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Evercrossed It S Been A Year Since Ivy S Boyfriend, Tristan, Died They Ve Both Moved On Tristan To The Other Side Of The Afterlife, And Ivy To Sweet, Dependable Will Now Ivy S Heading To Cape Cod, Hoping To Leave The Horror Of Last Summer Behind She Wants Nothing Than To Lie On The Beach, Sip Lemonade, And Hang Out With Her Friends But Then A Car Crash Ends Ivy S Life As She Floats To The Beyond, Looking Down On The Life She S Left Behind, Tristan Breathes Life Back Into Her With A Passionate Kiss She Wakes Up In The Hospital, Surrounded By Will And Her Family, But All She Can Think About Is The Love That She Lost But Memories Aren T All That S Come Back From The Past And This Time, Ivy S Not Sure Love Will Be Enough To Save Her IRP BOOK REVIEWThe novel Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler is about a teenager named Ivy Lyons from New England After a hectic school year, with the death of her boyfriend, Tristan, and her stepbrother who caused Tristan s death, Ivy just wanted a normal Summer break All seems to be going well for the first part of the summer a good job, pleasant friends and an amazing new boyfriend But everything takes a turn for the worse after Ivy dies in a car crash As she dies, she sees Tristan and he kisses her, telling her its not her time to go She wakes up next to a mysterious stranger in the hospital She is strangely attracted to this boy He has amnesia, so Ivy calls him Guy She helps him escape the hospital and get on his feet, all the while pushing her friends and boyfriend away Her best friend and boyfriend, Beth and Will don t trust Guy They sense that Jeremy, Ivy s stepbrother, has returned and has put himself into Guy Ivy thinks its Tristan Ivy leaves Will and Beth behind to follow Guy Will looks into Guy, searching into missing person reports and discovers that he is a wanted criminal, for killing his girlfriend Guy is immediately captured by the police, but not after he tells Ivy he is Tristan Ivy cant believe it, Because Beth just said that he was Jeremy Guy escapes from the police and stays in hiding, leaving Ivy to wonder who is Tristan in, and who is Jeremy in.I thought that this book was beautifully written, for a YA novel It did lack some support in some parts, but I love the story, it is really sweet It had some really great messages about belief and spirituality And most of all it told you that love never dies I would recommend this book to romantic fantasy novel lovers or to girls that read YA novels I would give it a 5 out of 5, if compared to YA novels, but in general a 3.5 out of 5, mostly due to errors in over all plot structure and detail It is my least favorite book in the series, but not the worst book ever. Other Description Ivy and Tristan have both moved on Tristan, to the other side of the afterlife, and Ivy has moved on with sweet, dependable Will But when an accident seriously injures Ivy, almost to the point of near death, she meets her soulmate Tristan again And at the place of the in between , their bittersweet reunion culminates in one breathtaking kiss But unbeknownst to both Ivy and Tristan, it was that one heart stopping kiss that brought Ivy back to life and angels are prohibited from meddling in matters of life and death Now fallen from heaven for saving the girl he loves, Tristan is in the body of a stranger, and he must find his way to Ivy once Its sounds interesting isn t it come on Tristan will COME BACK from HEAVEN I.must.have.this.book After Reading Evercrossed is filled with hesitation, nostalgia, and agitation.You ll find yourself excited by what is unexpected, the trill of the another burden mystery spree is there any such word , and the aghast by the fact that you ll have to wait long to have the next book.The only small flaws are the book has a lot of words but less action and the wrap ups of the book I feel I just start reading it though its already the last page sigh Okay, show of hands.How many people read this book because they COULDN T FLIPPIN WAIT AND WAS JUST SOOO EXCITED How many people read this because they saw it in the store, and was like There s a fourth one Hmmmm How many just read this book because it was available to them free through Simon Schuster s galley grab I was the latter I read the original trilogy a couple years back and I was largely unimpressed I thought it kind of cliched and melodramatic I also am not a big fan of Chandler s writing style, which is very similar to L.J Smith s in that it is very impersonal and dated Perhaps if I was teen in the 90 s I would have loved these books, but there is much deeper and richer paranormal fiction that has been published since then, and the original trilogy pales in comparison.This new installment is much of the same Chandler s writing has not evolved much The gap was only one year for her characters, ten years for her readers In the original trilogy, there were no cell phones and no GPS, but in attempt to make her work seem modern, Chandler lays on the technological references so much that it seemed unnatural and not intrinsic to the story I see no reason for why this story was continued It was over and done with no impending loose ends or cliff hangers to prompt its continuation Perhaps it is the success of the re publication of the first three books that prompted it Ivy still is kind of obnoxious, the little goody two shoes that she is She was perfect, soooooo kind and soooo beautiful, that it is hard to identify with her Too perfect in that she is boring I am not friends with boring people in real life I like my friends loud, obnoxious, and interesting In real life, Ivy and I would not be friends And I feel bad for Will, her current boyfriend, because it is obvious to everyone that she is leading him on For some reason, Ivy cannot get over the death of her late boyfriend, Tristan, who died over a year before in their universe at least in a horrific intentional accident, which is a stupendous oxymoron Wasn t the whole point of the first three books for Ivy and Tristan to find their closure If its was closed, why did Chandler feel the need to open it back up Leave the scab alone, woman We don t want to see this bloody, puss filled mess again.Like I said, much of the same Ivy is confused and pining, Beth did Chandler name her after herself does her psychic stuff, Will kind of follows Ivy around, there are new, frivolous characters that act as filler, there is a new mysterious guy Tristan is missing, he doesn t get his own page time, and Lacey is kind of irrelevant but pops into the novel whenever she feels the need It was an obvious filler installment, with a painful to some cliffhanger, and loose ends than a chewed up rug Unnecessary If you really liked the original Kissed by an Angel trilogy, you ll probably like this one If you didn t particularly care for the original trilogy, or would like to leave it as is, then you are not missing much. Sigh I LOVE Ivy and Tristan However, I was really disappointedby the ever so blatant cliffhanger I always feel like it s a cheaptrick and a lame way of ensuring another book While it s niceto come back to characters that are known and loved, the originaltrilogy is almost two decades oldso why come back to them now Ifound the updating of them to present day time rather jarring and ittook away from the story for me I just don t get it So like Isaid, it was okay but the original trilogy can t be beateven ifthe author stayed the same.

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