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Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe It S First The Story Of Two Women In The S, Of Gray Headed Mrs Threadgoode Telling Her Life Story To Evelyn, Who Is In The Sad Slump Of Middle Age The Tale She Tells Is Also Of Two Women Of The Irrepressibly Daredevilish Tomboy Idgie And Her Friend Ruth, Who Back In The Thirties Ran A Little Place In Whistle Stop, Alabama, A Southern Kind Of Cafe Wobegon Offering Good Barbecue And Good Coffee And All Kinds Of Love And Laughter, Even An Occasional Murder

About the Author: Fannie Flagg

Fannie Flagg began writing and producing television specials at age nineteen and went on to distinguish herself as an actress and writer in television, films, and the theater She is the author of the New York Times bestsellers Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe which was produced by Universal Pictures as Fried Green Tomatoes , Welcome to the World, Bab

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    This is a very good book Solid hardback I have about 80 copies in the bookshop 12 of them are supporting the little fridge up to a reasonable height Two of them are under the cash desk which otherwise would be a bit wobbly Another 8 in two s are against the ends of the four shelves under the galavanise bit of roof where it

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    If you haven t read this yet get it now It s funny, most people can be around someone and they gradually begin to love them and never know exactly when it happened but Ruth knew the very second it happened to her. It s a love story, a friendship story and so much There s survival against the odds, murder, and absolute hilarity In

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    Over the course of this year I have branched out in my reading choices I have discovered multiple genres that I previously had not read, one of which being southern literature It is in this regard that I found the writing of Fannie Flagg Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe invites the reader to small town Alabama Through Flagg s s

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    This book is fluffy How fluffy It is as fluffy as floating on cloud while lying on a mattress stuffed with kittens and simultaneously wearing a pink angora jumper and a candy floss hat This is the sort of book I enjoy when my brain decides to take a day off But it is lovely and it is likely that even the most po faced cynics me will be drawn into th

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    Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Caf by Fannie Flagg is a 2002 Random House publication originally published in 1987 Many people have seen the movie version of this book But,as is often the case, the book is a bit different from the movie version While I enjoyed the movie, and thought it had an excellent cast, I have to say, the book is still better

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    I really love this movie, but as usual, the book is much better and vastly different In 1985, two women, Ninny and Evelyn, meet and develop a strong friendship They share treats and conversation while Ninny spins the story of Whistle Stop and its inhabitants, weaving relationships through generations in an enchanting tale of the Old South The journey is equally impor

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    Reading this book was like waking up on a spring morning after a long dreary winter to the sound of the dawn chorus, after a reading slump of a few weeks I really was delighted when this novel came up as a book club read, having read it in 2010 and loved the book I knew enough time had lapsed for me to forget the details of the story but not the wonderful characters.Charming,

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    I saw that a friend was reading this book, loved the cover and blurb and immediately ordered it for my Kindle When I first started reading it, I thought that it was insane but I soon realised what a gem of a book I d discovered This has to be the best book I ve read for a long time and I have no doubt that I ll continue to look at it many times in the future.Now where to start with th

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    Apparently, this is the tale of an old woman reminiscing to a younger one about her life in a small town in Alabama, and the changes which take place as the American South moves from its racist past to the inclusive present It can be read like that, and enjoyed for its simplicity, its easy pace, and engaging characters But perceptive readers who go beyond the facade will unearth a rich treasu

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    I feel bad saying it, but I think this is a case where I liked the movie better than I liked the book The movie had its heartbreaking moments, but one was still left with quite a bit of humor and a general feeling of the significance of living life to the fullest The book featured many characters and tragedies than the movie chose to portray, and the sadness of some of the stories dragged down the hu

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