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Endlessly Kiersten White S New York Times Bestselling Paranormalcy Trilogy Comes To A Breathless Conclusion With A Signature Mix Of Wit, Romance, Paranormal Creatures, And A Truly Original HeroineIn Endlessly, Pink Loving, Butt Kicking Evie Has Way Too Much On Her To Do List Paranormals Are Begging Her To Open A Faerie Gate So They Can Leave The Human World, Something Evie S Not Sure She Has The Power To Do The Dark Queen Is Torturing Humans And Must Be DestroyedOn Top Of All That, Evie S Prom Is Coming Up She S Not Sure What To Wear, And, Oh, Yeah, Her Shape Shifting Boyfriend, Lend, Has Been Cursed So That He Falls Into An Enchanted Sleep Whenever He And Evie Are In The Same Room And Even Evie S Ex Boyfriend, The Faerie Reth, Can T Reverse The Dark MagicAn Epic Battle Is Looming, And The Choices Evie Makes Will Determine The Fate Of Whole Paranormal World And Her Own Life

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    Brilliant and hilarious an absolute delight Seriously, when as the last time that YA was pure fun With so many doom and gloom books, Evie is an absolute relief Bleep if I was going to stage a rescue in a freaking pantsuit Evie, aka the Empty One, aka the Soul Stealer, aka the Harbinger of Death, is about to face her biggest challenge yet College. Ooo, I feel

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    Okay, I want to EAT this cover So gorgeous and purply and yum

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    gasp Could this cover be gorgeous

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    I really liked the first book and must have liked the second one enough though I can t remember it , but I just COULD NOT get into this one.The main reason Evie I don t remember her being this annoying I know she has always been a bit blonde, but I could have sworn I use to think it was kind of charming I don t understand why she was so dense that she couldn t see the message Raquel was tr

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    Am I the only one who loves Reth than Lend

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    Kiersten White has been one of my favorite authors since the first book in this trilogy, Paranormalcy Now, almost 2 years later, she still holds that title In fact, I dare say Endlessly is the strongest installment in the trilogy I m torn between the first book and this one.From the get go, Endlessly is packed with laughs I was cracking up by the time I finished the first sentence Imagine when I hit

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    when you are happy, you don t do anything If you are content, the rest of the world and those who need you fall away into the background This sums up a pretty big flaw about Evie, and why I find her unlikable and irritating I know she s supposed to be a fluffy, sparkling, pink loving character but she seems so SHALLOW and selfish to me Although she does try and justify her reasons for selfishnes

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    FINAL RATING 2.70 STARS CATCHALL Where do I begin I loved the Paranormalcy series, but in my opinion it had some pretty serious flaws that I found impossible to overlook To be fair to my rating I should note that by the time I read Endlessly it has been nearly a year since I ve read Paranormalcy and Supernaturally Still, that doesn t excuse everything that was wrong with this book I did love it, but I also be

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    2.5 stars Ba Blam One series trilogy finished It wasn t totally awful, but this is definitely a trilogy that I won t be recommending for my adult friends who like YA However there is a tweenage girl in my neighborhood that that I think will eat this up with a fork and spoon Evie is an annoying and self centered teenager whose personality would really play out better as a middle grade heroine 11 or 12 maybe

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    I really really wanted to like this one I tried But it was kind of all over the place for me I loved the world building I loved it so much I really couldn t understand Evie s desire to stay away from all things supernatural and live in the real world Esp, being raised as she was and knowing what she already knows.um, boring Also, she IS supernatural I don t really get wanting to pretend she s not I have nothing against

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