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Theology for the Community of God This Proven Systematic Theology Represents The Very Best In Evangelical Theology Stanley Grenz Presents The Traditional Themes Of Christian Doctrine God, Humankind, Christ, The Holy Spirit, The Church, And The Last Things All Within An Emphasis On God S Central Program For Creation, Namely, The Establishment Of Community Masterfully Blending Biblical, Historical, And Contemporary Concerns, Grenz S Respected Work Provides A Coherent Vision Of The Faith That Is Both Intellectually Satisfying And Expressible In Christian Living Available For The First Time In Paperback

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    Grenz s systematic theology is written through the lens of community, particularly community with God, others and creation This lends itself to easy application of deep theological truths It s thorough, readable, and blends scripture, tradition, philosophy and culture together while giving primacy to scripture.Grenz is not a theologian without controversy, however He has been c

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    This was actually a good book by Grenz Later in his career, I became cynical of what he wrote, especially in regards to epistemology and the trinity, but at this stage, I do believe that his output was edifying, beneficial and for the life of the church.Good, sound, practical probably the biggest draw backs was is the Baptistic perspective advanced here in Still worthy of engaging,

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    It might surprise you to hear that I have always thought of the idea of systematic theology as being too complex for me to grasp This book really helped me get over that Grenz argues that because God is community within himself, existing as father who eternally begets the son in a relationship characterized by their spirit, the entirety of God s program for creation has to do with partic

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    I must say that while much of Grenz book is good, I was greatly turned off by his perspective of the human soul and the intermediate state It s odd that he discusses God as an immaterial being and angels and demons as immaterial beings, but rejects the immaterial side of humanity, something that has been accepted since the earliest days of the church I purchased this book along with Allister

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    An excellent work of systematic theology from a moderate evangelical perspective Particularly worth noting is his conception of systematic theology as a framework for understanding reality, not to be confused with the reality itself While paedobaptist readers will find his dismissive treatment of infant baptism fails to do justice to the question s complexity, the work is overall both comprehensiv

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    I appreciated how Grenz wove the threads of community and the Kingdom of God through the entire text The sections on ecclesiology and eschatology were particularly impactful Grenz seems to offers a balanced and middle of the road treatment of many subjects Other readers, depending on their backgrounds, may arrive at a different conclusion.

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    With the help of my maginificent professor who himself was taught by Grenz himself, this textbook on theology had been an impacting piece of literature in my life.

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    Helped a lot in my ordination process

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    As my first foray into theology, this book was a welcome guide and safe starting point that I will be forever grateful for.

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