I can t believe this book is a so great masterpiece 10 20 35 30 74 . Peter Shafer was not so famous playwright However, he has written so many pays that provide him critical acclaim among the intellectuals Amadeus is a kind of psychological drama He has mastery over playing with words That s why he has created so many plays those are full of powerful dialogues. . The best play ever about envy and talent I loved the movie, but the dialogue in Peter Shaffer s 1981 stage classic is just wonderful, and Salieri s fury at God for imbuing Mozart with unappreciated talent is a great observation of human character and the unequal balance of musical gifts. 1 99 Adagio. I saw a production of the brilliant play Amadeus in London s West End, where it moved to in 1981, after its initial stunning and masterly debut at the National Theatre in 1979 The production was the same, with Peter Hall directing, starring Frank Finlay as the tortured Salieri, and Richard O Callaghan as the manic and crassly inappropriately behaved Mozart It also starred Morag Hood as Constanze Weber.The film a couple of years later became a well deserved favourite, but this was a breathtaking introduction to what has become a famous story about the tragically short life of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart The young composer s sheer genius surpassed anything the established Viennese court composer Salieri could possibly create Salieri was an established figure a much celebrated conductor and composer of operas and other works He did not welcome a rival especially such a one as Mozart This uncouth insolent lad displayed all the anti social behaviour associated with Tourette s syndrome.An arrogant, lazy, buffoon of a boy, vulgarities spewing from his mouth, strutting around the stage offending all he met is seared into my memory Is this the composer who created such sublime music And did the composer Salieri, despairing of possibly competing with such talent, really view spoiler murder him hide spoiler

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