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Wings of the Wicked Life As The Preliator Is Harder Than Ellie Ever ImaginedBalancing Real Life With The Responsibility Of Being Heaven S Warrior Is A Challenge For Ellie Her Relationship With Will Has Become All Business, Though They Both Long For Each Other And Now That The Secret Of Who She Really Is Has Come Out, So Have Hell S Strongest Reapers Grown Bold And Vicious, The Demonic Threaten Her In The Light Of Day And Stalk Her In The NightShe S Been WarnedCadan, A Demonic Reaper, Comes To Her With Information About Bastian S New Plan To Destroy Ellie S Soul And Use An Ancient Relic To Wake All The Souls Of The Damned And Unleash Them Upon Humanity As She Fights To Stay Ahead Of Bastian S Schemes , The Revelations About Those Closest To Her Awaken A Dark Power Within Ellie That Threatens To Destroy Everything Including HerselfShe Ll Be BetrayedTreachery Comes Even From Those Whom She Loves, And Ellie Is Broken By The Deaths Of Those Who Stood Beside Her In This Heavenly War Still, She Must Find A Way To Save The World, Herself, And Her Love For Will If She Fails, There Will Be Hell To Pay

About the Author: Courtney Allison Moulton

Courtney Allison Moulton lives in rural Michigan with her family, horse, donkey, and a flock of spoiled sheep When she isn t studying ancient civilizations or writing about magic and monsters, she s busy with farm chores Her debut novel ANGELFIRE was published when she was just 24 years old.For information about Courtney, visit her online at

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    95% of the people who read this book and message tweet email me Courtney, Wings of the Wicked made me sob like a baby and I ll likely need years of therapy Me

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    SPOILERS BELOW You ve been warned Oh, and sorry for the bad language in advance First of all, let me get one thing straight This book was I know, it s not the newest book in the stores, but I got my signed copy proud last week, and you know for waiting for it And it s over but I m writing this anyway.So, in the beginning, I mean in the very beginning all that s

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    Hah More like Wangst of the Wicked I kid, I kid.I made a comment about the first book being Buffy Season One Disney Channel Version Well, the sequel jumped straight into Buffy Season Six territory It s dark, sexy, and witty Much so than the first.Admittedly, I wasn t too impressed with Angelfire, the first book in this series, but Wings of the Wicked is abundantly fun than it s predecessor.The chara

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    Actual final rating 4.5 stars But I rounded up Because it lost half a star on a technicality only.So the other night I had this dream.It was the beginning of the new high school year after graduation Me and my graduating class were chilling in this weird white room that looked kind of like the lunch rooms in Cellblock 6 Female Lock Up and watching, through a set of Perspex windows looking out into the f

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    More Cadan this time,please

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    This book is everything that is wrong with books Possibly ever In the existence of the world I caught very few usage and spelling errorsso I guess it got that right Here s what s wrong with the book 1 The plot There isn t one Most books have one of these This one, for some odd reason, went another wayof meandering endlessly.2 The main character Let s see seldom does she actually kick butt, even though, supposedly, she has some

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    I hope her writing improved.ETA This just in I no longer care.

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    Not even posting the synopsis for this one It doesn t deserve it I m still pissed that GR doesn t offer a minus stars option JustWHAT How does stuff this bad actually get on SHELVES Is everyone in the publisher on drugs Basically, after I ranted to a bunch of my friends about the awful first book in this series ANGELFIRE some of them read it too I ended up feeling much better about the whole thing after we d all laughed ourselves into hiccuping

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    I am so lucky I got to read an ARC of Wings How incredibly beautiful is the love story, the complicated plot of heaven vs hell i.e., the war of endless battles between good and evil , and the archangel Gabriel in all her Glory Will s courage, devotion and undying love affection was than I could ask for Plus the hot sexyLOL Review to comein Feb 2012 when the book is actually released.CAM I am your little crazed sessed REAPER Came on board with my lil sis

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    When I started reading this book, I was hoping that after her many near death experiences, Ellie would have grown up, you know, gotten better at prioritizing what s important For example saving the world is a heck of a lot important than partying and having a picture perfect teen life But no, Ellie is every bit as whiny, selfish, annoying, make me want to rip my hair out as she was in the first book I mean, I already hated her when I started, so I assumed that i

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