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Incarnate New SoulAna Is New For Thousands Of Years In Range, A Million Souls Have Been Reincarnated Over And Over, Keeping Their Memories And Experiences From Previous Lifetimes When Ana Was Born, Another Soul Vanished, And No One Knows WhyNo SoulEven Ana S Own Mother Thinks She S A Nosoul, An Omen Of Worse Things To Come, And Has Kept Her Away From Society To Escape Her Seclusion And Learn Whether She Ll Be Reincarnated, Ana Travels To The City Of Heart, But Its Citizens Are Afraid Of What Her Presence Means When Dragons And Sylph Attack The City, Is Ana To Blame HeartSam Believes Ana S New Soul Is Good And Worthwhile When He Stands Up For Her, Their Relationship Blooms But Can He Love Someone Who May Live Only Once, And Will Ana S Enemies Human And Creature Alike Let Them Be Together Ana Needs To Uncover The Mistake That Gave Her Someone Else S Life, But Will Her Quest Threaten The Peace Of Heart And Destroy The Promise Of Reincarnation For All Jodi Meadows Expertly Weaves Soul Deep Romance, Fantasy, And Danger Into An Extraordinary Tale Of New Life

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    You should have left me there Everyone would have been happier to forget about me I collapsed over myself and wept I hate you I hate everyone Good lord, would you like some cheese with

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    I am extremely disappointed with this book It held so much promise with the story of souls being reincarnated, dragons, sylphs, and a utopian society Doesn t that sound awesome And that cover It s sim

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    A gorgeous YA utopian tale Nope, not dystopian Do you know the difference This book blew me away with a Masquerade Ball, reincarnation, slyph, dragons, music, souls, butterfly, slow burn romance, tension,

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    Incarnate had such an interesting premise that I rushed to request the ARC The concept of a society of people constantly reincarnating and being reborn to each other was too good to pass up Blue Bloods had a po

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    With a cover as pretty as that you d think this book would be dramatic, but unfortunately very little seems to happen for the majority of the novel The story consists of Ana attempting to discover why she is a News

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    I m lowering my rating down to 3 1 4This book is so bad it s good Didn t make any sense right My brain works in a weird way If it was so horrible, THEN WHY DID I LIKE IT I liked it because the writing pulled me in It s j

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    Can you say disappointment I haven t been this bummed by a book in ages The cover was just too beautiful to resist and the premise was one of the most intriguing things I ve seen all year But, nope It was all aesthetics and n

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    Um Yeah I was rooting for the dragons to destroy everything by the end If you saw my status update or twitter thread, yes, there was one instance of unnecessary sizeism But that was the only one I noticed There were, however, a fe

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    Gah No no no no no NO What was this mess So there s this city, right Every person in that city is a reincarnated soul, right Except for this one girl, let s call her Bessie I forget her name , who is a new soul she was born in p

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    Since I wrote this book, I admit my love of it is not an objective and unbiased love I would feel weird giving it stars.Since I did NOT make the cover, I have no qualms about telling you how much I adore it touches face looks dramatic Peopl

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